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No Worries About Adam’s Music

From On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

By Xena

Can’t recall Adam’s exact words, but an earlier description of his album put it this way: It will make you want to love, make love, be happy, sad and get up and dance. Recently he used the term “anthems,” like some of Queen’s music to further specify. Why the concern over “dance” music? Whole Lotta Love, Slow Ride, Fame & Just Dance are all dance music. Do you mean something else?

Why is anyone nervous? Is there anything about his concert performances, media interviews or anything else that has caused people to lose confidence in his ability to accomplish what he wants—which includes making his fans love his music so much—we buy millions of copies and sell-out his concerts? Ultimately, we glean from his words, this is the process by which he will achieve what he wants—to love and be loved, to be settled in a home, to have the means to share his wealth with his family and friends, to pay for dinner, to give them nice things.

He is the boy-next-door with eyeliner and nail polish and he said so. While unconventional strategically—a risk taker where others are cautious, so open when others keep secrets—our radar went wild with worry that his honesty would diminish his popularity, that he would be censored on stage, that parents would write letters, that they would picket him in the Bible Belt, that the media would crucify him, that he would make powerful enemies, that he would go “Hollywood” and lose himself, that he might lose his boyfriend, that he would become overexposed, overwhelmed in the media by MJ’s death, that he’s too fat, too thin, hair up? or hair down?—that he would be misunderstood, hurt and unsuccessful. He might become closed and isolated, overly controlled, overly produced or contrived. And how could we forget “too theatrical” as a liability?

Instead, he is more loved, his popularity is growing exponentially, he is sure-footed and confident, as open as ever, so excited about his life, his art—he just can’t stop smiling, laughing, hugging, talking—he’s creatively inspired.

Adam has lived as the understudy for this role for a very long time— all his life, likely dreamt about this moment, night after night—finally the director said “You’re on!” his cue to blast his talents out the back of the theatre—he’s become the “voice heard ’round the world” with the physical and personal attributes worthy of this fame. So well rehearsed in his mind, he was fully prepared.

While most have always been confident in his ability to achieve his dreams, others have worries that his mother must have shed a long time ago—probably when the first “kissed a boy” photos emerged. He didn’t care that people knew he is gay, but that the news might distract people from his music and performances—he diffused the potential dynamite with precision and taught us all a lesson. Whatever is in your past—own it, acknowledge it and move on.

Heroic terms and metaphors come easily, as he has fought so many obstacles in life to finally awaken in his vision—on the stage, waves of energy surge forward—felt but unseen in the brilliant lights—for him to take in and fuel his performance—to give it all back. Standing almost next him, in the white-hot source of the fire, watching his flawless, exuberant performance, interaction with fellow performers, band, back-up singers, audience up front, in the middle and in “the gods” has solidified my confidence in him.

Someday—a Command Performance for HRH Queen Elizabeth II, organized by William and Harry and the headliners will be Queen with Adam Lambert in front for the event, fireworks will follow and during the presentation, Adam will bow, shake Her Majesty’s hand, await her first words, smile, look her in the eyes and seize her affections as he has the rest of us.

By xena princess warrior on 08/19/2009 11:03 am

While written on August 19th 2009, it could just as easily be today


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  1. December 25, 2011 2:20 am

    Xena, this essay today is timeless as the day you wrote it. Unfortunately Kathy seems to miss the point of this site and has difficulty relating to honest discussions. I love my children without reservation, but weren’t always Thrilled with their choices of fashion, music or boyfriends. Tastes and opinions differ. Adam is smart, savvy, well spoken, a great talent, honest and bottom line human with errors in judgement at times. If he were perfect it would be intimidating and unrelatable. I like him as is. I haven’t always agreed with his choices, but viewed it as a learning curve. The past three years have been packed with pressures, changes and sorting out who he is and what the public wants. The AMA performance was not his best and he is still doing pennance. I was sure he shot himself in the foot and was concerned that he blew his shining moment. Some very valid issues were raised about equality as a result of that performance. He’s learning and walking his path as each of us must do, sometimes faltering along the way, but hopefully learning and becoming wiser. Maybe if Elvis and MJ had better advice and heard no they would be with us today. Sorry Kathy that you feel the need to leave and miss the point of sharing ideas, even those that may different from yours.

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