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Men are Stupid

Excerpt from the book “On the Meaning of Adam Lambert”

27 January 2010

Dearest Glambertinae,

I was talking with my male friend who has read some of what I have written here and he liked it, so while I haven’t given him the URL – I keep him posted on our topics and activities.

Tonight I told him about the discussions we have about spirituality, religion, philosophy, expressions of feelings and other broader and higher level topics, not to mention the fantasies and vivid descriptions – fact or fiction.  We call on any exotic resource we need to express ourselves.

He said “men are so stupid”. “Why?” I asked – “because you don’t have such interesting discussions?”

“Right – it’s business, sports and maybe politics.” I think he’s right and that’s why we spend our hours here, with such thoughtful and smart women who have original thoughts, who have lived long enough to have figured out, experienced and seen –  a lot, but with room to grow and boy have we grown since June!

Inspired by the strangest catalyst who quite literally “blew our minds”, we have set about to to fill those reservoirs with music, imagery and thought – new, different, challenging ideas which brought us together and further fill-out our already plump lives with beautiful, creative, honest and very smart women friends, with whom we share some of our most profound feelings or radical ideas.

We laugh, we cry, we hug, we kiss and we dance with joy. I don’t see men having this type of deep and fulfilling discussion to arouse such passions with each other.  If they do, it’s when we aren’t around.

The discussion is so gracious – our collective words have become a work of art, to commemorate this time when we have come together in spirit to explore a mutual conundrum – “what is it about Adam Lambert?”

More like a pleasure cruise than a dangerous expedition – we keep coming back to the buffet for more and more Adam and more of each other, with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top  – oh, and champagne.  And beautiful scenery all along.

Wonder what they think all we women, spending all this time on line are chit-chatting about – recipes, children, cleaning ladies, paper or plastic, the price of milk (?), the economy  – them???  We can’t possibly still be swooning like pre-teens over some singer who caught our fancy, could we?

Xena is a writer, policy analyst and commentator who has an opinion on everything, and co-author with “Juneau” of the book, On the Meaning of Adam Lambert – order at or

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  1. lisai permalink
    January 29, 2010 6:21 am

    I agree with your friend!

    We do talk about all sorts of things dont we. I dont even know that I have these sorts of discussions with my non Adam girlfriends. We do talk about stuff though not on the scale that Adam generates.

    I guess we have him to be thankful for for broadening our minds. Heavens who’d have though that so many women would have learned so many new things. I constantly talk to women who have had to learn how to surf the net, start websites (myself included), save videos to external harddrives, screen capture photos, open up their inner souls, cry together across thousands of miles/km’s, use livestream to live through a concert, be concerned for the welfare of one, come together over the murder of another on a scale that is rather amazing.., get angry at a badly written review in force. Heavens help the world if we decided to actually stand up. We are amazing aren’t we…?

    It’s no wonder that men feel threatened in some way. Yet are totally happy to benefit totally in another.

  2. Patti permalink
    November 12, 2010 2:04 am

    Men are confused by Adam. They try to be cool and “down with” his sexuality, but they are confused by all the hetero females that love, worship and desire Adam. Even my adult sons seem to feel this way. It is plain to see men are threatened by Adam and don’t understand why…and really, really jealous of him as well.

  3. October 19, 2012 9:43 pm

    Super Trouper playing on my radio now. 🙂
    No, I don’t agree – men are not stupid. They have an emotional blockage in place, some say it’s from the hunting & gathering days, but the underlying reason was women’s power being shifted – they lost their own kind of connection with Nature, and we did too. We’re not perfect. They had to learn to hold power. It does no good to diss men, because they are human beings too, and “female” in their emotions and their embodiment in flesh (all of human history is female). But the games we are playing must change. Adam is reviving the true female consciousness, the whole Grail thing.
    Like Adam says, “we need to stop segregating”. I don’t think he’d want to separate women from their men, it’s just that the consciousness level is changing in society. I for example have a distance relationship with my soulmate but until these things become free for all, we are protesting by fighting this fight apart. Otherwise we would never be able to express who we really are, by joining in a lower consciousness that is, as we speak, on its way out.

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