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It’s a Journey – Not a Destination

21 January 2009

By Sean

When Juneau asked me to write this blog for The Salon, at first I thought… why me? Just because of a letter I wrote to @adamlambert ? But then all of the comments came in to me, I asked people to tell me why my letter and words to Adam had struck a chord with them and then I realized, you all feel the same as I do… I just connected the dots because Adam and I are both men… that is the only difference. You all have the same connection to him as I do, never forget that.

Life is a Journey, not a destination… Adam is on the Journey of his life right now and we are lucky enough to be a part of it.  I feel SO lucky to have found him and to be a part of all of this.

Growing up I was not able to accept myself. Not able to accept that I am gay. I will one day open up more about that, but am not ready to go there yet. However, I will simply say that as a teen I was in complete denial of the fact that I was gay and never allowed myself to have a “crush” on any “Male Star”. I now find through Adam, I am able to have that experience and know what it is like to be on this journey of being a “fan”. I wait in excitement for the next showing of Adam. For any little Tweet to come from him. To hope he is happy, and worry that he is losing too much weight, but hope he is eating well. MY GOD… I have turned into his beautiful Jewish Mother! When did that happen? LOL! I guess the more we fall in love with Adam the more we care about his well-being.

As I look at all of you… these beautiful women adoring Adam, I see many of you as my friends and my sisters and I feel in my heart that so many of you are gay men trapped in women’s bodies and Adam triggered that in you. That is YOUR Journey. To allow the gay man in all of you to come out and be celebrated – don’t be afraid to hide it. Let that PRIDE show and I don’t care if you are 15 or 105… Adam brings out that teen in all of us again and we are on the Journey with him! We have no destination, we are just going to celebrate it everyday. We ARE going to “Strut” and enjoy every moment, cry every tear of joy for Adam or sorrow when we see his pain and together… this Journey will forever bond us and we will be grateful to Adam Lambert for taking us along for the ride.

Peace, Love & Adam Always,
Blog: SweetSexySean Say

PS: This blog is dedicated to Azure, Jen, Julie and Kelly. Thank you for helping me and believing in me. I love you.

Want to know more about Sean? Visit him at his new home where he really opens up.

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  1. Mary-Ellen permalink
    February 19, 2011 11:28 pm

    I’m not sure why so many of us Adam fans happen to be a little older, but I think “freedom” might be the answer! In the 70’s I loved and performed music, I danced, I did what my heart called me to do. As I got older, other responsibilities came along, and while my life through the years has been wonderful, I had lost touch with my inner hippie girl; the one who loved life, loved people and didn’t care what others thought she should do. When Adam came along with that incredible voice, his honesty, and his bravery, I knew that it was time to be the woman I really am; free to express joy and love, free to have fun, free to be concerned about a beautiful young man who makes my heart beat faster (even if I am old enought to be his mother!); and free from the fact that others regard women over 50 as old as the hills. I am younger at heart every day – my family thinks I am having a mid-life crisis! I tell them if that is so then bring it on and I plan on having a few more such “crisis” as I go along! I am so enjoying the variety of perspectives all my wonderful “glamily” express; thanks so much Sean, for opening your heart to us!

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