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Watch this space for our commentaries, reviews and images of Adam’s performances.

Drama Queen: Reflections on Adam Lambert’s High Drama

Adam Lambert Finds His Superpower

Mechanic’s Hall, Worcester

Adam Lambert’s “Velvet Side A” is a Goldmine

Queen and Adam Lambert at Madison Square Garden, an Operatic Epic

Ruminations on Queen and Adam Lambert in Amsterdam

Adam Lambert’s best song so far

CD Review: Original High Notes

Adam Lambert, You Are a Champion Now

Trespassing Central – Collected reviews and facts

Adam Lambert’s Idol Feast (Series) – HD Video of Adam’s Idol performances with colorful commentary

Adam Lambert’s Top 10 Moments from 2013

Top 10 Adam Lambert Moments from 2012

Adam Lambert, Prince of Wails (iHeart Radio Theater with Queen, June 16, 2014)

Juneau and Thea’s Excellent Adventure in Hollywood – Part 1

Juneau and Thea’s Excellent Adventure in Hollywood – Part 2

Juneau and Thea’s Excellent Adventure in Hollywood – Part 3

A Yankee Prince in Queen’s Court – Queen + Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert and the Spirit of Freedom – reaction to Queen gigs

Adam Lambert’s New Music Video Busts Out of the Club

Concert review – Adam Lambert at Six Flags New England

More on The Blue Eyed Soul of Adam Lambert

The Video: Better Than I Know Myself

Top 10 Adam Lambert Moments from 2011

Multi-Sensory Conception – Adam Debuts “Better Than I Know Myself”

Outlaws of Love – My Broken Open (from Jesha84)

Adam Lambert and the Basics of a Singer’s Voice: Breathing and Support (by Angelina Kalahari)

Adam Lambert Best of 2010 Lists

Top 10 Adam Lambert Moments of 2010

Broken Open: Adam Lambert and the Agony and Ecstasy of Singing (by Angelina Kalahari)

David Bowie Medley from the Idols Tour (by Jesha84)

Just a commentary about Adam’s voice (by Jesha84)

Summer of Love 3 (Hampton Beach)

Adam Lambert – Getting Loopy at Lupo’s

Journey of an Intrepid Glambertina Part 2

Adam Lambert: From Mercury to Freddie Mercury

Holy Toledo Adam – A Whole Lotta Love!

Adam Lambert’s Mancandy – Lady Gaga’s Alejandro Video

On Art and Interpretation – Lone Wolf

On Art and Excess (American Idol guest performance, April 13, 2010)

Listening to Music Again – an Appreciation of Goldfrapp

Adam Plays FYE Cricket at Mardi Gras

Sleepwalker – Invader of Dreams (Tonight Show, March 2, 2010)

Adam – Mystical Shaman of the Acoustic (Fantasy Springs, February 27, 2010)

“It’s Hot in Here” NYC February 12th

Juneau’s & Xena’s NYC Highline 12 Feb Photo Album

The Glamrock Eagle Has Landed

Adam – A Musical Beau Brummell for the 21st Century

From Rehearsal to Seductive Performance “Whataya Want from Me”

Adam’s Mona Lisa Smile WWFM

Adam’s Got the Devil in His Eyes

Adam’s Dominator – FYE video

Breaking Open Adam Lambert – Review of CD

American Idol Season 8 Redux Series – By “Idolholic”
Through her email archive and videos, a fan reconstructs the 2009, Season 8 experience of discovering Adam Lambert. A fantastic documentary!

The First Time Ever We Saw His Face
Part Two: The Auditions Go On…and On…and On….
Part Three: Hooray for Hollywood Week!
Part Four:  And Then There Were 36
Part Five:  Let The Voting Begin!!!
Part Six:  Adam Gives Us “Satisfaction” and We Give Him Votes!
Part Seven: Lucky 13!
Part Eight: Adam and Those Twelve Other Finalists
Part Nine: Adam’s “Ring of Fire” Leaves Us “Confused…and Sort of Happy”
Part 10: Adam Gets a Standing O from Smokey Robinson!

Part 11: Adam Gets “Funky” !

Part 12: Adam’s “Mad World” Gets a Standing O from Simon!
Part 13: Adam Tells Us He Was “Born to be Wild”

Part 14: Adam Lambert Soulfully Sings “If I Can’t Have You”
Part 15:  Adam Lambert Has Us “Feeling Good”
Part 16:  Adam Lambert Gives Us Every Inch of His Love

Part 17:  Adam Lambert has us cryin’
Part 18: A “Change is Gonna Come” for Adam Lambert

Postscript: Adam Lambert and the morning after

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  1. merrie permalink
    February 23, 2010 8:23 am

    ADAMS EYES Look right through YOU> I LOVE staring into those eyes baby eyes. YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. November 15, 2010 3:58 am

    Hi Juneaux and Xena
    I am not sure where to write my review from the concert in Copenhagen where I met Adam and showed him the Eye of Horus pendant I won.
    At the M&G I showed Adam the neclace and he tought it was beautiful.
    He asked me where I won it from and I told him it was from “The Meaning of Adam Lambert”. He said “Oh,cool”. I sounded like he knew what I was talking about, which I’m sure he does.
    I got a photo of me and Adam where I am wearing the necklace but I’m not sure where to post it.
    Please let me know if you like to see the pix.
    Hugs to Snug

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