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A Powerful and Playful, Sexy Male Entertainer – Finally

 By Xena
9 December 2009
 Warning – for the utterly devoted fan only….

Dear Adam………….Open Letter from Xena and her all-volunteer army of female Glambertinae warriors and some men.

Adam, you are so right about the double standard in entertainment and we women have had it!  Thank you for making a statement on behalf of female fans everywhere – we have had to put up with male fantasies including pseudo lesbian under and overt-tones for too long, and it is about time female audiences got equal consideration.

Britney Spears

Female performers – great bodies, fit and functional for sexy performances, decked-out in costumes designed to titillate and thrill, provocative choreography for whom?  Are girls and women supposed to identify with the performer?  Not working for us.  Entertaining – yes, make us dance- yes, but inspire passion and panty tossing? – not so much.

What do we get from today’s male entertainers?  Baggy jeans, ill-fitting “band” t-shirts and the latest fashion statement – the plaid shirt – if there are no sleeve tattoos of skulls, flowers, love/hate/kill mixed messages to show off , then the sneakers, running shoes or whatever that casual, sporty footwear is called.  They also have other favourite accoutrements, charming to some – piercings and shaved heads or hair so long, it has its own choreography.

And that big ol’ fan of yours, Mr. M&M Esq. – he’s so ashamed of his now creaky body, no one has seen it in years, covered as surely as a bride of the Taliban.  Isn’t he great? So lyrical too – must have the audience singing along and dancing in the aisles, having left their minds and manners at the door.  At what age does the Angry Young Man have to become the Angry Old Man?

Women want and deserve men with great bodies, in sexy performances, decked out in costumes designed for thrill and swoon – and by costumes, there is much leeway.  Unlike female performers, “less is not always more”.  It helps to have a great voice – that we take for granted, acknowledging your versatility and supernatural abilities with vocalizing.  A sexy attribute, when presented as such.

The Wardrobe and Accoutrements

It’s not just the “just got out of bed look” genre of performers,  we get male entertainers more conservatively dressed – as you were in “Tracks of my Tears” and “Change is Gonna Come”.  More recently re-working the leather jacket from the Queen number or the impeccable tux on the red carpet at the AMAs.   Were those a pair of baroque pearls in the collar?  A “007 Adam Bond” for the 21st Century, just put down the gun and pick up the martini.  Don’t laugh – Xena’s written it already.

Just looking for some songwriters for the musical extravaganza numbers.  A pretty boy and girl for each arm too.


But the other guys are still missing something, that je ne sais quoi – actually I do sais quoi.  They’re missing the chassis, the engine and the horsepower, they’re the Mini, safe and economical to your Jag, fast, dangerous and extravagant.  Leather jackets, boots and belts – tuxes, suits, silk shirts, silk ties, snakeskin and bare skin, delicately hirsute and those provocative gloves leaving the “come hither” fingers loose and free, sparkling with gems and available for all manner of adventure.  Just ask Juneau, Mistress of the Glove Wardrobe for more on gloves.  The textures of soft, rough, pliable, smooth, cool, warm in perfect combination and worn like the Jag’s perfect interior – the enticing envelope, with the carefully placed bits of metal, the studs and spikes to prick, to glint as the body moves.

  Look down if you can – feathered gloves


Shake the Booty, Pump the Body and Thrust whtev

Months into our obsession, a stranger, an uninitiated Glambertina, partway through the immersion process and during the replay of your Bowie performance in Syracuse on a 72” TV, declared “that performance is gay.”  Shocked!! Sharply drawn breath!  We were staggered by this news, reaching for another pomegranate martini to steady us, here it was September and no one had told us.  “Really? How could we know? It works on us!”  We like it “Gay” – must be going to the wrong clubs.  Really do need to get out of the suburbs sometimes.  Are there any more from whence you came?

Way more fun watching you at work, to take off a jacket, polish the mic stand, gracefully dodge whips and bras and missiles of undetermined origin.  From the sublime to the ridiculous, you gave it all on tour.  From the moment of your appearance, emerging from the sfumato atmosphere of the stage in Whole Lotta Love, to the final glimpse as you descended to the lingerie warehouse, you held the audiences in thrall.  Eerily contemplative Mad World – alone on stage, body tranquil, eyes worked their magic in the stillness – ah yes, those eyes.  Only intensified by eyeliner and even unadorned, the way you look into the camera and consequently the viewer, conveys “it’s just the two of us, come closer”, with the promise of something more.  That’s the close-up but from the stage, a fleeting connection eye-to-eye and my daughter was ready to leap the barrier and join the band, only Ray stopped her.

What other male performer will spread his showy-eyed peacock tail – at once intimidating and enticing?  Today, the men look more like the drab pea hens, blending into the crowd.  How lazy is that?  Work it people!  The women do, they work hard for the money, aren’t we worth the effort by the men?

Let us pause for a moment to recall the resplendent James Brown, hardest working man in show business, godfather of soul, progenitor of funk and creative force in R&B, each piece of music infused with meaning.  It was James Brown spinning on the turntable the night I met my husband in the tiny black-lit disco.  Frankly sexual, a whisper of danger, air of unpredictability, a lot of pride, and he just had to move to the music!  Expressive to the core and what a show!  He worked for the applause, as did Freddy Mercury, as do you, filling our senses to overflowing in a live performance.

Courage – qui audet adipiscitur

On American Idol, by creating a vignette for each song, we got the full-on three dimensional Adam attention – each week you encouraged us to take in yet another persona “Do you like this?  I made it just for you.”  We did take them and love them all.  Thankfully you brought the same risk-taker attitude to your tour performances, your new performances and FYE video – a tour de force!

There is no retreating from controversy with you, even when it is unintended.  Courage, confidence gained through effort, proud and loud add up to ‘powerful’.  It seems dear Adam, that you might have power and leadership thrust upon you, however reluctant you are to carry those burdens.  You have brought your fierce fandom along and however tested, are loyal and with their eyes wide open, determined to keep you working.  Your conduct in crisis is graceful but firm, the iron fist in the velvet glove.  We are not skerrrrrred.

Courage + leadership + power = sexy

From Bad Boy to Dangerous Dude

And those new characters you have shown us – you’ve grown from the bad boy asking for Satisfaction, even naughtier in Ring of Fire, to emerge as Mephistopheles, taking us on a tour of Dante’s second circle of hell and you wear it all so well.  You’re not putting that genie back in the bottle.  The Tempter in a good suit and silk tie can get in anywhere he wants.

In the FYE video, a character at once so dangerous and compelling, larger than life, masterful, a sorcerer with that mesmerizing gaze “come sit here; next to me… do you like my snake?  It’s long and smooth and it has moves you’ve never experienced before…..I know how to handle him, he won’t hurt you……would you like a bite of this tasty, crunchy apple? Don’t worry, no one will know, just you and me.” Adam, you’ve got the devil in your eyes.

Unlike other male performers, you are anything but nonchalant about your audience, you demand our attention with as little as a lift of that animated left eyebrow – needs a name of its own, or as much as you wrung out of us in your final two concert performances – ooofff!!  Syracuse and Manchester – you really put it out and got it all back didn’t you?  Virtually silenced with a bad throat, you more than made up for it with your moves, raunchier, racier, bigger and better, bolder and scream-worthy.  After you worked so hard in Syracuse, with surprising new moves, we understood when Ray gave us the bad news outside – you couldn’t come out to play with the fans.

It’s About Time!

After about two decades of rather asexual, earnest, male music performers – we finally have a guy who can and does work it!  While you may not be able to precisely and consciously articulate how you do it; you can and do stimulate and respond to our unguarded, uninhibited, pheromonic-driven, inner adolescent girl and boys too.

The older guys, the ones our own age or older  – they try to keep it up, but just can’t do unbridled joie de vivre on stage the way you do.  And they don’t have the hair, the youth, the vigour and innate ability to respond to the audience. They don’t do eyeliner and heaven forbid they should ever breath the same air as the fans who paid to see them and keep them in Krug.

It’s one thing for a male celebrity to be considered sexy, but what do we get for it?  Are they filming steamy sexy scenes?  Are they flirting provocatively, inviting us over?  What???  Some still photos?  A perennial favourite Brad Pitt – more on them later.

What do Your Intense, Passionate Female Fans Think?

In a recent interview with the effervescent Jim Cantiello, he asked you about your “middle aged women fan base”.  

You were speculating on the possible attraction you have to the fervent and passionate female fans, Cantiello used “intense”.  The other part of the interview you handled magnificently, with respect to naming body parts, so no need to go there, except to ask if you know what body part “Sneaky” is?

No need to speculate on sources of your attraction Adam, we think, analyze, talk and write about the phenomenon which you tried to explain as the “Spirit of Rock and Roll”, and the “People that I cite are probably the people they listened to when they were younger”.

“Spirit of Rock and Roll” yes!  All that and more.  The old guys though?  Not so much.  Been there, done that, didn’t throw panties onstage.  They kept us out of their lives – they were/are aloof and distant.

Feelings of Intimacy

You are so accessible to your fans by doing those interviews with Cantiello or Slezak or Sirius Q Radio, Ellen, the Early Show or soon – the hosts of The View.  By unzipping yourself, inviting people to know you from the inside out, your genuine smile and contact visuel with the baby blues,  you capture hearts, pierced with the golden tipped arrow of Eros.  Lizzie of the View, distracted and disarmed of her rapier will strike only glancing blows and if she doesn’t back down – we will insist on a blood sample to prove her body is even lukewarm.  Ellen won “the hug every woman in the world wants” when you performed for her.

The Music

The music itself you say? – while we love your reinvigoration of the classics of our generation, from Bowie to Zeppelin; today, the song on our replay is “Fever”!!!  Especially belting out “ménage étoile” – my favourite line – a funny pun, in French, for which I have a well-documented weakness along with Latin.  Did your friend the Lady Gaga write that?  Also heard “raison d’être” in “Music Again” and “déjà vu”. Don’t ever sing an entire song in French or Italian to a live audience – they will need firefighters to extinguish the inflamed audience.

Which song did you think would become lodged in our minds?  “Soaked” perhaps – soaring strings, dramatic ballad, almost operatic, stirring – yes.  At first glimpse, many of us thought so too.  Until that primitive, tribal beat of “Fever” started the chakras vibrating and three minutes is so unsatisfying, need about ten minutes of it.  Hang on, need a dose just now….

I’m back………….

Sexuality – Unboxed, Unfurled

“I black my eyes and I black my hair
So girls and boys will both stop and stare”

You wrote these lyrics in “Nocturnal by the Moon” – revealing yourself and your motives – “sexy is sexy” and “it’s all good.” Our words to live by – who needs Confucius, when we have Lambert?  You made it good to be sexy, to feel sexy, to flirt, to dance!

You wondered if “we ever worry about our husbands being mad about our fantasies” and “we knew you were gay from the very beginning, so a safe object of fantasy?” The corollary being that if you were not gay, we would not be so turned on – hahahaha!  As if we weighed the risks and then made this conscious decision, but we were not conscious and were powerless to make a lucid decision.  “Safe” we get at home and it’s not for dreaming on. (Go back to “Bad Boy to Dangerous Dude”)

“I don’t see how all of this is different than – let’s take a modern sex-symbol like Brad Pitt. How many of the women who fantasize about him actually sleep with him?” you ask. “It’s all fantasy – that’s what entertainment is. I’m here to entertain you, and if my sexuality is apparent and you respond to it, and you’re attracted to it, then great, I’m doing my job. It ain’t happening anyway!” Adam Lambert from Detail magazine.  Now you have it! But you make “doing your job” look like there is nothing you would rather be doing and nowhere you would prefer to that place, at that moment.

Brad Pitt?  What’s he done for us lately? Grew a scruffy beard, looks unkempt, has worked hard at being Dad and seems uninterested in how we feel about him, same with a couple of others on “The List”.

The sexiest man in the room is the one who makes everyone else feel attractive and sexy – one-on-one, through the TV screen, a photo or from the stage, you make it work.  The way you sing and convey the meaning of the lyrics, with your voice, face and body – you would make Cleopatra blush.

You strode out, like a cocky bad boy, looked at the camera with a small flirty smile, and acknowledgment that we were there then sang “I can’t get no……”. An accident? Intended for boys only? I don’t think so.

What you may not know is that our husbands are actually benefiting from our libidinous fantasies and if you ever met, it would be a hearty handshake and one of those male half-hugs, probably a little tighter and a bit longer, depending on the eyeliner that day. Might buy you a martini and ask for some pointers. (See Adam’s Pick-up Advice)



Adam you keep everyone guessing and off-kilter.  Each time we leave our chair, you come and shave a little off one of the legs, so the chair tilts one way, then a different one and you have us tilting in the other direction. Though we never actually fall off, it’s quite a ride!  If anyone does fall off, they scramble to get back on – quickly.

You are the most provocative, multi-talented artist today, playing with everything, with all you’ve got, it shows and we all know it.  And you are the wildly sexy male entertainer to rebalance the industry for women, you’ve got everything you need to take the chances and get the job done!


We are looking forward to great big, theatrical, exhausting concerts as you described….

“Things that light up and blow up are essential to the gods of glam — the glam gods that have come before me


Let us all hail the Glam Gods and welcome your glittery new star to the firmament of the Glitzy Galaxy where we are in a parallel universe, somewhere between dusk and dawn, when the North Star rises, Venus and Mars come into view, a distant moon casts its silvery glow, galaxies light the way to constellation Glambertinae, named for the unchained sylphs who precede Sun God Apollo – in his chariot, raising the Sun from its slumber.  And as if we need further evidence that Adam is the corporal manifestation of Apollo:

Apollo’s Strengths: Creative, handsome, supportive of all the arts of civilization.

Weaknesses: Like his father Zeus, Apollo is all too happy to enjoy the charms of youths, as well as the occasional nymph, and his conquests number in the thousands. (A little poetic license taken)


Xena is a writer, policy analyst and commentator who has an opinion on everything, and co-author with “Juneau” of On the Meaning of Adam Lambert – order at

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  1. annehedonia permalink
    May 29, 2010 8:39 pm

    God that was good! I bow down to your powers, Xena. You are truly deserving of the title, “Warrior Princess”! So smart, so funny and so true! If you were a guy, I’d have a bad case of it for you. Smart + funny= deadly to my poor heart. (The current bf is disgusted by my confession that I had a thang for Woody Allen when I was in 7th grade. Current is smart + funny, so why he doesn’t get it is beyond me. But then he also doesn’t look like Mr. Allen – Kris, or Woody!)

    But I digress wildly. God this is good! (I hadn’t read it before.) There’s just WAY TOO MUCH to comment on but… I hadn’t seen “sfumato” since Renaissance Art History – the infinite landscape behind La Gioconda. What a cool word! … Men as pea foul; plaid shirts as fashion statements.

    Then, there’s this: “come sit here; next to me… do you like my snake? It’s long and smooth and it has moves you’ve never experienced before…..I know how to handle him, he won’t hurt you……would you like a bite of this tasty, crunchy apple? Don’t worry, no one will know, just you and me.” (I included that last part about the apple for propriety’s sake. Had to try to cut and paste it three times, I was so shaken and/or stirred.)

    And also, thank you for pointing out “ménage étoile”. FYE, the CD, should be burned permanently into my synapses by now. Hit the edit button. I never heard the beautiful pun. I LOVE that!

    So here are a couple of crumbs I’ll strew at the feet of The Princess – two haiku for Adam. The first one was in response to an interview he gave shortly after the AMA’s saying something like “most of the sex I have is vanilla”. Someone pointed out to me that it was, well, naughtier than I had intended. And I had intended it to be naughty.

    Interview Haiku

    Vanilla comes from
    Exotic orchid’s long pod
    …I know love, I know


    And this to celebrate a piece of jewelry that Adam wore for a streak of performances, the first being Fantasy Springs – given to him by a friend who posts on TALC. The picture of the backbend from WLL (I think) reminded me:

    Fantasy Springs Gift

    Wearing an offering
    Shard of blue flame from your heart
    He sings a slow burn


    Again, Xena, thank you SO MUCH for this!

    • May 29, 2010 8:59 pm

      The pleasure is all mine Anne,
      Imagine how I laughed as those images & words just tumbled out of my head, I’m smiling as I recall it. This is one of the most popular posts here, so glad you enjoyed it so much. It’s part of the series I wrote after the AMA’s. I smile so much while I sit here and write, tweet, whatever that my cheeks hurt by the end of the evening. Not those pillowy bits that protect the seat of my chair, but those that move when you smile.

      I do recall the “vanilla sex” comment and he has said it more than once, that he is romantic, candles & a bubble bath. Funny, that’s exactly how I imagined him in my incendiary fantasy stories in the book, particularly the “Scrabble Game”. Its a feminine quality to appreciate the atmospheric, to compose a setting, to set the stage for arousing all the senses. That’s what I heard from the earliest readers of our stories, that they enjoyed the imagery we evoked. If I were to write that type of story again, I would add Adam’s acoustic set at Fantasy Springs, ending with Whole Lotta Love.

  2. Deidre permalink
    May 29, 2010 9:09 pm

    Adam’s allure is pan-sexual. Straight women, lesbians, gay men and straight men who aren’t afraid to admit it, are all drawn to Adam’s sexual energy. He has expanded all of our worlds, whether we thought those worlds were empty or complete.

    I agree with most of your words, very well written, but you write as if your words represent all women, when you are actually speaking only in the voice of a straight woman. It reminded me how we can carelessly exclude entire groups by writing “straight” or “white” or “god-believing” or “housed”, or whatever without acknowledging the limits of who we speak for. I think we need to be more conscious of our institutionalized biases. I think it is especially important for Adam’s fans because of what Adam is, what he represents, what he believes.

    Forgive my rant; it’s just one of those things I tend to notice.

    I speak only for myself, at this moment in time. I may be someone else tomorrow.

    • Toni permalink
      May 29, 2010 11:36 pm

      Very well stated! Thanks!

    • May 30, 2010 12:16 am

      Thank you Deidre for your kind words and thoughtful comments.

      I don’t believe I can be accused of institutionalized biases as I can only speak in my own voice and that is as a straight female. I am not making legislative or regulatory policy here and as a public policy analyst, I know the difference.

      You may wish to read posts on our site from SweetSexySean, a gay man. I would not expect that an editorial written in a gay magazine would assume to write on my behalf, yet one of our pieces has been posted in a popular Japanese magazine aimed at gay men. Juneau’s words, their context.

      Should I appropriate the voice of anyone else with whom I have not discussed the issues I cover in the editorial? Editorials are personal opinion, not intended to be universal or reflect everyone’s position.

      I don’t know how lesbians feel about the female performers I mention and aside from one or two comments I have read about their feelings about Adam, I can hardly speak for them. Those that I have read, on another blog, were very lauditory of what the women were writing.

      While I have my own teenage daughter to ask, I cannot speak for her appreciation for Adam as a new type of entertainer. Had her on our radio show to speak for herself!

      While I understand your concerns about exclusion, this is a private communication and very personal on my part, in spite of the fact that it appears in the most public of all venues, the internet.

      Just as we invited SweetSexySean to write a couple of what we know to be powerful pieces, should we receive any similar submissions, we would seriously consider posting them.

      If you wish to add to what I have written with your own analysis and assessment of Adam’s welcome presence in the world of entertainment, please submit it!

      Many thanks Deidre for thought provoking comments. Keep writing!

  3. McKenzie permalink
    June 20, 2010 9:49 am

    Wow, these words show more devotion and crazed love of Adam than the loudest screams at any concert! I entirely agree with everything said here, and subconcsiously thought it all before. When I first saw Adam on American Idol, I was just innately drawn to him. He was such a fabulous performer live as well! He seems to know perfectly how to use all the spark and energy he’s graced with.

  4. Gemma permalink
    August 6, 2010 8:55 pm

    While I agree wholeheartedly with your devotion to Adam and am just as addicted to him I find it rather disconcerting that you are dissing other performers. I can’t imagine Adam condoning this type of criticism from his followers. (do you know if he has seen this?) I, for one, am a huge fan of Eminem and have been since the beginning…. and Slim Shady. These men are two entirely different types of entertainers and shouldn’t be subject to comparison. As well, there are performers who are just as delightful to look at as Adam….to wit, Ricky Martin, who is absolutely beautiful and and a very energetic on-stage presence. Elvis Presley had woman screaming and fainting at his shows…..his moves were every bit as sexy as Adam’s and I witnessed a number of devastated fans when he died. And why Brad Pitt is in the mix is questionable….the man is an actor not a live stage presence, neither does he sing. He’s a beautiful man with a huge heart and his gift is his ability to change characters according to a script and make us believe in him.
    Yes, Adam offers something off the charts and your homages to him and his glitter, his otherworldly voice and his cosmic beauty, his gift as an entertainer along with his down to earth sense of humour and almost naive ability to be ‘normal’ when the curtain comes down make him a very special entertainer as well as the perfect subject for our fantasies. I love every single one of Adam’s songs, ‘Fever’ and IIHY get my toes a-tapping and I melt when I hear ‘Soaked’. And yeah, I get roll- around-on-the-floor excited listening to VooDoo and FYE. Adam is incomparable!!
    I’m just sayin’
    BTW did you know “In psychology and psychiatry, anhedonia (< Greek ἀν- an-, "without" + ἡδονή hēdonē, "pleasure") is an inability to experience pleasurable emotions from normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise, social interaction or sexual activities." Interesting, non?
    ps….I plan to marry LL Cool J when I grow up. The epitome.

    • August 7, 2010 12:07 am

      “Annehedonia” is the name of the poet who writes the evocative poetry we are pleased to post here. Your definition of “anhedonia” sounds like the definition of clinical depression – not our writer!

      thank you

      • Gemma permalink
        August 7, 2010 2:10 am

        That is why I put that little bit in there! I read it in one of my psychology texts and I thought it was so the antitheses of your awesome poet that I thought it was funny and might make you all smile because AnneHedonia is such a passionate and devoted follower of our Adam!!


        • August 7, 2010 12:03 pm

          I commented on the pun in Annehedonia’s name to her when she first signed up, and have quietly been smiling all along. Glad you spelled it out for our readers! – Juneau

  5. annehedonia permalink
    August 19, 2010 8:52 pm

    Hey, y’all ~ …back from my work marathon… almost! As soon as the swelling goes down, I should be good to go. lol… Why, I was even inspired to write a little verse by an evocative picture emanating from the Providence concert. But it’s still cooking.

    So I had to comment on the nom de plume. I DID choose “Anne Hedonia” as a joke and a pun. Plus, I think it’s pretty! 😉 And yes, I confess that I’m a depressive – but not to the point that I have the inability to experience the pleasure that IS Adam! If you can’t get that, you might as well throw in ye olde towel! Evidently, it’s possible to be passionate and depressed at the same time. Who knew? And btw, there is a known author who uses that as her pen name – but I didn’t know it when I chose the moniker. I suppose that until I receive a “cease & desist” notice, I shall remain…

    ~ Anne Hedonia

    • August 20, 2010 1:31 am

      Always love what you have to say AH!! And please, do feel inspired to compose a poem inspired by Providence… – J

  6. mamietje permalink
    October 7, 2010 3:32 am

    I’m from the Netherlands and the first time I heard about adam was because my daughter was a fan of his.
    WWFM was a hit here. First time I heard his CD I didn’t think much of it. But when my daughter showed more stuff of him on youtube the more I liked it. And I have to say that his live performance (pre-Idol,AI and post-Idol) made me a bit of a fan. And his attraction is that he is the whole package. And he seemed to be a real nice person and with a good sense of humour. Really pleasant to listen to (music and interviews).

  7. mamietje permalink
    October 7, 2010 3:36 am

    And btw the french phrase in “Fever” is ‘ménage à trois’ which means ‘threesome’ and not ‘ménage étoile’.

    • October 7, 2010 6:29 am

      Welcome to our Salon! People have raised the french question before. The second time he does in fact say ‘ménage étoile’. It’s a pun. It fits with the line that follows is “you, me and the stars.’ Adam has confirmed this in an interview. Kudos to Lady Gaga! – J

  8. vladdy permalink
    December 22, 2010 11:10 pm

    Yeah, they’re different kiinds of entertainers. Eminem is a potty-mouth, sleazy, misogynistic, trashy, no-talent guy who helps push the dysfunctional, violent ghetto culture. Adam is a born-talented, opera-trained, full-ranged, emotionally-involved, nice guy who can also dance and act.

    • October 19, 2012 10:44 pm

      And yet, “Not Afraid” is about experiencing the same conciousness elevation which is happening to everyone around this time. I didn’t “get” many people/performers before, what they were doing and why – but a couple of years ago it was like an awakening swept through. Convergence. Singing about something doesn’t always mean one helps to push it, it just means one is immersed in it as an experience.

  9. February 26, 2011 10:32 am

    Wow. Hadn’t seen this before. I don’t really have words, except to say that my heart was beating faster with visceral memory and pride. I wish the world, or at least the world’s press could read it. Thank you.

  10. October 19, 2012 11:01 pm

    Re: article. You make a VERY good point about us women deserving someone who works at being sexy/attractive and who makes us feel the same way in reverse, someone to whom this is all that matters. There is precious little of that – and also a VERY good point about the old rock’n’rollers keeping us out of their lives. The Spirit was one thing, but the exercising of it quite another – it’s created some serious problems in the past.
    The words I read in the article & comments keep making me think this guy is Goddess incarnate. But I do have to wonder how to manage this newly found awareness, what to create from it. It is religious and cosmic and everything, but it’s very easy to fall into that limbo situation where one is an everlasting “fan” and never accesses one’s own real essence.
    By the way I am beyond thrilled that Adam’s got his true love – I was afraid that with all this Goddess work (making everyone feel amazing) he would not be allowed to be happy on a personal level, so as to aim his energy at the people (something Gaga is doing, but then again she’s happier that way, while being sustained by the love of gay men which is something I’m very familiar with). But I am glad he’s had the right idea from the start, which is to look for true love. Because that way we can also pull away beyond the experience – what you write about hubby is rather sad, because it diminishes him. It’s true the hubbies benefit from it, but it’s like thinking of someone else and merely tolerating your partner. “Ménage étoile” is a GREAT concept… I have been studying this for a long time, the role the stars play in our love life… but at the end of the day, each person has to find their true soulmate and within that awareness, all these fantasies are alive – all the stars you’ve ever loved and all your secret wants and needs. We’re all connected anyway. So is the sexy snake hidden somewhere in your hubby’s energy, and are you the one who can bring it out of him? Are you his apple? Because if not, these fantasies will turn around and create negativity in your life and a lot of real trouble for Adam whom you adore. Playing with energy is amazing but you really have to know what you’re doing.

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