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Our analyses and commentaries on Adam’s social, political, cultural, psychosexual, etc. impact.

One Last Wish

Ruminations on Queen and Adam Lambert in Amsterdam

Adam Lambert’s best song so far

Adam Lambert, You Are a Champion Now

Juneau and Thea’s Excellent Adventure in Hollywood: What is the Meaning of Adam Lambert? – Part 3

Adam Lambert’s True Colors

Adam Lambert Finds His Voice… for Marriage Equality

A Kind of Magic – Brian May and Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert and the Spirit of Freedom

A Tribute to Our (Openly Gay) Publisher 

Adam Lambert’s New Music Video Busts Out of the Club 

Failing Grade – Focus on the Family’s Review

Adam Lambert First Out LGBT Artist With #1 Album Debut

Next Single – Let it be “Trespassing”

The Video: Better Than I Know Myself

Adam Lambert’s Life in Music – Thea

Full Disclosure

Autumn of Our Discontent – Our Response

Autumn of Our Discontent

Adam Lambert and the quality of mercy

Adam Lambert Inspires $1,000,000+ in Donations

Reflections On the Meaning of Adam Lambert 

Adam Lambert, Humanitarian

Adam Lambert’s Music Again

Alexander McQueen – Between Heaven and Earth

Adam Lambert – Boy Scout 

Why do people love Adam Lambert? Ask Xena 

Stepping Stones – An Open Letter to Anyone in Pain

Nigel Lythgoe – Mr. Producer, If you Can’t Stand the Heat….

In the Name of Love – Same-sex marriage and the right to not be alone

“The Americans” – from Xena with love

Adam Lambert-Gilding the Lily With a Goatee?

Perez Hilton Esq. – Clever Chronicler of our Times

Passover Ruminations – On Seeing

What is it about Adam Lambert (by Allegra Huston)

Please picket my funeral

Love and Light from Sendai, Japan

Joan Rivers – You were expecting Miss Manners?

Grammy Schmammy

To PC or not PC?

Adam Lambert & the Social Media Phenomenon

Safe Driving on the Information Highway

RCA – Where’s the media release?

A Celebration of Light

Reflections on FYE Plus One

Adam a Maserati on a Gravel Road?

Friends, Fans and Experts, Lend Me Your Ears

Top 10 Things to Know about Adam Lambert

On the Meaning of the Alpha Male

Adam Lambert – Alpha to Omega Male

No dancing please..did I read that right?

Status of Adam’s career – Just the facts man

On Art and Interpretation – Lone Wolf

ABC Won GLAAD Award? O.K.

Passover Ruminations

Adam’s Amour Tour

Redundant Questions Adam?

Adam Lambert as a Transformative Being

Adam Will Be Adored in Britain

Adam Lambert Is Shaking Things Up in Asia

Adam Will Conquer Japan

Tears for Billy Elliot

“Adam – Find a Box and Stay There”

To Allegra Huston, our über Muse

Slings and Arrows of a Risky Business

“I am so sad for you women…” – Juneau responds

A New Year Tribute to the Glambertinae

A Powerful and Playful, Sexy Male Entertainer – Finally

It’s a Journey – Not a Destination

Adam is worthy – To SweetSexySean

Good Heavens Ms. Noonan – The Sky is not Falling

Master Plan – Meaning

ABC Nonsense and Sensibility

Adam hits the Trifecta! – Bad, Bans and Boycotts


OUTrageous – OUT Just Doesn’t Get it

Xena warns Adam critics

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  1. June 25, 2010 10:55 pm

    Hey! got ur tweet! This is awesome! love the term salon! lol Have u seen my blog. I havent owned and worked with a computer since 2005 and all this is so much. Dont even really know what Im doing but spent a long time livin in SF and now living just outside SF I have managed to pull off what will surely be the Glam Nation night of all nights! Hopefully u can maybe help me get the word out to Adam fans and glamberts who are going to the friday july 23rd Warfield shows. I am working on tryin to get items that are adam related to give out as door prizes. We have nearly 100 confirmed guests at an unbelievable location and a radio station supporting us. Anything you can offer or help with even if it simply a suggestion please feel free to email me. Gonna take a look around here and then gotta get back to pre party….I am also at

  2. Jan Flowers permalink
    September 6, 2010 1:48 pm

    Juneau and Xena, how have I survived my since-the-nanosecond-I-saw-him Adam Addiction without you and all these readers? I’m sadly late to this site, so I’ve been circumspect in responding to friends’ questions about why I’m so wonderfully different … overtly happier (and I was happy before), speaking up more readily, thinner :-), and so much more … and now that I know of you, I’m absolutely effusive about The Adam Effect. Thank you for your insight and devotion so that we all benefit!!! He’s truly been life changing for me, as he has for so many, and I look forward to saying more in my submission to you later this year. May the joy, light and fun Adam brings us be returned to him a thousand fold! Once again, thank you, J and X.

    • September 6, 2010 8:28 pm

      Welcome to the magic circle Jan! We know there must be thousands of other fans out there suffering in isolation. How can we reach them? The thought keeps me awake at night (sometimes). We’re glad you found your way here!! Enjoy!! – Juneau

  3. velle permalink
    March 15, 2013 2:43 am

    Hi Juneau and xena,

    You mentioned about any Adam fan who would be interested in contributing a blog to this site. I am interested but I don’t know anything about wordpress also. I’d greatly appreciate it if you or someone can teach me how I can contribute a blog or article by wordpress here. Thank you.


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