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Juneau and Thea’s Excellent Adventure in Hollywood – Part 1

July 10, 2013

By Juneau

Welcome Aboard the Party Bus


W Hotel Hollywood lobby sans louche denizens

Dear Glambertinas,

I’m sure Thea will tell the story of our adventure — the journey, meeting up at the swank W Hotel in Hollywood, the sparkly and louche lobby denizens, the reunion with high school buddy Vivian whom she hadn’t seen in 37 years, and finally meeting Adam in person — far more colorfully than I can, so I shall entrust that part of the tale to her telling… She might even slip in a description of my alcohol-free shenanigans on the party bus and encounter with a vertical shaft…

So if you recall all the way back at the beginning of my personal Adam Lambert wild ride, one of the things Adam awakened in me was memories of that long-ago me, and a yearning to once again experience the heady abandon of the gay nightlife. I have finally fulfilled this wish. More about that later.

First, meet two characters who will figure prominently in the evening’s adventures: Trevor and Brennan, an adorable couple from Denver who were fellow winners of the AT&T Live Proud contest. When all the winners gathered in the sparkly lobby of the W, they immediately caught my eye. Impossible not to; Trevor (how coincidentally appropriate!) wore a blazer of neon yellow that would have been visible from the Space Station. And he was handsome and towered above Brennan, a slim beauty whose sun-kissed blonde coiffeur radiated a light of its own. I almost expected him to speak Finnish, but instead, he proved to be an Aussie, adorable accent and all. I thought, watch out, if Adam catches sight of this one!

Trevor and Brennan, my dates for the night!

Trevor and Brennan

Trevor and Brennan invited me to sit with them at the very delicious steak dinner at BOA Restaurant. (Thank you AT&T, supremely generous hosts.) Their enthusiasm, curiosity and high spirits were most infectious. When Trevor mentioned his love of fashion, I decided I would let him read my Alexander McQueen essay, which I had printed out to give to Adam. He and Brennan read it with close attention and appreciation, which totally sealed the deal and made them BFF.

Following dinner, we re-boarded the party bus. With all the wine and cocktails that had been consumed, various members of our party decided to break out into displays of pole dancing, including yours truly, ahem. Trevor, bless his soul, decided to share our haphazard efforts over Vine. That should have served as a warning.

When we arrived at the venue, what do you know, but the sidewalk had a carpet, orange in this case, along with one of those backdrops emblazoned with AT&T and Trevor Project. Now this was a novel experience, to walk down that carpet and be asked to pose for a small army of photographers. It’s a good thing I’ve watched so many Adam Lambert instructional videos. Ta dah!


I was even interviewed by a couple of reporters, and I shared the story behind my winning photo:


After The Walk, we were ushered to a VIP lounge at the back of the Playhouse Nightclub where Adam’s concert was to take place. This was the holding area until it was time for our meet and greet. We were herded back outside and across the street to a non-descript building that turned out to serve as the green room for the club. I spotted Tommy slipping out a back door, and we ran into Ashley in a dressing room, where we all waited until one of our handlers announced It Was Time. Was it just me, or did someone turn down the air conditioning, because the room suddenly felt warmer…

Waiting for Adam. Remember to smile!

Waiting for Adam. Remember to smile!

By this time, Thea, whose knee had gone out the day before when she disembarked from her plane, was feeling quite tired. The Playhouse nightclub was overwhelming, and now the prospect of meeting Adam had her heart doing little flips…  So we sat and waited for everyone else to go ahead with their meeting. I think we managed to look fairly calm…

I suddenly heard His Voice. “I love that jacket!” Speaking to Trevor of course. And then, it was our turn. There he stood, dressed in a long-sleeved, buttoned up purple shirt covered with white triangles. Did he select this because he just liked the design, or for the added reference to the gay rights symbol? He has trimmed back Melvin to more of a George Michael-ish five-day beard, which I am growing to like. But, to my dismay, he was hiding his incomparable eyes behind those black-rimmed, high-fashion sunglasses.

Thea went first. She had brought one of her favorite images of him, from the first Fantasy Springs concert, and had decided to ask him to sign it “Indio”, as that image had inspired the Indio character in her Starlight Trilogy (which she says is now running to five parts!). But Adam said no, he would sign it with his own name. Dream dashed!

And then it was my turn. I had made a “cheat sheet” of things to not forget to do. Having been through this experience before, I didn’t expect to get through even half of what was on my list, but I would do my best.

First item: Ask for a hug. Got it. Beneath my arms, Adam’s shoulders and back felt lithe and taut under the polished cotton of his shirt. My impression was of a kind of contained softness. I’m sorry but my mind went half blank, or I forgot to inhale, and failed to register his fragrance… I should have written myself a reminder on my cheat sheet. Next time, BREATHE.

Second item: Ask him to autograph the book. Got that!! Cartwheels, and check that off my bucket list!


Third item: Ask Adam to tell me frankly what his reaction was when he read what Xena and I had written. He replied that he had read about half of it, but found it hard to get through it because it was so uncomfortable to read about himself, but that his dad had filled him in on the rest. This was exactly how I imagined he would have reacted, and I loved that he was honest with me. It felt like a moment of genuine connection.


Shamelessly begging…

Fourth item: I gave Adam my Alexander McQueen essay. I told him I had chosen it because it wasn’t about him, but about an interest we had in common. He agreed with me that McQueen was a true artist, not just a fashion designer. So I said “As a writer, I need to imagine I’m writing to someone, so when I wrote this, I was writing it to you…so it would mean a lot to me if you would read it,” and he promised he would. (Be still my heart!) I had also wanted to explain that McQueen had worked at the most profound and exalted level of art, grappling with everything in life and death, and that perhaps Adam might find inspiration in McQueen’s work. Now that would be an incredible album… but I was out of time and didn’t have a chance to say that to him. I hope he will read my words and understand what I was trying to convey.

Here’s what I wrote in the note I appended to my essay: “Dedicated to Adam Lambert. Thank you for being my muse these past four years, for inspiring me to engage with the world around us, especially music and art, with renewed curiosity, passion, ecstasy and LOVE. I will be forever grateful.”

Items unaccomplished: Introduce Thea to him as my twin (that’s one of Thea’s jokes!) and tell him how we became friends because of him. Ask him to be on our radio show. Ask him for reliable contact information. Tell him about AURA. Tell him about all the fans whose stories had moved me. Forgive me, Glambertina sistahs!

I did try to refocus my attention on his face to gather details. His beard is scraggly, he seemed to be wearing a dark tan foundation, I failed to note freckles on lips, basically I failed to note many details because his eyes were covered by dark glasses, to my dismay. I asked him if he’d take them off, but he said “No! It’s fashion! Alexander McQueen wouldn’t take them off.” Hmmm, how frustrating! As Thea later noted in the wee hours back in our hotel room, she hadn’t experienced that glow that everyone talks about. It was true, and I blame those dark glasses. His eyes are beacons that radiate light. I thought it was such a shame that after such an arduous journey, Thea didn’t get to bask in their radiance.

So, I met Adam Lambert, and all I have to show for it is this photo. Reminder to self: next time, put your bag on the floor before posing for a pic with Adam F*cking Lambert!

Adam Lambert Live Proud Campaign Finale Event With AT&T And The Trevor Project

NEXT – The Concert

7 Comments leave one →
  1. lambertlust permalink
    July 10, 2013 11:03 pm

    awe he signed your book!!

  2. M-E permalink
    July 10, 2013 11:21 pm

    You did well! When I met Adam any intelligible thought totally abandoned me! Glad you were there to represent us all.

  3. Evvy permalink
    July 11, 2013 3:09 am

    No radiance, no glow? You are truly radiant, glowing and beautiful in this picture. I could imagine that sometimes we expect or think too much. You are such a wonderful person.

  4. bitsy permalink
    July 11, 2013 9:25 am

    Juneau: Luv ur goddess-draped dress; u look beautiful! Glad u got an autographed copy of OTMOAL-only now is it complete. Kinda funny that Eber read it all; hope U can get copies of Aura to both of them. So good to see you, glowing, on a red/orange carpet! xoxo bitsytx

  5. annehedonia permalink
    July 11, 2013 12:48 pm

    Yes Juneau ~ You do indeed look like a natural on the orange carpet in that goddess dress! I’m very gratifiied by the fact that you and Thea got this opportunity ~ nice to know that kismet is always behind the scenes… sometimes biding it’s time but working nonetheless! I want to read your McQueen essay again.

    (p.s.: I don’t ever speak of it, but I had that experience of Adam not being his usual radiant self the only time I’ve been priviliged to see him, the AI concert tour that stopped in St. Louis. It was a big deal, too – a friend flew in from Seattle to go with, I’d paid a small fortune for the tickets (via a “second source”), and it was somewhat of a physical challenge for me to do any of this because of health issues. His performance was stellar, very professional – the stand-out of the show. But something was missing. There was a disconnect going on. Of course I’ll never know what. I do know the Westboro people had protested the night before in KC, MO – or were going to the next night. Memory is vague here. Or maybe it was something more personal.

    In any case, it was a good lesson. He’s allowed. It would be inhuman to be capable of being “on” every moment. And my friend and I had the best time at the concert and over the course of our three-day visit. It was all soooooo worth it, and a reminder to let things be as they are without being impinged by so much expectation. …They’re wonderful!)

  6. July 11, 2013 1:48 pm

    I know how you feel. No Adam experience is completely fulfilling and I believe it is the way the Universe works. We have to have a reason to wake up the next day to plot our next scheme to meet Adam again. LOL

    I was lucky enough to get a hug in Wilkes-Barre but didn’t get to speak with him or ask a question. He was kind of aimlessly trying to sign as many things as he could. I kept getting pushed closer and closer to him and finally decided to go for it and ask for a hug, knowing he NEVER refuses. I remembered to sniff. He was wearing Tokyo Milk Excess, the same thing I was wearing. Wonder if he sniffed me?

    When I had the Glambassador’s Bash in Pittsburgh, I had no idea if I would get to meet him or not, but I had my speech planned just in case. I’m more than determined to get a laugh out of him. Luckily he laughs easily.

  7. July 16, 2013 9:07 pm

    thanks so much for sharing, J. Such a wonderful day you had. Be sure to get “reliable contact information” next time, eh 🙂 We’re dying to see him on your radio show

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