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“Xena is setting the world on fire with her writing.  A heavy weight intellectual with layers and layers of feeling.  Seldom does one get to read writing which combines such breadth and depth.” – Pamela from Ontario


“Juneau! You are a goddess!” – Brandy from Massachusetts

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We started this Salon (blog is such an ugly word, neither Juneau nor Xena would have anything to do with a place of such inelegant appellation) and are open 24/7 to discuss, debate, dialogue, celebrate and percolate On the Meaning of Adam Lambert.  Which happens to be the title of a book that wrote itself while we were not paying attention.  Huh?  From earliest June 2009 through the end of the Idols tour in mid-September 2009, we two women with far too many words in our heads, composed hundreds of web postings about our “Magnificent Obsession”, inspired by our Muse, Adam Lambert, and the wonderful, warm and witty group of women we grew to love.  Your obsession as well?

We took the crème de la crème of our own posts along with a few great ones from the other contributors, added some photos, a time line and classic quotes from Adam. How much can two professional women with families and careers write in three and a half months?  About 240 pages, after ruthless editing. We then found a publisher who thought we knew what we were doing, to turn all this into a book.  A wonderful creative team – Bad Boys Garage.  We’re not sure they are all boys, are bad or work in a garage, but they do know how to put a book together! We had the best time working with them and are thrilled with the result.

The journey of Adam goes on – he is a continual fount of entertainment and inspiration for us – and so we will be posting our thoughts and conversations here and we look forward to hearing from you. If you enjoy what we have produced, please help us spread the word – by tweeting, emailing, posting reviews on Amazon, and talking to other Adam fans you happen to meet. We are living Adam’s message, to not be put into a box, to be true to ourselves, to take ownership of our dreams, and we appreciate your readership and support!


Our book can be ordered and shipped worldwide through or at

Our door is always open – Enjoy! And thank you!!

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  1. kaceyalum permalink
    January 18, 2012 10:27 pm

    Adam’s performance on J.Leno was superb. I can’t wait to attend the US concerts!!!!


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