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A New Year Tribute to the Glambertinae

6 January 2010

By Xena – co-author of the book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

There are many of Adam’s fans who will identify with what I wrote in my New Year’s message to my fellow Glambertinae on, where the writing madness took hold as our friendships grew out of our obsession with Adam, a desire to understand ourselves and what was going on with us.  Having a group of gifted women to share this experience has been more than rewarding.

There are many Adam fans who have become close in small groups and there are those on the massive, sophisticated Adam sites where so much information is posted for all to share, like a gigantic pot-luck party.  Our motto might be “No Adam Fan Left Behind”, as just about every aspect of being a fan is covered somewhere, whether it’s simply reading, watching video, looking at photos, listening to music, analytical or creative writing, creating art, fashion, news, gossip and advice to the lovelorn.

Some who may read this entry will not understand our shared experiences of the last nine or ten months, some may be fans of Adam’s music but nothing more, others may be cynics who simply look for evidence of madness among Adam fans.  They will find it – right here, along with humour, warmth, sensuality and honesty.  It may be that we are experiencing a folie à millions, but it is legal, beautifying and not fattening, a bit libidinous, life-enhancing and fun!  Being an Adam fan is living in a cyber party 24/7.

This year each event seemed extra special, a little brighter with more laughter and sweeter with more hugs and kisses.  All of you helped me get to this point and have given me the most priceless gift – to open my heart and mind to everything going on around me to experience and appreciate it and to try to enhance others’ experiences as well.  Brighter colours, longer hugs, unexpected kisses and extra attention.

Christmas morning I was thinking about all of you when I opened my IPod!!!, a Pioneer player and Lady Gaga CD – 2009 has become the “Year You Made Me Want to Listen to Music Again”.  Had it not been for all of you carrying on so enthusiastically 24/7, I can’t speculate about what would have happened with my Adam obsession, but I doubt it would have been the amazing life-changing experience it has become.

Your passion ignited mine and freed me from some of the useless social constraints to which I was tied, to give me a reason to write the ideas that were threatening what was left of my sanity.  So supportive, warm, hysterically funny, creative and challenging, I could barely keep up with everyone, but managed to anyway, by reading, writing and listening more, while sleeping less.

You not only inspired me to write, but to seek and appreciate beauty again, to actually feel happiness and experience feelings from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Your tremendous sensitivity, feedback and encouragement fueled my brain to produce more stories, to induce laughter or sometimes tears.  Adam and the Glambertinae are better than therapy to uncork creativity.

Road trips!  A road trip to a concert – have I ever done that in my life?  Yes, twice in 2009, once to the AI concert in Hamilton and then to Syracuse.  Each a pilgrimage with my wonderful fellow travelers – Glorious, Northern Spirit, Priscilla, Cleopatra with Cleo II, Xena II and Kiwi of course, in spirit and in photo. Thanks to the noted persistence of Glambertinae, I went and loved both trips with a bunch of  party girls who insisted on laughing almost all our waking hours.  And they were there to console me as my heart sank with disappointment at not meeting Adam  – both times.  In Syracuse it meant crotch circles in the bar after becoming delirious with laughter at our pseudo-Adam antics, in Hamilton a quiet drink and bit of sustenance with my new friend Priscilla – the one the men undress with their eyes as she walks by.  Now I explain that I was seated on the floor near the fans with the “Adam Lambert  à la Katy Perry” white-and-red cape… thought I was with them?  Oh no, just met them there……you saw me at the barrier with them?  Coincidence.  I was actually there with Rob, the cute boy next to me.  Just kidding of course – had the best time hanging out with the belles of the ball.

If I ever find myself in trouble, say behind bars in a Thai jail, it’s the Glambertinae I would contact to rescue me.  You are on guard 24/7 and ready with the best-looking water/land/ski/sky  rescue team, fundraising for bail and bribes, high-tech gadgets, articulate letters to plead my case and someone would probably show up at my house to feed my family and hold their hands.  This is a group a Princess Warrior could go to battle with – I certainly want to keep all of you on my side. How do I know this?  The way we rally to someone’s side when they need a shoulder – they get twenty, when they need a hanky – they get twenty.  This is something to cherish, to encourage and protect.  To those of you still standing in the door – if you ever find yourself in a place where you might need some tea and sympathy, you know what this bunch is capable of when called upon.  Please come in.

What about the successes, the accomplishments, the wins – don’t we just love to get good news?  Post something here when you just have to tell someone in the middle of the night or you will burst, and you will get a reply as soon as someone else logs in and the back patting and high-fiving will continue until everyone has joined the party.  Glambertinae are the very definition of “support group”.

How many of us have reevaluated our principles and beliefs this year?  How many modified and made accommodation to some of them since meeting Adam, thinking and talking about him?  And our voyage of self-discovery out in public, proudly on deck and shared with like-minded, spellbound travelers.

To the one who started it all, who set an example of love and friendship, grace under fire, it’s all good, sexy is sexy – Glorious has every bit of Adam’s bons mots, tributes and news – documented.  Adam has given us so much more than anyone could have thought, especially this amazing universal connection of fans.

The Book.  Unbelievable.  Shocking.  Where did that come from?  Making such a profound connection with a totally captivating entertainer, expanding this experience to include a group of special women and then to find a friend, fellow traveler and muse like Juneau, doesn’t happen every year, in fact it rarely happens.  I can’t think of a better person with whom to share this adventure or a braver group of adventurers.  To have finally met Juneau after all these months was a great way to end the year – a couple of “authors” in meetings during the day, became a couple of “fan girls” at night, flirting and laughing until it hurt.  I wish every Xena could find their Juneau.

Turning a passion into words and words into stories and stories into a book – wow!  Who knew on June 2nd, when we read Allegra Huston’s article and then put fingers to keyboard, with confusion and inexplicable feelings pouring forth, going back to the Adam well for more and more, unable to satisfy the cravings, let alone justify them – that all this could produce a book.

The book opened new galaxies of glitter planets to explore and introduced us to the mightily populated Adam universe and beautification programme, adding even more dimensions to our Adam lives.  As the new year unfolds, I look forward to more surprises, more new experiences, making new friends and cherishing the old friends, abundant words, music, art, love and beauty.  A little controversy, shock and awe would be fun too!  I know I can count on all of you to get the party started and keep it going, crossing several time zones.”

Love to all and best wishes for 2010,



P.S. Juneau and I love to hear from our readers and all Adam fans, so if you have enjoyed being part of the Adam Fandom, let us know and we’ll post your comments here.  Do you feel the same as we do about our fellow Adam fans? Did you form a special friendship with a small group? We know many of you have and if you would like to share your story, please write to us and we will include it in our comments.

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  1. N.R.Yost permalink
    June 12, 2010 11:53 pm

    I have finished reading the book On the meaning of Adam Lambert and what a hoot! It is perceptive, hilarious and extremely creative. I lost my significant other over 3 years ago to lung cancer and it has been so difficult without him..I began watching Adam the minute he set foot on American Idol. His beauty, voice,charm and charisma simply drank me in and I could not get enough. My family thinks I am a bit bonkers, but I am elderly and live alone now and Adam provides for me something missing in my life. I have two beautiful cats who are 15 years old and I know they won’t last long.I will be very sad when they go but I know that Adam’s music will be there to to flll my soul when they are gone.

    I found a gorgeous picture of Adam on the internet, close up facial, surrounded by tropical plants and looking very sexy.I think it was for Voodoo. I have printed up many large prints to send close friends.

    • June 13, 2010 1:13 am

      Dearest N.R
      It’s a good thing I keep a box of tissues next to me. The way you have expressed your feelings moved me to tears. Isn’t it amazing that there seem to be as “meanings” to Adam Lambert as there are individuals who are aware of him. I am confident that however your family thinks of you, they love that you are experiencing some joy in your life and it doesn’t matter to you what they think. My family thinks I’m bonkers and I still have a daughter at home.

      Calling our book “a hoot” is a wonderful compliment, thank you.

      By the way, we only ascribe to two age-related demographic groups for the female sex – girls and women, no modifiers need apply.


  2. enriquemee permalink
    January 4, 2011 4:59 am

    I am heading into my 6th month of knowing all of you and am so so so happy I found you. I have found so much more than fandom on these pages. The last three months of last year I had to face health problems with my young daughter. When I had to spend long weeks in hospital with her, I missed you all so much. But I knew you were sending me positive thoughts, and I knew I had so much awesomeness to catch up on when I did get back home.
    Adam is so precious, and the sistergood found here is equally so.
    Reading your book has been a huge light for me. As I made my way thru the pages, I found women who were just like me. I had been loving Adam alone until then, but not anymore! I celebrate that!
    I travelled alone to Auckland in NZ from Christchurch to the one Glamnation concert. I stayed in a hotel room alone and I went to the concert alone. But I didn’t stay alone at the concert! I met two fellow Glambertina’s and we had the day/night of our live’s from the front row! Sharing that day/night with them was one of the highlights of the trip! I was worried about getting back to the centre of town from the venue (an hour bus ride) alone, at such a late hour, nearing midnight. Not easy to get a taxi with so many people spilling out of the venue. Then the kindness of my two new friends made sure I got back safely. A prepaid bus ticket was given to me. I felt safe!
    I made that ride back to the centre of town glowing not only from having SEEN Adam for myself but for the sistergood.
    So let’s see what amazing moment’s we can share together in 2011!
    Bravo Xena, for your wonderful word’s to share!

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