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My Adam Adventure in Indio – by MidnightWhispers

March 3, 2010

… Shortly after 9 p.m. the moment that we had planned for suddenly exploded with green laser lights as ADAM’s band and ADAM hit the stage with “For Your Entertainment”. The noise level was loud enough to break the sound barrier and everyone screamed for this gorgeous man who we all love. ADAM was dressed in a black shirt with sheer sleeves and had silver jewelry adorning the top of it. He had on a black jacket with wide sleeves and black feathers on the shoulders and omgaaaaa skintight pants with silver designs. These pants clearly showed off the famous GlamBulge and ADAM’s nice firm butt! His pants were tucked into black boots instead of his signature snakeskin boots. His ebony black hair was adorned with blue feathers that fell softly around his face and the glitter in his hair and sprinkled across his face just made him sparkle like the precious diamond that he is. He had rings adorning his fingers and of course his fingernails were painted black and he had on several silver necklaces. Feathers were attached to some of his clothes along with a peacock feather hanging from his ebony locks. His mesmerizing blue eyes were beautifully decorated with blue glittery eyeshadow and black eyeliner that only emphasized how gorgeous his eyes are.  Excuse me while I take a moment to sigh softly as I think of how gorgeous this man looked and how breathtaking that he is.

After ADAM finished singing “For Your Entertainment” he said, “Hello INDIO….(paused for a second and said) INDIOOOOO, so I got all INDIO today, I put on witchy clothes and peacock feathers and Monte is in a poncho!” ADAM had a peacock feather in his hair and the blue feathers in his hair around his gorgeous face made him looked like an Indian!

And then he began to sing “If I Had You” and the place totally rocked with his vocal range as he hit those high notes!  After IIHY was over, he took a sip from his water bottle and began to sing “Strut” and put on his own hot performance as he strutted across the stage and then propped his foot up on one of the boxes at the front of the stage. OMGAAAA does this man NOT realize what he does to every one of us when he does these things?! Well, I know that he does and he loves every second of watching us flail over him!

After “Strut” came “Sure Fire Winners” and then he slowed it down to sing “Soaked” and ohhhhhh the voice he has for this song just rips my heart into a million pieces! Makes me just want to hug him tightly and never let go!

We were in for a treat with the next four songs since they were done acoustic as ADAM sat down on a chair and began to sing “Whataya Want From Me.” The expressions on his face can almost make you feel guilty for wanting more of him but he has that effect on you to want more and more! The much to my surprise, he sang “Mad World” and it was so quiet in that venue except to hear everyone singing along with ADAM to this beautifully haunting song that won so many hearts on American Idol.  He sings it with so much emotion that it can bring tears to your eyes. He told us that he loved us after thanking us for the overwhelming applause! Then as the opening notes to “Broken Open” were played, it ripped my heart apart again because this song is beautiful enough in the original version but to hear it done acoustic is indescribable!

This next song deserves its own paragraph. The last acoustic song took all of us by surprise and totally melted us onto the floor like melted wax as ADAM sang “Whole Lotta Love.” I’m sorry if this makes any Led Zep or Robert Plant fans angry but ADAM owns this song even though Robert Plant and Jimmy Page wrote it and own the rights and song lyrics! This is ADAM’s song and OMGAAAAAAA I thought he was brilliant in the way that he performed it on IDOL and on the IDOLS tour but there are no words that exist to describe this performance. It has to be witnessed or watched on youtube!  He just kept saying “You need my love, You need my love, I got your love” and all that I know is that I wanted to be on that stage crawling all over ADAM as he sang it and getting every inch of his love! It was just that smokin’ hot and more!  The passion in his voice and the way that he wails those song lyrics can’t be put into mere words. After he sang WLL, he said, “Give a round of applause for my band because we didn’t practice this song the way that we just performed it, they just went along with me. I only rehearsed it this way while singing it in my car!” Then he introduced the band, “Zack on keyboards, Monte on lead guitar, Longineu on the drums and Glitter Baby on the bass!” He asked us if we liked Tommy’s hair since it had been dyed all blonde and he said that he liked Glitter Baby’s hair!

After he introduced the band, he said that they were kicking it up a notch again with “Music Again.”  ADAM was dancing all over the stage as he sang. Then he sang “Sleepwalker” which is one of my favorite songs from the CD. His voice was so hauntingly beautiful on it. Once “Sleepwalker” was finished, ADAM put on a black hat with a feather on it and said, “It’s hot in here! I think that I have a……fever” and began to fan himself with his hand! Green laser lights illuminated the venue as the band exploded into the opening notes of “Fever” which sent all of us into a raging fever for ADAM! To say that the place was on fire is a slight exaggeration since he had all of us panting for him and delirious! When “Fever” was finished, ADAM fanned himself and said, “It’s hot up here”” and then repeated it again. He asked if we were having fun which we responded very vocally to let him know that we were having the time of our lives!


And while he sang “Down The Rabbit Hole” a young girl somehow managed to get up on the stage and began to dance with Tommy Joe before she danced over to ADAM. He’s such a showman that he never missed a single note as she danced around him and he danced with her and even allowed her to rub against his back. ADAM being the gentleman that he is, made the comment, “GET IT GIRL–THANK YOU!” and then his bodyguard came and escorted her off of the stage. ADAM NEVER MISSED A WORD OF THE SONG AS THIS WAS GOING ON AND FINISHED THE SONG!

At the end of the song, he stood with his band and said, “Feathers!” and threw some out to the audience. Then he said to his bandmates, “Take a bow!” which they did and then he said, “Thank you Ladies and Gentleman! MUAH!” and added, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! MUAH!” and threw a kiss. He repeated, “Thank you, INDIO! Love you!” and threw another kiss before he said, “Please go drink, gamble and be merry!”

He left the stage with his band and we were stunned for a moment thinking that he was going to come back for one more song but much to our dismay that was the end! It was a night that I’ll never ever forget even though I didn’t get to meet ADAM. Meeting his band was enough to put a smile on my face and after witnessing the performances of a lifetime that he gave to us with so much love and passion, how could I be sad?! Just impossible even now to be sad!

After the concert was over, we went back into the hotel for a little while and met Longineu in the lobby. Longineu, like his bandmates, was so gracious to allow pictures to be taken but sadly I thought the person taking the picture of me and Lisa had included me in it but I was left out. Nothing to be sad about though because I did get to meet this awesome drummer and talk to him for less than a minute!

We had to leave around 12:30 a.m. to head back to LA to return the rental car and catch the shuttle bus back to LAX. Sadly, our adventure was coming to a close but the memories that we have of this weekend of fellowship with our KNIGHT sisters, being together and having the time of our lives and seeing ADAM onstage was well worth the money spent, the loss of sleep because nothing on this earth compares to seeing ADAM LAMBERT live on a stage. He is indescribably, sinfully delicious from head to toe; he’s pure liquid gold sex on a stick; hotter than molten lava pouring from a volcano; even hotter than the fire of a candle flame.  There are no words created that can describe him. We can only sputter as we try to form the words, flail as we watch his videos and drool over his pictures. ADAM’S fans come from all walks of life but we have one thing in common….our love for this beautiful angel who soothes our souls with his soft haunting voice during the ballads and then he shoots us straight up into the stratosphere faster than an airplane on takeoff. He’s simply ADAM and no other words are necessary.

ADAM LAMBERT is going to be in demand for a long, long time and I hope that I’m lucky enough again to witness another of his performances because he just leaves you wanting more of him. I’ve said it more than once and will keep on saying it, I could spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, 365 days and nights and it would never be enough of listening to his beautiful voice that just makes me so deliriously happy. I can’t name one other performer that I would fly across this country to see except for ADAM. His love and light that he emits is so powerful that you can feel it oozing from every pore in his body. The man is just so beautiful and it’s a crying shame that some people refuse to see what so many of us see and feel.

I pity those narrow-minded people who see only what they wish to see and choose not to see the inner beauty and love that he gives to so many people. God gave us a beautiful angel named ADAM LAMBERT who made one 89 year old lady so happy in INDIO when he took the time to meet her. Isabel Paquette was given her wish for a dream to come true to meet ADAM and if you think for one instant that I’m green with envy, you’re wrong. Maybe my day will come to meet him but if not, it won’t stop the love that I have for him. Until the day that I take my last breath, I will listen to ADAM sing and take me away from the Real World drama that can drag me down if I choose to let it but since he came along, he has shown me just how beautiful this world can be and all of the love that there is to be found from others who happen to get him and his music.

Thank you, Xena and Juneau, for allowing me to share my adventure and sorry for it being so long but it was so much fun that I didn’t want to leave anything out. I did have to minimize a lot of it so it wouldn’t be too boring! LOL I have another wish is to meet the two of you! And as I told you both in an email, I did ask Isabel if she got your copy of “On the Meaning of ADAM LAMBERT” and she told me “YES!” with a huge smile on her face!  So you have also made her a very happy lady for the gift of your book and for ADAM taking the time to meet her. It’s something that she’ll never forget as well as all of the love that she was given in INDIO from everyone who met her and for those who weren’t there that have shown her love also. ADAM has brought so much love to so many of us and we wouldn’t know one another if not for this beautiful man. I just want to continue to spread his light and love to others and I am so thankful for the people that I have met because of him. Thank you ADAM LAMBERT for everything that you have done for each of us. I love you! MUAH!

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  1. March 9, 2010 1:42 pm

    Midnight Whispers,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about Fantasy Springs. Just watching the WLL video makes me melt into a puddle of hot wax, so I cannot imagine how you survived the onslaught of the live experience. The only time I saw Adam was the Idols concert, and I had nosebleed seats, and it was still the most amazing thing.

    Love your descriptions!

  2. MidnightWhispers permalink
    March 10, 2010 3:39 pm

    Thanks for the response!

  3. larissa permalink
    March 13, 2010 2:30 pm

    Lov the description of this phenomenal concert, of which I’ve been watchinglips on Youtube. I did notice, however, that Adam was not wearing nailpolish that night. Maybe out of respect for the Indians? Anyway, without nail polish, Adam’s fingers appear longer and slimmer. He has such beautiful and expressive hands. There is no part of Adam that is not beautiful, inside and out! The WLL was the sexiest performance I have ever seen anywhere, by anyone. Wish for RCA to release DVDs of Adam’s live concerts, for those of us who don’t have iTunes, Ipods, computers and those other expensive gadgets today’s teens receive from their parents.

  4. Beadwitched permalink
    March 16, 2010 1:42 pm

    Thank you for your wonderful post. I was fortunate as well to be there to witness all the magic of Adam. I too flew across country for this epic concert. Reading your beautifully written post brought it all back to me. Thank you SO much! I don’t know about others who were there but I found that I needed to watch (and re-watch!) the videos posted by others in order to totally believe that I’d actually BEEN there …. that it wasn’t a dream! We are so lucky to be living in these times. Watching Adam’s many interviews, I find myself so hopeful that he will be able to move society forward a bit. He is truely a gift to all – even those who may not know it yet!

  5. MidnightWhispers permalink
    March 16, 2010 4:52 pm


    @Larissa no ADAM wasn’t wearing nail polish that night in INDIO but from where my seats were, I couldn’t see his fingernails clearly. I just thought that they were painted black as usual and after I realized it, well I had already sent my article to Juneau and Xena for the second time after I had added some stuff to it and I really hated to send it again with the correction about the nail polish so please forgive me for that one! LOL I was still too ADAMIZED when I wrote the article to even think straight! hahahaha

    @Beadwitched, I am so happy to know that I wrote this article and it made you love ADAM all over again. I don’t know how anyone who goes to one of his concerts can’t help but love the man. He puts so much emotion into each song that he sings and you can tell that he truly loves doing what he’s up on that stage to do—ENTERTAIN US! It was well worth the money spent on the airfare, the tickets to the GLAMILY REUNION, the concert, and OMGAAA getting to meet Monte, Tommy Joe and Longineu! Didn’t get to meet ADAM but that’s okay cuz knowing that ISABEL got to meet him made me more than happy. And ADAM’s love was just surrounding every single person in that venue that night and his magic is just so epic that it’s hard to find the right words to describe him. It’s almost impossible to find the correct way to describe anything about ADAM. He’s truly a gift to everyone and I wish that more people could see him the way that we do. This world would be a much better place if there were more people like ADAM. I do my best to share the light and love that he emits to everyone that I talk to because I think that is one of his missions in life—to share that light and love everywhere that he goes. He’s conquering the world and hopefully one day the people in this country will accept him alot more than they have. Until then, we will just support ADAM and continue to show him how much we all love him.

    Thanks again for your responses and thank you again Xena and Juneau for letting me share my adventure! My KNIGHT Sisters and I are still talking about that weekend and all of the fun that we’ve had and we wanna do it again and again! Ohhhh the power of ADAM’S LOvE—Isn’t it great?? LOTS OF GLAMBERT LOVE AND HUGS! MUAH!


  6. nan racusin permalink
    May 21, 2010 8:22 pm

    I too went to Indio and it’s an experience I will never forget it. I’m living in Atlanta and couldn’t talk anyone into going with me, but persuaded my Los Angeles-based brother (who had barely ever heard of Adam) into going with me. Adam’s first solo concert. I couldn’t miss that. I wondered why at a casino? In the middle of the desert? Didn’t matter; I was going!!
    We arrived at 4 and sat at the bar in the casino waiting for the Glamily Reunion to start. And laughed and laughed and laughed. Around 4:30-5, hundreds of heavily glammed-up, heavily made-up women started descending on the casino. Black and silver were the colors of the day. The women looked terrific and outrageous. The eye makeup and glitter were oozing. (I had bought special rhinestone-dotted, fishnet fingerless gloves that made quite a splash!) I spoke with, and laughed with, a lot of women; we all complimented each other on our get-ups. Some brought husbands/boyfriends/(brothers), but they stayed in the background. I had expected a young crowd. Surprisingly, to me anyway, the majority of the concert-goers were older women; well, not spring chickens at any rate. I saw two older women with walkers; one had decorated hers with glitter. (After the event when I saw pictures on the internet, I was surprised that most of the photographers did NOT capture the essence of the glammed-up women. It’s like we never existed.)

    MidnightWhispers described the concert perfectly. And Whole Lotta Love was the epitome of ADAM. I too came away feeling that he now owns that song; those were the exact words I used to describe the performance. His humping and bumping version on the Idols tour was fun. But this was one of the sexiest performances I’ve ever seen. He surprised us all by slowing it down. The song lasted about 8 minutes, and in between the verses at the beginning and end, ADAM oozed around the stage, shaking his adorable tight fanny, tossing his head around like a wild stallion, with cooing sounds coming from him, sounds that we’d never heard before and wish we could hear every night. From what I’ve read, he hasn’t done the song that way again. And I relive it every time I watch it on YouTube. (Which I do often.)
    I’m going to see Adam’s GlamNation tour in Knoxville in July and know I will bring home with me more memories to last a lifetime. Long live rock and roll. And ADAM LAMBERT!

    • May 23, 2010 8:57 pm

      Cooing sounds! You’ve got me going again! He does a little coo on Loaded Smile that slays me. Now I am going to have to go and watch that FS WWL again… – Juneau

  7. EVVY permalink
    September 29, 2012 4:41 pm

    It’s Sept. 29, 2012. I read these posting today, only. Wow! A lot had happened. WDYWFM was nominated for Grammy. Adam with Queen, Adam concerts, all over the world;his second album Trespassing made it to Billboard 100, singles successful in Europe and parts of Asia. Right now he is in China. Midnight Whispers you sure predicted so well, not that we did not expect it. Just that there are some haters but Adam made his mark, nevertheless. Please let me know about the Glamily reunion should there be one in the future. I have only been once to Adam’s Concert and it is in my bucket list to see more and hopefully get to meet him, hahaha. I really understand so well your descriptions of your feelings! Thank you, I am not insane after all! Definitely get that book of juneauxena.

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