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Reader Feedback on On the Meaning of Adam Lambert (the book)

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“Ate it up. It’s brilliant, hilarious, maybe profound.” – Wesley Strick

On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is pure genius. I’ve never been so amused and felt so connected with a book before. :3″ – “Coco Lam”
“…@JuneauXena wrote the best book ever ❤ Write more Adam books! Can’t stop reading! ;D” – KhristmasGlam

“Believe it or not I’ve already read your book from cover to cover — I couldn’t put it down. It’s actually brilliant on several levels.  You are eloquent and engaging writers, and your fascination with Adam is both understandable and unexpected, so it makes for great reading.” – Pat Peyser

“It’s like eavesdropping outside the dorm room door.” – Vic Cauchi

“Is it entertaining? Yes, immensely. Is it interesting? Yes, more fascinating than a train wreck. A train wreck with underwear showing…  The expression on the page… is brilliant,….. The whole chronicle seems to unravel with such speed and such urgency, an urgency that propels the narrative and carries the reader. It’s unputdownable. Scrabble will never be the same for me. That part was high camp.” – Frederick Schultz

“I understand that the power Adam holds over Juneau and Xena and their friends is not necessarily just about the music . . . while the music feels powerful and they’re connecting to it, the music is only one small piece of a much bigger puzzle. Obviously, what that puzzle is, is what the women are exploring in the writing. The writing is brilliant… an amazingly clear, intelligent and incisive way of expressing things, and the honesty is captivating. There’s something very personal and inviting about it.” – Aaron Heick

“What a story…what a journey…what amazing women. I have been captivated, enthralled and engrossed in the ongoing stream of emotion, humour and flirtation revealed in their writing. It is incredible to witness the serendipitous collision of such intelligence and passion, stirred by a beautiful, talented entertainer and fuelled by the constant chatter of sights and sounds that technology has provided. These women are inspirational themselves. Their dialogue demonstrates how AL has been the catalyst, but what is also apparent is how friendships have grown, relationships have changed, and people’s lives have been affected….all in a good way. I hope the collaboration continues…the discussion and analysis are thought-provoking and entertaining and I look forward to reading more from both of these honest, spirited women. Oh…and p.s. it’s sexy as hell.” – L.D.

“You may not know (yet) who Adam Lambert is. Juneau and Xena take us on a dazzling and dizzying ride that witnesses both the birth of a star and their own rejuvenation through “glambertina” mania. This book will strike a chord among the fans of American popular culture, the risk-takers, and those who seek creative self-expression. Readers who already know who Adam is will recognize the profound importance of fantasy, humor, adventure and gaining wisdom in our ridiculously busy lives.” – M.C. Aquarone

“I think it completely embodies the blossoming of the Adam movement. You can really appreciate the sisterhood and the support that has evolved in such a short time. It was like trying to eat a box of chocolates all at once – too rich and exhausting for one sitting, had to close the lid. I would definitely buy this as a gift for some of my girlfriends. It’s amazing how the authors have been able to tap into this wellspring of passion, with such abandon. The way Xena and Juneau so obviously feed each other’s imagination, intensifying the story line. How else can we explain the way the erotic stories evolved so exquisitely? It was exciting to see the creative writing blossom so abundantly. The fact that so many middle aged women are able to identify with the Adam phenomenon is amazing and I think that at our age most of us have time now for acceptance of the angel/demon that makes us whole. This book captures this quality.” – D.B.

Reader review from November 27, 2009
It’s an obsession! – By Clement (CT, United States)
My wife is one of the women in this book and all I can say is I wish I understood the meaning of this kid Adam Lambert ! He has turned my wife into a 17 year old fangirl, she has his songs playing all day and spends hours at the computer laughing hysterically at the antics of the crazy women she met at that “Adam” website. She talks about Scrabble games, some planet named “Fierce”, a personal assistant named Brad and someone named Cleo who she says is the luckiest woman alive. I don’t even pretend to understand, it but I will say she seems happier than she has been in years. I think I will need to read this book so I can understand what has happened here. I don’t know whether I should hate this kid because he’s all she talks about, or love him because if she’s happy, I’m happy

Reader review from December 2, 2009
By AH (New York City)
What an enigma this book is! What is it about this guy, Adam Lambert, a young, flamboyant, openly gay pop singer, one of the latest “American Idol” offerings, who somehow has the power to transform a group of extremely intelligent, sophisticated, successful, worldly women . . . women in their 40’s and beyond, who all have achieved much professionally and personally . . . into to bunch of complete raving, love struck, adolescent teen-agers? This is a question that is worthy of examining on many levels, and this book allows you the chance to do just that.

Ultimately, this book is not about Adam Lambert . . . he’s the catalyst, but the story for me is these women who religiously write about him, about the feelings he coaxes out of them and inspires them to share with each other. It’s an open window into the personalities and personal stories of these women . . . a self examination which seems to have taken even themselves by surprise. They wax poetic about life, love, sensuality, sex, gender, style, music, culture, American pop culture, their children, their husbands, and about their own youths and the vivid memories and feelings that this man seems to get them back in touch with (as well as a host of other unexpected and divergent topics).

I think what’s interesting about these writings is the way in which these women are all able to express things about themselves that are so personal and honest, but also so universal. It’s about getting back in touch with feelings that you haven’t felt since you were a teenager. About feeling things with a kind of enthusiasm that can only come from first exposure, the things we all discovered and first explored in those angst filled formative years we all had to endure. It’s about reexamining those exciting, sometimes scary, warm and fuzzy sensations we all felt in our stomachs way back when, but expressed through the eyes of a group of mature, sophisticated, intelligent, experienced and very articulate women.

To an outsider (like myself), the reason this man wields such power over these women is a complete mystery. But it doesn’t matter . . . reading their reactions to him is fascinating and a revelation, not to mention extremely entertaining. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself as you join these women in their journey to get back in touch with their “inner-teenager”.

Reader review from November 21, 2009
By Fangirl123
I’m getting this for all the Adam fans on my holiday list!! This book captures in a wonderful way the profound, multi-faceted impact Adam Lambert is having through his music, persona and positive force. It weaves together his narrative with the stories of women who are changing their lives because of what he has inspired in them. It’s by turns deeply thoughtful, hilarious, moving and very sexy. Woven in is a wealth of detail about Adam’s American Idol performances, interviews and the summer tour, to satisfy the cravings of fans who want to relive that experience. Plus, the book’s web site says it comes with a faux tattoo of Adam’s Eye of Horus tattoo. That spirit of fun pervades the book.

Oh yes, at the end of the book, there’s a faux brochure of the “Rock Idol Finishing School” that the women invented that is breathtakingly sophisticated and raunchy, filled with allusions to Adam trivia, astrophysics, the history of electronic music, opera, Torah study — nothing seems to be off limits.

Comments posted on the Salon December 20, 2009
inatizzy Says:
I must get this book! When I saw the notice that this book was for sale and I read the summary, my jaw dropped! It was almost like you were speaking MY words. I have long said that ADAM is my MUSE, and he has affected me in such a way, and inspired an abundant amount of creativity. I am part of a small group, and we actually created a stunning, graphically rich book with outpourings of passionate support for him, creative writing, and the rationale behind his affect on his. We were all inspired by him, and are connecting to his creative side (among other sides!) Our book was a labor of love and in the end it was edited to a mere 66 pages, ONE copy printed, and sent to him a few months ago. I am excited about getting your book, and reading about the “affect” he has had on all of you! I love that you published your book, and look forward to receiving a first edition!

Comments posted on the Salon January 9, 2010
Dearest Xena….I kneel before you…no…make that puddle before you! THIS is beyond HOT…This is MAGMATIC!!! Though I’m still kicking myself for not getting my lazy ass to L.A. for this once-in-a-lifetime, EPIC performance, I feel so blessed to have you to illuminate us so eloquently on the finer points of Beau Adam’s attire, both outer & under, first adorning him then disrobing him…My, my, my! Forget the defib, bring on the Wild Turkey & Let’s PARTY! Though I’ve viewed..and re-viewed…the wondrous videos of Adam’s Gridlock NYE performance, captured so tenaciously by selfless, intrepid Adam Fans, dear Xena, your words here have added a whole new depth and dimension and HOTNESS for me. My New Year’s resolution for 2010 is to see our Beau Adam LIVE somewhere, somehow…no matter what it costs me! Thank you for THIS…and your (& dear Juneau’s) BOOK, “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert” which I just received the other day & can highly recommend to EVERY Adam Fan!!!

Comments posted on the Salon January 7, 2010
Kali Says: Xena & Juneau – I just wanted to drop in to congratulate you on your brilliant book. Since it arrived yesterday I’ve been hopelessly engrossed in it, recognizing myself on every page, as I’ve spent countless hours pondering what it is that Adam has done to me, too. I’m a 58 year old (old hippie !) grandmother who, like you, my sisters, is completely lost and caught up in his beautiful, glittery aura. Your writings are funny, moving, poetic, inspiring and honest in equal measure and by them you honour us all. Thank you both. Let me end by sending lots of love and hugs to all the crazy, gorgeous, fabulous, sparkly, amazing women out there that love Adam and all that he is, as much as I do. If you haven’t done so already, you need to get your hands on a copy of this book, my darlings ……..

Comments posted on the Salon January 30, 2010
Pam Thompson: Let me start by saying I am one of Adam’s older 45+ fans and I am also a member of Adam official. I just purchased your book and I so far can’t put it down. The opinions expressed in all of the writing could be of any one of Adam’s many older fans. Having lived through the popularity of Queen and Bowie Adam immediately caught my eye on Idol last year as a young man who could easily fill the void left by Freddy Mercury and David Bowie since he stopped recording or performing. Adam can also fill the void left by MJ may God rest his soul and become the new Glamrock king of the world! Adam will be a world icon and I am so glad that I can say I was a fan from the very beginning of his rise to superstardom. He is a truly beautiful young man inside and out, he is humble, hard working and so deserving of the success that he has achieved so far and the success he will achieve in the future. I am always intrigued by this man from Planet Fierce as some of my fellow Glamberts at Adam Official have called him. Thank you for writing this book as it will be one I will treasure.

Comments posted on the Salon January 30, 2010
luval: Juneau Xena… I have your book. It is amazing. I only wish I could articulate my feelings like you do. Am waiting for book number 2! I would tell everyone who is an Adam fan to get this book…”On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”.

Comments posted on the MJsBlog January 30, 2010
dcglam: “Randy’s such a weathervane, or should I say weathervain? Xena wrote a side-splitting piece about it: ‘Adam – Find a Box and Stay There’”
Wow!! What an amazing article! All of the comments that Xena made were so true, and I LOVED them all. I sure hope this article was called to Randy’s attention and that he actually spent the time to read it. Off now to buy their book……..

Comments posted on the MJsBlog January 31, 2010
Juneau and Xena, Where the hell have you been all my life? You’re sooo inside my head! I have recently discovered your blog, and “on the meaning of A.L.” now on order. I’ll be back to lurk – and enjoy…

Comments posted on the Salon February 1, 2010 at 12:08 pm
Fellow Glamberts, I am so happy that I discovered this site and this book (which I just ordered from Amazon). I am the Head of School of a private Jewish Day School, I have published articles, have a doctorate, have won numerous awards (including a Fullbright) – and have totally succumbed to the phenomenon of Adam Lambert. My husband of 39 years thinks I have definitely fallen off the deep end. I have 3 copies of Adam’s CD (one for the car, one for my office, one for home). I purchase others to give as gifts. I voted hundreds of times on American Idol (a first) – and, I am dressing up as a Glambert for the holiday of Purim (a Jewish holiday where one wears costumes). The kids at school are going to flip. What is it about this young man that just has caught our imagination? I TiVo everything he is on. I read blogs like I have never read before. I find him amazingly talented, sincere, real, beautiful, smart – and perhaps “forbidden”. Bottom line, he makes me happy. My best friend of almost 50 years – a Speech and Language Pathologist – feels the same. We have soooo reconnected over this Adam Lambert thing. It has totally recaptured the things we did in our youth – the Beatles, Woodstock, etc. It is reassuring to know, we are not alone. – Deborah Rose

Comment posted on the Salon, February 8, 2010 at 5:53 am
Here I have to add that today as I was reading your book I came across the entry where Juneau was outed by her family… I have to say that as I read I cried. I have no family nearby to hide my obsession from. A few close friends have an inkling. I did tell my home group from church that I was obsessed but I don’t think they really understood… Your note struck me Juneau. That was not the half of it though. Your very next entry Juneau put me over the edge… with your line: “I try to live with integrity, and I am constitutionally incapable of lying, but it’s all too easy to conceal parts of yourself, the parts that hurt.” I so can relate to that. The part of me that everybody sees, well…. it is me yet there’s more to me than meets the eye. I hide away the parts of me that are vulnerable and have been hurt before. When people get to know me they don’t get to know all of me, just the parts that I’m comfortable giving. Only my best friend knows those things about me and then maybe I have withheld something from her as well.
I am really enjoying what I read as I am reading me in your book…It’s a great reality check and I know I’m not weird or alone.

Comment posted on Amazon February 7, 2010 at 5:30 am
I am reading the book and am finding it to mirror my own thoughts yet it is far more eloquently written than I could do justice to.

What this book has meant to me!,
February 9, 2010 By  lambruglia “lisai”  (New Zealand)
As I’ve been reading this book I have discovered that my thinking isn’t singular. There is something wonderful about Adam Lambert that has created a sensation in women’s hearts all over the world. This fabulous book is saying all the things I feel inside. I can really relate to the entries taken from the blog they originally appeared in. I for one am glad to know I’m not alone. Yes it talks of the fantasies we have about Adam, and why not. The reality is that we think sexually about him, as well as want to protect him like he’s one of our children. He creates conflict in us that we don’t understand yet we are old enough to just go with it.

From “A journey of self- discovery” February 10, 2010
This is a beautiful book; a group of women blindsided by a most unlikely catalyst and catapulted into a journey of laughter, friendship, and self-discovery. Even if you have no idea who Adam Lambert is, every woman can relate to the joys and sorrows here and feel the authors’ delight in the reawakening of their youth. – Janet Kofoed

From  “I’m glad I’m not the only one……, February 10, 2010
I’m glad I’m not alone In my feelings about Adam Lambert. Ever since he stepped on that Idol stage to sing “Black or White”, I have been trying to figure out Why?. Then I stumbled across an article on […] titled “What is it About Adam Lambert?” by Allegra Huston. Great article, but what floored me was the comments that came after it. Pages and pages of comments, torrents of feeling. I was among women who understood-they were just like me!

Two of the most articulate and poetic posters were ladies by the names of Juneau Underwood and Xena Princess Warrior. So when I discovered they had turned their poignant and insanely funny internet musings into a BOOK, I just had to order it!

On page 53 is the story of Juneau’s daughter mistakenly finding the fan letter that she wrote to Adam. My breath caught in horror as her daughter uttered the words “Dad read it too.”.

Shining like a jewel on page 161 is Xena’s transcendent description of the “Pilgrimage of the Faithful Fabulous Fierce Five” to the Idol concert in Hartford, CT. You will just have to read to to discover the gift Xena throws upon the stage to “…the Prince of Passion, Rex Erotica, King of Kink, Potentate of Pulchritude and long may he reign!!!”.

I must warn you, dear reader: DON’T READ THIS IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE SEXY! Page 84 ,”Unfinished Business and Silken Dreams”, for example. Spicy and erotic, but also tasteful. Enjoy!”

Do Xena and Juneau discover the meaning of Adam Lambert? Get to meet him? Ever recover from their “glorious obsession”? I guess you’ll just have to read it yourself to find out.(And check out their “Rock Icon Finishing School Brochure” in the back. This is in case Adam decides he needs a little “schoolin'”.)

Comment by Lisa on the Salon
Ok, I received my copy of the book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert (underline) and I am addicted to reading it!!! I have read so many of the posts on line, but having the words in book form is just a treat!!! Although I am not “in” the book, I feel like I am in the book!! I knew I wasn’t crazy!! There are so many of us out there, I am so glad that we can connect and support each other! Thank you so much for compiling this beautiful collection of emotions, thoughts, laughs and all things Lambert. I love that I now know some of you that are quoted in the posts! I hear your voices and see your faces.

From What else could this book be about? …….March 7, 2010
Reading the rantings of dissatisfaction of this book by ONE person, and then receiving my copy and reading it ever since, I wonder what else this book could have been about to upset that other unhappy reader. So, please do not let that rating repel you from reading this book. I wonder what could have happened to me, a 56 yr old grandmother, to want to see Adam every week, and notice the hot flashes and the happy thoughts leading to the next week’s performance.

This wonderful book has shed some light on my unawareness of those unnamed feelings. And I still do keep my IPod with Adam’s music on it and his new album and when I did forget to take it on a weeklong trip one time, I’ve realized that I had to be listening to it from the airport home with a sigh of relief, like getting my fix, so yeah, it may be an addiction. These ladies were bold enough to write down their thoughts and fantasies on a blog site and reveal their true obsessions. Thanks for that. And for me, reading that with them, I realized that fantasies are a welcome relief to my getting-old-lady boredom.

Become the person you want to by just imagining. Thanks for the images, the words, and commitment to others who feel the same way. (And BTW, I’ve started wearing eyeliner again and have noticed the eyes looking back.)       By L. Read “Cycoblitz” (St. Louis)

From Amazon LOVE this Book!, February 16, 2010- by  inatizzy
I have read the book and have gone back many more times, to review again, so many sections of the book. It is truly amazing! There are so many parts of the book that I just LOVE! I read them over and over again. It is still so difficult to grasp what Adam has done to me personally, and I keep hoping that the book will offer some insight into why I am so affected. But, no, I think the authors are as hopeless (or hopeful) as the rest of us. I was too busy for anything. I certainly did not expect him to rip a hole in my life and take over as he did. How do you cope with such an invasion!? When I read about their struggles, their questions, their addiction, and their attempt to rationalize the whole experience, I truly appreciate and understand them.

Is it self indulgent? That is like Simon stating that Adam was self indulgent during Ring of Fire. Of course, it is! After all, it is their book, their experiences, and their take on this whole phenomenon.

I am finding it truly amazing that their group has become so close, so addicted to each other and have formed their own support system. Our group too, has developed much the same way theirs did. We love each other and trust each other. It is uncanny – the parallels between their group and our group. It makes me wonder – how many small groups are out there experiencing this same dynamic? This is crazy.

I too, call him my muse and it is strange how much creative energy I have experienced lately. Several women in our group have created beautiful works of poetry, provocative graphics, and erotic fiction. Some of us have been living with our talents long dormant while raising families and establishing careers, while others have become inspired to create and write, though they never had before. It is unreal, how creative and passionate these women in my group are. They are alive.

The book is extremely well written. Thank you, Juneau and Xena, for putting into words what is so hard to actually say. It is completely engrossing – captivating, beautifully descriptive and visual. LOVE the subject matter, and as spellbound as I am about him, I loved reading about the authors experiences. They appear to be open minded and passionate women and it was a joy to connect to them through their words!

February 16, 2010 lisai Says: Ok….. I think I have just begun to breathe again. I will never think of scrabble again without thinking of your game rules. Absolutely will be trying them out one day with a man when one worthy comes into my life….. lol.

Also after reading about your front door opening to a disheveled Adam or being on a sandy beach with him, dancing with him, being held by him …. my oh my. Swoon, faint, I think I’d die! Only his kiss of life could revive me.

Am loving the book. It does all sorts of things to my head. I did however have a moment of disagreement with the transcending of our lives. That’s the freedom of personal belief systems though. I did get the gist of it all though and could relate on a somewhat different level.

February 18, 2010 Priscilla Says: Dear Xena & Juneau: I have been truly blessed: Wonderful husband (and best friend), amazing children, dear friends, lovely home, and a great job . There was nothing missing in my life. However, years of hard work and determination and overcoming plenty of obstacles along the way had left me a little bruised and worn out. Frankly, I felt like the joy had been knocked out of me. (Don’t we all have a story?)

Along came Adam Lambert and the Glambertinae. Together we explored strange new feelings as well as re-discovering feelings from our youth. We were encouraged by the boldness and enthusiasm of the “sistergood” to express and share thoughts and fantasies that might have otherwise remained private.

Your book is luxuriously self-indulgent and beautiful in so many ways. It’s a sampling of the camaraderie, trust, joy and love we shared while we explored the possible answers to the question: “What Is It About Adam Lambert?”

Some of the posts were short and sweet. While others took on a life of their own: Emotionally charged, humorous, exaggerated, rich in details, and always tongue-in-cheek, we lived vicariously through Xena & Juneau’s adventures.

Thank you for compiling a few of the posts from a wonderful website and for fueling our magnificent obsession!

I thank you both for adding “Technicolor” to an already sweet life!

February 20, 2010 By Gail Katz sensational book – I received my book the other night and every time I sit down with it, I feel like I have come home. I have never met Xena or Juneau but I feel like they are my sisters. They have many of the same thoughts that I have, but I don’t know how to express them. Their writings on their feelings about Adam are so well thought out and accessible. I am loving the book, wishing that I could get together with these 2 gals and we could spend the evening together rehashing every special performance of Adam. This book inspires me to get off my couch and start moving. It makes me want to spend obscene amounts of money to be in Adam’s presence but also, I want to go meet Juneau and Xena and thank them personally for writing all of this down.
Now, I have to get back to the book. It is like chocolate to me.

March 4, 2010 Lisa Harrington says: Ok, I received my copy of the book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert (underline) and I am addicted to reading it!!! I have read so many of the posts on line, but having the words in book form is just a treat!!! Although I am not “in” the book, I feel like I am in the book!! I knew I wasn’t crazy!! There are so many of us out there, I am so glad that we can connect and support each other!

Thank you so much for compiling this beautiful collection of emotions, thoughts, laughs and all things Lambert.

I love that I now know some of you that are quoted in the posts! I hear your voices and see your faces.

March 4, 2010 By Susan Hackel Awesome writing! Whether or not you are an Adam Lambert fan. this book is scintillating, is full of lush language, it’s sensual, spellbinding. You’ll laugh and cry. If you are an Adam fan who has suffered from Obsessive Adam Lambert Disorder – the writers will bring out all of the feelings you have felt for so long – every one of them, and you will feel that you are not alone, that you are all somehow connected by the golden thread that is Adam. If you are not an Adam fan, I guarantee that you will be once you have read this book. You will want to join the tribe of women who worship this man – and these ladies will stir up emotions you thought you never had – the book will make you feel alive and sexy. In between all of the Adam musings are discussions about philosophy, sexuality, fantasies, real-life issues from the dramatic to the mundane. You feel as though these ladies are your best friends, that you have known them all of your life. The writing is poetry – every sense will be set on fire. Between tears of laughter and joy – are insights that all women share. Adam Lambert is a phenomenon – and this book will help to explain it. If you are an obsessed Adam fan, this is a must read – and you must share this with friends and family who think you have gone insane. It will help them to see that you are not crazy – that there is a reason for this madness – and somehow, deep inside these naysayers lies a secret wish to join in and participate in all things Adam. I give this book a perfect 10 Buy it now, while Adam is still launching his career – I can bet it will be very valuable one day as Adam becomes a world icon.

March 14, 2010 coloforadam said… If you think that essay was awesome, get a hold of Juneau’s book, On The Meaning Of Adam Lambert – available on Amazon and well worth the cost. She and friend, Xena, just nail the passion and wonder of following Adam’s rise and connecting so many of us with others he has unleashed. I was thrilled to find her entry about Japan today – knew it would be stellar!!

March 20, 2010 Vickie said… I just ordered the book…I am so excited! Can’t wait to get it. Have you read the reviews? They are fantastic! you should post some of them here…really lovely stuff.

March 20, 2010 Lisai said… I just want to state for the record that reading the book has been a wonderful experience for me. Where originally I couldn’t get over my concern for my obsession with Adam, I have come to realize that I am not alone in amongst a really great group of women, Xena and Juneau only being a couple of them.

I have met with, laughed with and cried with many fans over Adam. He is truly a man with a gentle soul, who has the ability to sing, be wise, create emotion in his talent and his listeners.

Xena and Juneau have created a space which to all should be a safe haven for Adam lovers. What we think in our own minds and fantasies is our to have and not there for any bunch of women or men to tell us we cannot have.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to get in touch with the reasons behind their love of Adam. Yes it is written by Xena and Juneau but that book is one I could have written myself had I had the eloquence and turn of phrase that these two women have. The other women on the blog offer insights to their personal thoughts as well. We have made ourselves vulnerable all for the sake of one man. He has opened our minds and hearts and spirits.

The vocal minority just don’t get Adam. Yet they want to and do spend much time denying him and being critical of him… Do they protest too much? It is possible that these people have repressed desires for the same sex and because they know it in behind their minds they have to attack it.

Love you guys. Keep writing ladies. I can’t wait for the next book and the next and the next…

March 23, 2010 Sheba said….. I just ordered your book and told my Adam’s fan friends about it. I think it will be a hit!! Thank you for your post. I was, and still am , laughing from your descriptions. I love Adam and can’t stop thinking about him. It’s crazy. I am glad I am not the only one. I, too, am happily married with kids, and Adam turned my life around, in a VERY GREAT way. I knew he is very SPECIAL the moment I saw him Thanks for your post. I am ,now, HOOKED!! you are GREAT! PLEASE PLEASE go on OPRAH. It’s her last season and sh loves Adam, That would be AMAZING!!

March 23, 2010 From Yahoo News atomom said… As a Glambertina myself whose daily activity is tune in to all things Adam, or even tangentially Adam, this book should satiate the curiosity for some moments. For women for whom the beauty of a man’s soul is a large part of what’s sexy (not a requirement for many men) Adam’s uniqueness of the complete package of beauty, brilliance, character and soul is enough and makes irrelevant his sexual orientation. For older women, there is the added sweet illusion of Adam as our baby, our son. Because of his trials, even as he has shown the courage to face his detractors, he inspires in us all manner of empathy, compassion, and admiration.

March 28, 2010

By Monica G. V. Smitte (Brazil)

Amazing, I’m married, 45 year old, mother of 2 grown children, lawyer, and I actually work for the Law Court in Brazil. When I first saw Adam Lambert singing on Idol I didn’t know what happened to me. I was hooked by him. I had the most intense fantasies about him, I started to love his music and everything concerning Adam Lambert. Adam has opened me to “Music Again”. I think about where that gift comes from, cause I was amused by his vocal instrument, but not just it. I could not explained what I felt until I found this amazing book: “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”. I realize that I was not alone!!! There are millions of Glamberts who felt in the same way. Adam brought us a new brightness in life. Helps us with our fears, says it’s normal and no matter what, to be ourselves. This book can express exactly what I’m talking about. You have to read it! “Chapter 1 – Engine of Desire – “What makes the engine go ? Desire, desire, desire. The longing for the dance stirs in the buried life. …Touch me, remind me who I am (Stanley Kunitz, “Touch me”)

Compiled from Twitter

Seacretsoc1 @JuneauXena Heard about ur book at FS concert. I started reading & could NOT put it down! I found myself in many of ur posts!!

blakkrrox @JuneauXena You’re welcome bb. U R both very gifted writers ❤

ladyc9543 @AdamLambertbook I enjoyed the book so much I bought a copy for a friend.

annie72363 @XenaPW ok good lmao great work on the book love reading it

Ninica20010  @JuneauXena Hi how are u?Just finished your book and it’s amazing. Keep reading your Blog as well. I Love it!

BethanysPlace @adamlambert Do U have a copy of “On the meaning of Adam Lambert”? U need 2 read it U will B blown away & proud

virg1877 RT @lharrington4: This book is so good! RT @AdamLambertbook On the Meaning of Adam Lambert is being reprinted due to demand (…)

Reading my on the meaning of adam lambert book at WORK..theres fantasies in it….the kids think i’m crazy with my giggling :p

Ragman_RIP: Gettin’ a kick outta yer book…

GlamBadger: Started On The Meaning of Adam Lambert this morning. I was almost late for school because I couldn’t stop reading it! ❤

AraneLambert: @JuneauXena I LOVE your book, it’s really amazing and inspiring, you have expressed what I have in my mind

April 8, 2010 Veca said….. (from New Zealand)
got my book yesterday. love it!!!! ditto to everything ever said about it. ditto for everything that you ever wrote about Adam!! love him!!! i hope you are planning the second book (and third and fourth….) – our journey continues and we are here to stay!!

p.s. met Adam when he was in Sydney last month; spoke to him briefly (have photos to prove it). He is as kind, handsome, lovely, sexy, caring, polite …… as he is in videos we see of him plus more. Amazing man!!

Must Have!!!!, This is a must have book for any Adam fan. It is a book about Adam, but also about his fans and their passion, devotion, obsession, love, commitment and support. I hope that second book is in making.

Posted on June 1, 2013

Dear Juneau and Xena,
First of all I would like to say I enjoyed the radio show with Michael Orland. I haven’t watched AI after “Season Adam”. Secondly, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your book, “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”. I have been meaning to buy it but always procrastinated. On My 26th which was my birthday, my daughter who knows me inside out (but never have I told her about this book, she said she just went to Amazon) and her husband gave the book as one of my birthday gifts! Upon unwrapping it, I gave a yelp, a battle cry, a scream, etc. thoroughly surprised and overjoyed. To my “How did you know?”, my daughter nonchalantly said “found it in Amazon”. This daughter (my one and only child) also brought me to the American Idol Tour with Adam. She knows I love Adam so much. She calls him the “Freight Train”. Don’t they ever eliminate him or Evvy would be so mad!. She never rolls her eyes or anything. She records Adam on her DVR when I request her to do so. Anyway, what a thrilling book! It touches the soul, spirit,and the essence of being woman, the liberated, intelligent woman. Hats off to you both and I am sorry that those who had bad things to say about you ladies and/or the book, are missing something that they will never find or experience. I laugh,I cry and thoroughly enjoy reading the book. Excuse me, I just have to continue reading. Please write a sequel.
– Evvy

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  1. CherelleDay permalink
    March 11, 2011 10:19 am

    Ah, ladies you never ever disappoint! I am so happy to have finally gotten my copy, and sticker and both sets of tattoos . . . I couldn’t be more pleased to have in my hands this documented proof that I am NOT ALONE, but in fact I am in most excellent company 😉 It has been a joy to watch along with you the rise of a truly epic star. I look forward to what the future holds for Adam all of the Glamily! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  2. Kari Olson permalink
    January 23, 2020 2:56 pm

    OMG, I am a latecomer to “discovering” our idol, and after watching ONE video, Believe at the Kennedy Center , I am totally besotted with his charm and music…. I was widowed last year and also lost my dog, had too many crazy things to describe but that one video pulled me out of my depression and now I am scouring the internet for glimpses and songs of his wonderfulness. Sexy? Im not even going into that part. I got my book today and laughing outloud at some comments but totally nodding my head… I cant put it down. This book should go down in history! Thanks for your wit and inclusiveness, I know now I am really “normal” in spite of my not AL fan friends …. or my sons which don’t get it. Now back to the book!!!!
    Thank you so much for publishing The Meaning of Adam Lambert.

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