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The Book

By Juneau and Xena

“…because Adam seduced us with a look, a raised eyebrow, the voice a choir of angels couldn’t match and a body with moves to rival Salome’s.” From On the Meaning of Adam Lambert

“The whole chronicle seems to unravel with such speed and such urgency, an urgency that propels the narrative and carries the reader. It’s unputdownable.  Scrabble will never be the same for me. That part was high camp.” — F. Schultz, Jr.

This extraordinary book emerged from the web postings of “Juneau” and  “Xena”, serious, professional women whose lives were upended by  Adam Lambert, the 27-year-old singer who rocketed to fame  as the runner-up in American Idol’s eighth season. As the American Idols tour rolled across the continent, the women chronicled their obsession, broke open hidden corners of their lives and set free fountains of creativity. Impassioned, insightful, campy and hilarious,  their writings veer from the sublime to the ridiculous. No topic is  off limits, from religion and Socrates to gay porn. Say they, “No one is more shocked than we are at what we ended up writing.”

Rich with serious study, dramatic anecdotes, emotional personal confessions and off-the-wall campy fan fiction, one male reader said “The writing is brilliant… an amazingly clear, intelligent and incisive way of expressing things, and the honesty is captivating.  There’s something very personal and inviting about it.”

Juneau and Xena produced the book as an homage to Adam as their muse, who inspired them to write about him, and to chronicle their journey of self discovery, and the emergence of an amazing group of women who shared their passions, pains, wit and warmth in what became a safe and supportive environment. Adam’s fans will connect with the stories within the pages – this phenomenon is universal, across generations, genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

“Juneau and Xena are remarkable women. The spark that was ignited between the two lit up the pages of the site, and inspired us all to jump right in and go for the ride of our lives, along with them. I am so proud of both for grabbing this experience and taking it to a higher level.” From “E”, fellow blogger.

Ate it up. It’s brilliant, hilarious, maybe profound.Wesley Strick, screenwriter

“Believe it or not I’ve already read your book from cover to cover — I couldn’t put it down. It’s actually brilliant on several levels.  You are eloquent and engaging writers, and your fascination with Adam is both understandable and unexpected, so it makes for great reading.” – Pat Peyser, Huffington Post blogger

“I have to say that realizing just how whip-smart, sassy, and even at times provocative in their ideas and conjectures– I thought I might be intimidated — but they are very real women, with families, real lives, careers and humor about others and most willing to poke fun at themselves. Impressed doesn’t begin to tell you what I think of them.” – Stevie Wilson, LA-Story (Check out the LA Story podcast of her interview with Juneau and Katherine.)

Buy the book in hardcopy (comes with faux tattoo) here or at

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Update June 26, 2010 – Adam Lambert signed a copy of the book in this video by Lisa and Eric, taken after the Glam Nation concert at The Warfield, San Francisco!!

Tommy Joe Ratliff gives us a shout out!

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