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Who is Claudia?

I guess if you had to sum my life up right now, the major points would include wife to a devoted, TOLERANT husband, mother of two young (but feisty!) sons, and proud small business owner (Cool-ology). I’m a former elementary school teacher turned wild Adam fan!!

I am also fiercely dedicated to the cause of supporting those who grieve the loss of a baby during or just after pregnancy.My volunteer work with the Hygeia Foundation takes up a lot of my time. I’m the vice president of the Hygeia Foundation Board of Directors, am a professionally trained bereavement support facilitator and hold support groups locally for bereaved families and train our Hygeia support staff. I am a member of the foundation Parent Board (we basically keep the foundation running).  I used to write a perinatal support blog at I’m very proud of the writing I did there, and even today get comments from people around the world who read it. My posts have been featured in several well-known support program newsletters across the country. I gave birth to stillborn twin sons, Andrew and Joseph, in 1998 and do this work to keep their memory alive.

And OF COURSE, a huge part of my passion belongs to Adam…tweeting news about him, formerly writing and now for On The Meaning Of Adam Lambert!! With the craziness of raising two boys, working with bereaved families and running a business, Adam is an incredible escape, outlet and inspiration (he DID inspire me to start my business and to this day I hear his words in my ears, “Keep your eyes on the prize- you can do this” whenever I am feeling doubtful or unsure!!).

Loving Adam has FREED me in so many ways… since first seeing him onstage on the Idol tour in Hartford on August 16, 2009 when he roared on stage and ripped off his jacket during the David Bowie medley, my life was forever changed. I see the world differently now. I’m no longer constrained to a suburban, white bread, housewifely world of limitations. The world has opened up for me to explore and engage in ways I never thought possible. I’ve become enlightened to causes not known to me in the past. And I LOVE being a part of the crazy, wonderful Glamily. Meeting people from around the world virtually and/or in person has given me lasting friendships, fun, excitement and support I don’t know how I lived without!  I adore Adam’s imperfections, his feeling that he is an “outsider”. I believe those perceived inadequacies are the very reason he inspires so many… we are a motley clan bound together because of exactly that….

I love life and have a hard time keeping still! I love exploring the world around me with my husband and kids, and with my old dog Casey. If there’s an event or a trip to learn about something new, I’m there…probably another reason I love being an Adam fan —  always somewhere to go, people to meet, something wonderful to see!!  And when I can’t get there physically, in person, I’m there virtually in LOTS of good company from around the globe!

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  1. Sman permalink
    November 2, 2012 12:09 pm

    Don’t know who is hotter… Adam or Claudia. Sman

  2. rosemary permalink
    November 2, 2012 10:31 pm

    Claudia does sound pretty amazing.

  3. Kari Olson permalink
    January 15, 2020 1:53 pm

    I m just so darn glad I found this blog , On the meaning of Adam Lambert… good grief I don’t know where I was until recently , perhaps in some other world, but to find out I am as normal as all of these wonderful witty writers , I think I was missing out on life! Recently widowed with two grown sons older than Adam, I find myself totally obsessed by his music, his humility,his honesty, his body and mind….. All things Adam have entrenched themselves into my heart. So keep on writing and I will gladly keep on reading!.

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