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Pick U Up (Adult)

By Glambert-Jo

I sit alone at the bar, taking another sip of my drink, thinking “sigh” another night on my own. Suddenly two arms reach around my waist, and i feel a breath in my ear as someone whispers “I’m gonna give you my love.” Stunned, I swing around to see who it is. My heart skips a beat as I see this young handsome man, with eyes I could literally dive into, standing there. Dressed in black skintight leather pants, and oh I can see that he want’s to give me his love.

He takes my hand in his, and gently eases me off the chair, pulling me close so that I can breath in his scent. My mind is turning at a million miles an hour, tugging my hand he whispers let’s go somewhere private. I can’t speak as he leads me to the door and outside to his limousine, he opens the door and beckons me to get in. I climb in and fall into the seat, in a daze. Can this be happening?

We start to move off, and he say’s my name is Adam, and your beauty intoxicates me. He puts his hand on my thigh, and says “do you wanna play”?

Omg, I just nod, as I have lost all capability to speak.  He hands me a glass of champagne and says let’s go back to my place. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined something like this, let alone gone home with a complete stranger, but it just feels right.

We arrive at his apartment, and he takes my hand and leads me into his home, the lights are already dim, and candles are burning. I wonder to myself did he have this planned?

We sit down on the heart-shaped sofa and he says, I’ve been watching you, I was waiting for the right time.  I am stunned, this gorgeous man has been watching ME.

He puts some soft music on, and says, I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanna give you my love, tonight we will be together.

He runs his fingers through my hair and slowly down to neck and unbuttons my top, my breasts swell with anticipation. I offer no resistance. Gently he pushes me back into the softness of the pillows, showering me with kisses, all over, I may just have a heart attack here and now. He kisses my ears, moving down to my neck, licks, nibbles, bites. He moves his mouth down to my breasts and slowly licks my nipples, gently taking them in his mouth, I feel myself tingle as my nipples harden. I almost explode right then. He presses against me, I can feel his hardness, the strength of his thighs as he gently presses into me. His hands wend their way down, to that special place. Expertly he caresses me so that I start to tremble, giving me the most earth-shattering pleasure I’ve ever experienced. I am open to him, I let him enter, our bodies unite, we take a trip so sensual that he leads me to a place of heaven.

Spent, we collapse in each other’s arms, entwined we fall asleep.

I open my eyes, as I feel the touch of you running your fingers down my spine. I shiver and tingle all over. “Was it good?”, he asks.  I just nod, still in a daze that this has happened to me.

“Would you like something? Coffee maybe?” I say yes, and he quietly slips away. I can smell the gorgeous aroma of the coffee, it get’s my senses functioning again. I prop myself up as he brings us back coffee and something to eat.

I realize that I am ravenous, having forgotten all about the outside world up until now. Last night was just mind-numbingly wonderful. He was so gentle, caring and understanding, it was almost like it was the first time.
He led me to the  innermost part’s of my body and mind, helped me to explore those places I had forgotten existed.

I still am wondering, why did he pick me?

I have to ask, why me?  He replies, “you are a jewel, you shine brighter than the sun”, I watched you for a while till I knew in my heart that you were the one. Everyone else I have met has been just too self-obsessed, but you, sitting there night after night, waiting for that person to come who would steal away your heart, was the one I wanted. You put on no airs and graces, you are just you. That is what drew me to you.

I am stunned, this is a dream. Surely there is someone smiling down from above to have bought this angel to me.

He winks at me and says “wanna stay?”  I say yes, I feel like I never want to leave this place.

The truth is everything was so wonderful, but I could literally shatter here lying in his arms. I start to cry. Concerned he lifts my face to his and asks me what is wrong. I pour out my heart to him, and tell him the joy of finally being accepted, that my life has been constant ups and downs of being told that I don’t fit in.

He smiles, and holds my hand, and says “I know, but your soul will be okay”.

Could this person be any more wonderful? Such joy in my heart, to be finally understood.

I wipe away my tears, and he gives me a cheeky smile, “Wanna dance?” he says.

That grin, well, simply melts me and I start to giggle. “What sort of dancing?”, I ask. I can see his mind turning as he thinks, “how about I show you may dance moves”, he says. He quickly flits out of them room, looking over his shoulder he says “be right back.”

I start at the sound of throbbing music pumping through the house, and he comes slinking out of the bedroom with the tightest black and silver pants I have ever seen on. Oh god how does he get them on I hear my mind say. Really, I don’t care, they are just so damn hot, and he fit the perfectly. “Come on” he says as he grabs my hand and pulls me up, “let’s dance”.

The music pumps and he begins to move, graceful, fluid, sensual. I might explode here and now. “Now your turn” he says. I giggle and try to follow as he dances across the room. I can never keep up with him, he is just so fast.
We dance for an hour, and I have to motion to him, “I’m exhausted.” He smiles. “Was that fun?” he says.

I breathlessly manage to get out a “yes”, and then we collapse together on the floor, laughing.

I feel so good, I say to him, boy I think I need a shower after that, you have ruined me, I giggle.

I can see him looking at me. “A shower you say? Well let me get that organized.”

He calls to me, “shower’s ready.” I drag myself off the floor and walk to the bathroom.  I enter the door to total gorgeousness, the bathroom is resplendent in black and purple, my favorite combination. I strip down and turn on the shower, waiting for the right temperature, I climb in and relish the soothing water. He has given me a workout for sure. I need this to unwind.

I close my eyes and just stand there as the water beats against my exhausted body, hoping to re-energise.

I am so lost in my own thought’s I don’t hear the shower door opening. I suddenly feel his strong hands begin to massage my neck, relieving the tension. I relax as his hands slide down to my waist, he turns me to him, I breath in sharply. He pulls me closer, tight against that hard body. I tilt back my head as he kisses my neck. I run my hands across his chest, the soap, slippery, I slowly wend my way down. He is eager, and presses into me, so powerful, toned. He lets me pleasure him.

We lean against each other, as the water trickles over our bodies, our pleasures satiated for the time being.

We climb out of the shower, dry ourselves. I say “This has been wonderful, but I must get back to the real world”.
To be honest, it seemed like a dream, I still can’t believe it.

We walk to the bedroom and I find my clothes, as I’m dressing he says “This has been incredible.” He smiles, and my heart melts again.

“I will call you, I’m busy in the studio for a couple of days.” I kiss him passionately and say I must go. He walks me to the door and says “take my limo, and we will catch up in a couple of days.” I walk to the waiting limo, I climb in, waving as we pull away. I relax, and think to myself, can I live without his touch for two days?

I arrive home, sit down, and contemplate last night. Was it real, was it a dream? I know I will be okay, he took me to a place, somewhere I’ve never been. I fall asleep, reliving his touch in my mind.

Two nights later, the phone rings. It’s Adam, he say’s “I’ve just finished in the studio, and I can swing by and pick you up if you like.”

I say “give me half an hour and I’ll be ready and waiting.” I bubble inside, excited at the thought of seeing him again. I pick out something sexy to wear and then quickly jump in the shower, I want to be nice and fresh when he arrives. I jump out of the shower, and quickly get dressed, just as the doorbell rings. I answer the door, hair still a little wet and there he is. His gorgeousness takes my breath away.

We kiss and embrace, he says “I have a surprise for you.” My eyes light up and I giggle. “I love surprises” I say. We walk out to his limo, as I wonder where we could be going. It’s kinda late.

“I’m taking you, out, I have a special place we can go,” he says.  My heart beats a little faster. “Out” I think to myself, this could be interesting.

As we drive, we sip champagne and nibble on strawberries, so luxurious.  I snuggle in beside him and he puts his hand on my thigh, squeezes it gently and smiles that heart melting smile, it gives me tingles.

Ten minutes later we arrive outside a small looking club, he motions for me to follow. I can hear the music pumping inside and I start to wiggle, he laughs as he puts his hand in mine and leads me inside.

WOW, what a place. My eyes survey the surroundings. Lots of lights, thumping music and lots of dancers.  “This is my special place, a place I can get away to and be myself, and have fun without prying eyes.” Hell I know what he means, somewhere to go where nobody takes notice of who you are or what you do.

He leads me to a table, as we sit down someone is there to take our order. We order drinks and relax.  After a couple more drinks, he asks me if I want to dance. Hell, I’ve been bouncing since we arrived. “Sure, let’s strut our stuff” I giggle. We push our way to the dance floor and get into the groove of the music.

Bodies vibrate to the music all around us, like nothing I’ve ever seen. We move closer to each other, which isn’t hard with the crush of people around. He gyrates his hips, oh hell he’s making me hot. Closer and closer he gets to me, our bodies are grinding together. I can feel myself getting excited, I can feel he is too. As he stands in front of me, he grips my hips and moves us in time, his hand placed lower down, moves rhythmically with the music, I feel myself shudder.

His eyes twinkle, he knows what he just did to me, he looks into my eyes and all  I can manage is a satisfied smile. Still dazed, he leads me back to the table, where I collapse in sheer ecstasy.

We have both recovered from our little escaped on the dance floor when I look up and notice someone walking in. I see this guy, shocking blond hair, long on top and shaved on the side, kind of retro 80’s style, and oh he is wearing lipstick, nail polish and the most smoking outfit. Long jacket, tight black pants and long boots.

My eyes sparkle, Adam notices and I see him smile, “a fantasy of yours?” he asks. I kinda just shrug, not wanting to say yes or no. He leans over and whispers “I may be able to fulfill that for you, he happens to be a friend of mine, and I don’t mind sharing you.” He beckons the guy over and they acknowledge each other. As the guy walks over to the table I get nervous, that Glam look is something that has always turned me on. They greet each other and Adam turns to me and say’s “I’d like you to meet a great friend, his name is Tommy.” I stand and Tommy leans over and kisses me on the cheek. “Nice to meet you,” he says.

He joins us for drinks and we talk for a while. Adam asks to be  excused so he and Tommy  can talk business for a little while, I say yes and they leave the table.

After about 20 minutes Adam and Tommy return. I’m really glad they’re back, I was getting kind of lonely. They sit down and Adam says “how about we go back to Tommy’s place, he only lives a couple of blocks away.”

“Sure” I say “let’s go”. We decide to walk as it’s such a glorious night, it awakens our senses.

We arrive at Tommy’s place, a loft apartment, and it’s gorgeously decorated. The place has a feel about it, an atmosphere, lots of trendy stuff, I feel right at home.

“Would you like something to eat” Tommy asks, and Adam and I both nod. “I’ll just go prepare something” Tommy says. Adam and I sit down on the luxurious leather sofa, and almost sink into it, it’s so soft. We both giggle. He leans to me and whispers “about that fantasy of yours, would you like to live it tonight?”  I look at him and smile, thinking, oh you devil, that’s why you and Tommy disappeared. I sort of don’t know what to think, this has all happened so fast, I squeeze his hand for reassurance and say “ok.”

Tommy come back with a splendid cheese platter, including chocolate dipped strawberries, and also a bottle of wine.
Tommy pours us all a glass of wine and says “please help  yourself.”

I don’t mind saying I’m a little lighted headed right now with all the drinking we’ve done tonight, I feel like I’m floating off with the fairies.

We chat for a while and Tommy says “come sit beside me and tell me about yourself.” I get up and almost fall into Tommy’s lap, he giggles as I sit down. I tell him a little about my life and how I had met Adam only a couple of nights ago.

“Adam tells me you have a bit of a thing for the Glam look” Tommy says.  I nod, “Um, yes” I say. I’m getting a little flustered at the moment, and I sense Tommy knows that. Tommy looks across at Adam and winks. “How about I help you out with that glam thing” he says. My eyes widen, and I look at Adam, he winks back at me, and says “How about I leave you two alone for a while.”

I look to Tommy and he smiles at me with a cheeky grin, “I guess so I say.” Adam gets up and says “I’ll go back to the club for a while, just let me know when your done,” he smiles as he walks out the door.

Tommy and I are alone, my heart is almost beating out of my chest. I’m a little scared, and turned on at the same time. I trust my instincts, I’ll be fine.

Tommy puts on some soft music, and dims the lights, setting the atmosphere perfectly. He takes my hand and leads me to his bedroom.  We sit down on the edge of the bed, and he cups my face in his hands, gently he kisses my forehead, my nose, my lips. My hands reach up and I run my fingers through his gorgeous blonde hair, I give it a gentle tug, and I see him smile. We slowly take our tops off, running our hands over each other’s bodies, exploring. His touch is so sensual, gentle. We undress completely and lie together, he pulls me to him, I’m burning up inside, I have a fever, just his touch sends sparks coursing through my body. I touch his lips, his lipstick on my fingers, brilliant blue, i touch my fingers to my lips, savoring his taste.

We move closer, skin touching, hands wandering, we search each other for the places that bring us to ecstasy. I’m in rapture, he is too, and in my mind I thank Adam for giving me this special opportunity to experience something so different and wonderful.

We lay together afterwards and he kisses me gently, “I hope your fantasy was what you dreamed it would be” he says.
I look into his eyes, “Oh god yes” I say.

Tommy says “well I better give you back to Adam, I can’t keep you all to myself now can I,” he giggles as he walks away to go call Adam.

Adam arrives, and says “time I got you home.” I agree, I am completely exhausted, and need to go recover. We say our farewells to Tommy and walk out to Adam’s limo. As we leave Adam asks me if I’m ok with what I experienced tonight. I say “yes, and thank you, for letting me have that experience.” I know he can tell by the sparkle in my eyes.

Both Adam and I had a really busy week, him in the studio, and me with my business. We mostly talked on the phone, even though that was killing me, not having his touch. But I suppose It was better than nothing, at least hearing his voice was good.

I’m sitting watching tv and the phone rings, it’s Adam. My heart skips a beat. “How would you like to go to dinner” he asks. I immediately gush out a yes, I am so wanting to see him.  “How does tonight sound? he asks. “I know this lovely little french place. “Oh I love french food” I say. We chat for a few minutes and he says “I’ll pick you up at 8.”  We say goodbye and I immediately go to the closet to see what I’m going to wear. I pick out an outfit that I’m sure will get Adam all hot and bothered.

Adam arrives to pick me up, we kiss and he takes my hand and we walk to the limo. I give him a gentle pat on the behind as we get in, and he gives me a cheeky grin. “Wow, don’t you look amazing tonight” he says. I laugh to myself, knowing he is loving this outfit. As we travel to the restaurant he gets frisky, and I jokingly slap his hand and say “there’ll be time for that later.” He gives a cute little pout.

We arrive at the restaurant and check our coats into the cloakroom. The Maître D’ then takes us to a private table. We order a fine bottle of Dom Perignon and wait for the menu. The waiter arrives back with our champagne and our menus. Adam pours us a glass each and we peruse the menu. I ask Adam what he recommends as I don’t read french and he obviously dines here often.

He orders two gorgeous meals for us both, I am famished and I am really looking forward to such a wonderful meal.
We sip our champagne and chat while waiting for our meals. The atmosphere of this place is wonderful, you could almost think you were in Paris.

Meanwhile Adam is getting frisky, playing with my leg, under the table his fingers creeping where they shouldn’t. I give him a look of “not here”. But really I am getting a little hot, but we shouldn’t, not in a fancy restaurant. I wish the meals would arrive, so he will behave for a while.  Our meals arrive and oh, the aroma, the flavors the taste are exquisite.

We finish our meals and order some dessert. We finish our desserts and have another glass of champagne. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and touch his thigh as I leave. I’m not surprised to find he is a little aroused.  I return and realise we are the only people left. He motions to the Maître D’ and asks for the bill, but also whispers something to him as he leaves.

The Maître D’ comes back with the bill and Adam gives him a generous tip. The maître d’ says to us “I’m sorry but our cloakroom clerk has already left. Would it be too much for you to collect you own coats?”  “Not a problem” Adam says.

We go to the cloakroom, Adam motions for me to follow him as our coats are down the back.  I reach in to get my coat and Adam presses into me. I can feel his hardness. I see that twinkle in his eyes, he says “We won’t be disturbed.”  I drop my coat and press closer to him. We kiss feverishly, our hands searching for buttons and zips, as we almost rip each other’s clothes off.

He is ravenous, he bites my neck, he grabs my behind, urging me closer. I lean against the wall, as he grabs my hips, and with a thrust I allow him to enter. Rhythmically we move together, our bodies united in sheer ecstasy till we reach our peak.

We are both breathless afterward, and quickly get dressed and leave. We get back to the limo and collapse together, both of us having a giggle at what we just did. I wonder to myself, I wonder where it will be next time.

He takes me home and we say our goodbyes till the next time.

We met up a couple of nights later and Adam says “I have to got to New York for business for a few days, I’d like you to come too.” I almost faint…What?….Me? he can tell by the look on my face that I’m stunned. “We leave in the morning”, he says. I stammer out a “yes”, and think to myself, damn I gotta get organised. “We leave at 7am tomorrow, I’ll leave you to get organised” he says. We kiss and he leaves, so I immediately go and get myself organised, pack my bag, shower the straight to bed, setting the alarm before I do.

I wake up and quickly eat something and get down a coffee. He arrives promptly at 7 and we take my bags to the limo and quickly set off to the airport. We arrive and he says “follow me.” I am kind of puzzled, thinking we’re flying with everyone else when he says “We have a private plane waiting.” I am stunned. He just smiles at me. “Just you me and the pilot,” he says. I follow him and we are escorted to a waiting car that takes us out to the plane. The pilot greets us and we board the plane. This plane is just amazing, never seen anything so luxurious, there is even a bed.

We strapped ourselves in for the takeoff and waited to go. After the takeoff we were free to move around as normal. We go and sit on the lounge after takeoff and there is champagne and chocolates waiting for us. “I couldn’t stand to be away from you, so I’m glad you accepted my offer” he says. My heart thuds, with love for him, “and nor could I live without you” I say.

We have a few glasses of champagne, and he takes my hand, kisses it gently, then he goes to my elbow…. shoulder…..neck and to my waiting lips. I run my hands through his hair, bringing him closer, be breathe in each other’s scent. I trace my fingers down his face, to his neck…chest…and undo his pants. He cheekily lifts an eyebrow at me, grabs my hand and urges me to the bed.

We fumble over to the bed, as I unbutton his shirt, while he does the same to me. We hit the bed together in a heap, and release his zipper, and his pent up urgency. His hardness is amazing, his strength, sensuality. We grab each other, sparks from our touch light the air. Pressed hard to each other, we grind…our kisses are urgent, filled with lust. Our love cannot wait any longer, we connect, we move together….until there is nothing left, until we are sated.

We rest together on the plane for a while and then get dressed as it won’t be long before we have to get back to our seats for the landing in New York. We decide to have coffee to stimulate our senses a bit, with both of us being in a bit of a stupor from all the champagne and sex. Not long afterward the pilot calls us to take our seats for the landing, and we touch down without a problem. We disembark to a waiting car. As it’s afternoon we decide to go straight to the hotel, as the business meetings aren’t till the next morning. We get to the Hotel and check in to a penthouse suite. The suite has all the luxuries, including a spa bath, and a king-sized bed.

We unload our bags and decide to order room service, we order a light meal each, just enough to sate the hunger. Our meals arrive, and Adam asks “what would you like to do tonight?” I look at him and say, “actually I would love a night in for a change, tomorrow is going to be busy, we should recharge.”

We decide to kick back and watch tv, we lay back together on the lounge and nestle close to each other, holding hands, fingers entwined. I think that we both drifted off, and I awake to his head on my shoulder, and he looks so cute sleeping. I am thirsty so I try not to disturb him as I get up to get a drink. He stirs but does not awaken. I come back and snuggle back next to him without walking him. He finally rouses, he smiles and says “i guess I was tired.” I say “we both drifted off, must have needed it.” He stretches out, his muscles flexing as he does, it makes my mind spin, so toned and strong.

Feeling a little dazed from the nap he suggests we have a spa bath to invigorate our bodies. I think what a great idea, I certainly need something to pep me up.  “I’ll go fill the spa bath”, he says, and goes off to the bathroom. I got to the bedroom and change into a robe and wander to the bathroom. I walk in and he has filled the bath, and added bubbles as well. I giggle at the amount of bubbles, we’ll get lost in there for sure.

He says, “I’ll be back in a minute” and leaves the room. I decide to get in and slip of my robe and climb in a slip beneath the bubbles. I relax and let the spa do it’s job, relaxing my tired body and mind. I can hear soft music start to play, and the lights go dim, and Adam walks into the room, naked, carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. My eyes follow his every move as he walks toward the spa. Seeing that sensual body sends waves through me.  He pours us each a glass of wine, and steps into the spa, handing me my glass. We finish our wine while enjoying the sensations of the spa.

He moves in front of  me and I then feel his hands on my thighs, rubbing and moving nearer to the place I want to be touched.  His touch makes me burn, I sizzle with anticipation at what is to come. Stronger and stronger he touches me till I lose my breath.

Now it’s my turn to give back the pleasure he has given me. I reach out to him through the bubbles and run my hands up his thighs, towards his hotness. He is at boiling point, I move my hands, rhythmically in time to the slow music, getting him closer to ecstasy. His body arches, and he slides down into the bubbles, with a smile on his face. He appears through the bubbles in front of me, we embrace, and he kisses me tenderly, we are both satisfied again.

We leave the spa and go back to the bedroom, and climb into bed, we have big day tomorrow.

Adam has a meeting for a few hours in the morning so I decide to check out the shopping. I tell Adam to call me when he’s done for the morning so we can meet for lunch. I go nuts in the shops and am walking down the street when I spy an adult shop down a little lane way. A wry smile crosses my face and i think, why not take a look?

Wow, fun alright, the stuff in there would blow your mind. No matter what you fancy, they had it. So I browse around, stunned at some of the stuff they have. I move to the fairly tame stuff, and pick out some fluffy handcuffs, a feather boa, and some chocolate body paint. I make sure I stuff the things in the bottom of my bag, so Adam has no chance of seeing them when we have lunch.

He rings me a little later and I meet him for lunch at the hotel where his meeting is. We have a glass of wine and a light lunch as he has to go back for an afternoon meeting. I tell him that I will go back to the hotel, and to call when he is finished so I know what time to expect him back. We kiss and I leave to go back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel I make myself a coffee and sit down to watch a bit of TV. I flick through till I find something worth watching. A few hours later the phone rings and Adam tells me he will be back in half an hour. I have half an hour to get myself organized for his little surprise.

I go to the bedroom and get out the stuff I bought today at the adult store, and lay it on the bed. Meanwhile I grab a quick shower and slip into something sexy. I put on the feather boa and lay on the bed, anticipating Adam will arrive shortly. I hear the door, and Adam calls out to me, and I tell him I’m in the bedroom. I am lying on the bed suggestively when he walks in. His eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees what I’m wearing. His eyes sparkle with glee, and he walks towards the bed.  He grabs the end of the feather boa and pulls me toward him, kissing me urgently.  He says “just what I need after a long day.” I grab his shirt and push him back on the bed, showering him with kisses, I unbutton his shirt and rip it off him. I say, “you’re mine tonight”, as I reach over and grab the handcuffs. I see him smile, “oh really” he says.

I cuff him to the bed post, and  get his pants off, he is aroused, and I get the chocolate body paint and smear it all over. He wriggles, as if to get away, but I straddle him and start to lick the chocolate from his fabulous body. I start at his neck, down to his chest, taking his nipples in my mouth as I move my way down. My hands massage his thighs, as my mouth takes him to another place, he moans in ecstasy, and I feel his body arch, as he reaches his zenith. He looks at me with those burning eyes, and I uncuff him, we collapse together as he whispers to me, “I love you.”

We snooze for a little while, curled in each other’s arms, I feel his hand gently stroking my face as he rouses me from my dreamland. I kiss his fingers, one by one and tug him to me, I kiss him gently, and it gives me a spark. He says “that was such fun, you wicked thing.” I just give him the all-innocent look. We both break into a fit of laughter, our sides hurt we laugh so hard.

He looks at me with that cheeky grin, and those melt your heart eyes and says “now it’s your turn”, as he slaps me on the behind. I playfully try to fight him as he grabs my wrist and handcuffs me. He gets the feather boa and tickles me with it, now I’ve completely lost it, I’m giggling so much, but at the same time I’m hot for his touch.

The chocolate body paint is in his hand, he smears some on my lips, and he kisses me, licking his lips sensually. He spreads it all over my body, he finger paints love hearts, then leans down and starts to lick it from my body. His tongue darts to places that make me quiver, with his fingers he makes me scream, he satisfies my burning need. We connect, our bodies sliding together…..sticky………we make love like there’s no tomorrow.

PART- 14
We wake the next morning and have breakfast, Adam has a morning meeting and then he is done, we fly back that afternoon. We have an engagement in LA that night. We’re going to a masquerade ball. He suggests that I use the morning to go shopping for an outfit, I think it’s a great idea, seeing how I love to shop.

“See you later,” I call as I bolt out the door. I don’t have a lot of time so I need to make the most of it. I find the most exquisite little shop, they have wonderful stuff. I know Adam has his outfit already organized so I purchase something for myself. I don’t dally, and I head back to the hotel to pack our bags so that we can leave as soon as he’s finished his meeting.

He arrives back and we make our way to the airport for our flight home, we board the plane and head off. We decide to behave on the trip home and catch up a few hours sleep as we will be partying all night. Back in LA he drops me off to relax for a little while and get ready for our night out. He will pick me up later on. We kiss and part for a few hours.

I busy myself for a while and then take a shower before getting dressed. Our Ball tonight is more of a “party” so our costumes are a little more outrageous than a formal Ball. I dress in my outfit and wait for Adam to arrive. The doorbell rings, I have no idea what he’s wearing so I race to the door. I open the door and take a step back, Oh he is magnificent. He stands before me in the most breathtaking costume. He is wearing black pants that lace at the crotch, and boy are they tight, I can see his wonderful body straining against them. His shirt is split almost to the waist, showing his perfect torso in all it’s glory. Damn I want to take him here and now, he’s so damn hot. He has a long purple jacket, fringed on the arms, and a top hat that sets the costume off. His face is resplendent, his eyes rimmed in kohl, gold along the lashes, purple glitter above his eyes, his hair is swept to the side, just divine. I could faint at this beauty.

I grab my mask and we go to the waiting limo, off to the ball we go. We arrive at the venue, putting our masks on as we enter. There are a few hundred people there, it’s a sea of colour with all the wonderful costumes around us. Waiters, male and female, all dressed in as little as possible walk around serving drinks and nibbles. We partake of both and mingle with the crowd. Adam certainly knows a lot of people, but almost everyone is a stranger to me. We dance and drink and dance some more.

We are in the throng of people on the dance floor, the music thumping when I feel someone press close to me from behind. I am a little drunk and I  reciprocate, I press back to them grinding to the music. I can feel myself getting hot, I have a hunger for someone’s touch. I close my eyes and let the rhythm of the music take me away. I open my eyes and there is Adam in front of me, he moves close to me, he presses his body to mine. I feel myself between these two sensual bodies, being taken on a ride, they move me back and forth. Adam’s hands on my waist, another pair of hands on my behind, I’m entranced. The music moves to a frenzy and these two bodies around me are taking me higher and higher, their hands wander to places, teasing…touching….sensual….slow….quick…..soft…..hard. My mind and body explode, shuddering, I am captured between them.

I have no idea who the other person is, I don’t look behind, I just fall into Adam’s arms. Adam takes my hand and leads me to a quiet place to recover. He smiles knowing that I had enjoyed the experience. As I recover, I look up, walking by is someone I think I know. Behind the mask is a shock of blonde hair and a cheeky smile. I look at Adam and mouth the word “Tommy”, he just nods and winks at me. So now I know. What a night. Tommy was in our little ménage a trois.

We decide to go back to his place for the night. We arrive back and are both still a little wired, I ask him to dance for me, “come on strut for me”. Those damn pants, I want to rip them off him. He moves his body, muscles straining against the tightness. He comes to me, I pull the laces of his pants, and start to unlace them, he leans to me and whispers “ravage me, take you time.” He is hot and sticky, and ready for me. I run my hands around to his tight behind and squeeze him. He can feel my breath on his thighs as I release his burning desire. I use my mouth and tongue to make him explode. Satisfied, he falls to his knees, I embrace him, I whisper “you have made me love again.” We are both exhausted and literally fall asleep where we lay, entangled together.

I want to feel his breath in my most secret places, I want him to take me away, help me to fly. I want to be ravaged.
I take his hands, put them in places, I urge him to pleasure me. He is gentle and slow, a magic touch, making the right moves, silently he lights that fire within me. I ignore the universe, I’m burning, he takes me higher, he launches me into the stratosphere, he lets me float away. He brings me back to earth gently with a loving embrace.

We decide to have a little fun, I ask him to strip for me, his eyes light up, “it’ll be my pleasure” he says with a saucy wink. He asks for a few minutes to get ready, I know he wants it to be perfect.

He disappears into the bedroom, and I wonder what he has planned for me. He is gone a little while, but then I’m impatient. Suddenly the lights dim, the dulcet tones of “you can leave your hat on” bleeds from the speakers. I smile, this is going to be good.

I’m seated on the lounge, and I catch sight of him as he seductively walks to me. Dressed in his lace up black leather pants, and a clinging shirt, that shows his perfect torso, I almost faint. He moves closer, flashing his gorgeous eyes, I melt. His hips start to gyrate slowly, he makes me so hot. He fingers the buttons on his shirt, one by one he undoes them. I can see his chest, glistening with oil.

The shirt slowly comes off, his toned torso, ripples as he moves. The music plays, I lose my breath as he stands before me, shiny….wet….slippery, I want him now. He comes closer, teasing me, his hands run across his chest, spreading the oil, his hand delves to his waist as he slips his fingers into his pants. He grabs the laces of his pants, one by one he undoes each hole, until they lay open. He approaches, takes my hands and motions to help him remove his pants. He wriggles as I slowly take them down, he steps out of them. He is wearing a g-string, it strains to encase his burgeoning member.

He dances away, writhing with the steadiness of the music, his body sparkles. He tilts his head back, his physique is  powerful. He bends in front of me, he beckons. I move to him, slipping my fingers into his g-string. I cup his wholeness, he is hard. I slip down his g-string and expose his hunger. The oil, makes my hands slide easily as I fondle his hardness, stroking him till he cries in ecstasy.

He is satisfied, I await him. I am hot for his touch.  He pushes me to the lounge, my clothes lost in a hurry. He nestles my neck, hungrily he kisses me. My body is aching, my senses are high, his touch ignites me, I want him. Our hands are feverish, they search for the places that are special. I reach out to guide him, to take him in. Our bodies on fire as we blend our heat, the friction is electric. We slide in time, in a rhythm, the pace quickens, our moves more urgent, our needs are hungry. Our muscles tighten, as we reach a crescendo, we got over the edge, into the abyss of pleasure.

Our exotic night of fun and fantasy comes to an end, leaving us both breathless, without a shred of energy left.
He tenderly nibbles my ear, our hands, fingers enlaced, find each others warmth as we lay together and drift to our dreams.


We both agree that a short break is needed, somewhere we can relax, away from it all and not worry about the world for a few days.
It has been extremely busy for us for the last few months. It’s time to recharge the batteries. Adam says that he would like to go to a beach house for our little holiday, and I wholeheartedly agree. We decide that the next weekend works for us both and we make plans for then. I am looking forward to our getaway, just the two of us alone for the weekend.

We arrive at the beach house on friday evening, and it is just beautiful. It’s right on the edge of the beach, the water laps gently against the sand, such a soothing sound, the moonlight makes the ocean look like a mirror. Just perfect. We go inside and unload our bags and check out the place. A very cosy little place indeed, it’s just right. There’s no tv, no radio and no disturbances. The fridge is fully stocked for us, and we settle on a salad and some fruit for dinner. We grab a glass of wine after our meal and head out on to the verandah. With a light breeze blowing, it’s just divine. We sit nestled on the swing seat, holding hands, I’m the luckiest person alive. I tousle his growing hair as I kiss his cheek, my heart filled with adoration for this wonderful man.

We sit and take in the peacefulness of the location, then Adam suggests a walk on the beach. We kick of our shoes, he takes my hand in his the warmth of his touch such a comfort. We wander down, the feeling of the soft sand between my toes is almost sensual. Hand in hand we take our walk, breathing in the cool night air, not a care in the world. The water laps at our bare feet as we paddle along the shore, the waves gently roll in.

Adam splashes in the waves and turns and kicks water at me, then he runs away. He stands there with a wicked grin, and I can tell he wants a game. We play tag, running through the water splashing each other until we are totally soaked. I don’t know about him, but I’m exhausted, I haven’t played like this since i was a child. Adam runs back to me realising that i’m tired out. He grabs me, and swings me around with his strong arms, we both fall to the sand, our limbs kind of entangled, we giggle like children.

I grab his wet shirt, and pull him to me, I find his lips, I kiss him deeply as I look into his eyes. He accepts my advance with relish and his tongue searches my mouth, as his hands search my body. The electric touch of his fingers makes me hungry. We are indented in the sand, his body so close to me, his arousal evident, our mouths linger together, my eyes closed I take in his breath.

My hands on his chest, find their way to his groin, I find his strength, his sexuality. His strength is my weakness, I want him with an urgency. My body opens for him, we blend in unison, the waves rock us in a gentle rhythm, the moon lights our way, helping us to the heavens. Tenderly we make love, twisting together until pleasure takes us away. Such a wonderful time, shared between us, we are blessed from above.


I wake the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing and the breakfast cooking makes my mouth water. Adam appears in the doorway with a tray, breakfast in bed, oh he is such a sweetheart. He places the tray over my lap and climbs on the bed beside me. He gives me a tender kiss and tells me to enjoy. The coffee is wonderful, just what I need to awaken my senses after last night. We were both exhausted after our little game on the beach, and when we came back we crashed out. I nibble my toast, I offer him a piece, which he cheekily nibbles from my hand. I brush his cheek with my hand, his skin so velvet, so soft, he radiates warmth and love.

I can still smell the salt on my skin, neither of us showered last night, we were both too tired. I really need a shower. I ask if he wants to go first, but he says no, I can have that privilege. The shower is small, but it feels great to get rid of the salt from my body. I have the room fogged out with steam, enjoying myself and singing away to. I hear a laugh from the otherside of the shower door, Adam stands there a smile on his face “you sound beautiful” he says. He opens the shower door and squeezes in with me, a bit of a contortion act but we both manage to fit.

We are pretty much jammed in there, but we manage enough room to wash each other. I wash his hair and he washes mine, it feels kind of funny. I do find myself getting aroused as we bathe each other. I run my hands over his soapy body as it glistens, giving him the hint, he reciprocates the favour. His wet hair hangs in his eyes, i brush it aside, exposing his brilliant eyes. I lean to him and search his lips with my mouth, our tongues entwine. Our hands become weapons of lust, our bodies awakened to our senses, our touches insistent. Pressed so closely together, we slide against each other, he slips into me, we rock our hips in time we take it slow, till we reach the place we want to go.

We climb from the shower, I think today we should just relax and do nothing. We dress in something light and go out to the verandah to take in the scenery. The sun is shining off the ocean, bright as a star, the water looks amazing. Time passes, lunch rolls around and we go eat and then take a siesta. When we wake we go for a stroll on the beach, collecting shells like we did when we were kids. We fossick in the rock pools, laughing when a crab scurries out and gives us a fright. We take our time and meander back to the beach house. We go pack. It has been a wonderful getaway for us both, we both feel re-energized. Now back to the real world.


Since that day that I was picked up at that bar, it has been 6 months. I still shake my head, I feel like I’m living a dream. Adam has been the most caring, wonderful human being. He bought me into this relationship, choosing me as the one that captured his heart and soul. I would say I was apprehensive at first, not knowing how things would turn out. The last thing I needed was my heart broken open again. Too many times I’d been down that road, and thought I would never love again. It seems that I’ve taken the world in a loving embrace, never have I been so happy, and it’s all down to one person. He lights up my life, makes me whole, and most of all has taught me that I can love again. His precious smile that silly laugh, those adoring eyes, just make me melt. But it’s his inner beauty, his soul that shines the brightest, thinking of others before himself. He is a gem of the highest quality, his is unequaled in his beauty.

This weekend Adam is celebrating his so called “golden birthday”, he turns 29 on the 29th. He has a birthday bash planned, with all his friends and family coming. I have no idea what I’m going to get him, I only have a few days to decide. We are busy getting things organised for the night, getting final numbers of people and the decoration of the venue and such. Adam comes over for a few hours, so we can talk and relax just a little. We decide it would be fun to trawl youtube for something different, and I tell him to put his name in and see what comes up. There are so many fan made videos and he is astounded at the many that wish him happy birthday. By the end of watching many we have both laughed and cried. His fans treat him with the utmost respect and love, and he is touched by their thoughts. We both will have an early night as there are still a few things to get done in the morning before the party.

Morning comes and I ring him to wish him happy birthday, and tell him I will see him later on. He says he will pick me up around 7. I busy myself for a few hours and then have a short nap, knowing that it is going to be a “big” night. Time comes and I have a shower and get dressed. I hear his limo arrive and I walk out to greet him. He climbs out to greet me, and he looks wonderful, dressed to the nines for the night. We climb in the limo and head off. He snuggles close to me, takes my hand and looks me in the eyes. “You know”, he pauses and squeezes my hand “I just love you”, a tear rolls gently down my cheek, as I hold his gaze, “I love you too” I say.

We arrive at the party and I hang back just a little as we enter, after all this is his night. Adam walks through the door and is greeted with cheers and whistles, and a chorus of happy birthday resounds around the room. He is just about mobbed by friends and family as the come to greet him. We then mingle about, have a couple of drinks and then it’s time to eat. We decided on a buffet style, so people can eat at their leisure. Someone grabs a microphone and decides a few speeches are in order. Adam and I sit with his family as we listen to the story’s and tales from friends and family. We have a laugh, we have a cry, it’s a wonderful night. It’s a great tribute to this wonderful person. We party on long into the night.


Oh my head, waking up some time in the daylight hours, I had no clue where I was, just that it had been a very big night.
The amount we must have drank last night, must have been incredible. Thankfully it’s not a common occurrence, I couldn’t stand to feel like that to often. I crack my eyes open and survey the room. Obviously we were bought back here by someone last night, I have no recollection of it at all. I look over at the lounge and find Adam in a tangle of clothes and a blanket. He is out for the count, lightly snoring. He looks so cute. I gingerly get up and pad of to the bathroom. One look in the mirror is enough. I can say it isn’t a pretty sight. Makeup smudged, hair on end, and my eyes are so red. Well we certainly did party last night. I wash my face, and wake myself up a little, then head off to the kitchen to find some coffee. I carefully go past Adam, so as not to wake him. I’m certainly not hungry, all I need at the moment is something to wake me up. I take my coffee and plonk myself down in a chair and savor the caffeine.

I hear Adam shifting on the lounge, an eye opens tentatively and looks about. He tries to crack a smile, “oh hell i feel like crap” he says. He makes an attempt to sit up, but soon lies back, I think his head is spinning just a little. I take over my coffee, and I cup his hands around it, and help him raise it to his mouth, he manages a few mouthfuls, but has to lay back down again, his body is not yet ready to co-operate. I leave him to try and gather himself and head to the bathroom. I climb out of my crumpled clothes and get in the shower, never has a shower felt so damn good. I feel so much refreshed afterwards, and get out and put on a robe.

I go back and check Adam, he finally seems to be rousing, he is at least sitting up. His hair is a mess, clothes all creased, but he still looks great to me. I sit beside him and wipe his hair from his face, I kiss his forehead,and he closes his eyes. I eventually get him mobile enough to get him to the bathroom, I decided a bath would be better, as then I don’t have to try and hold him up in the shower. Firstly I sit him on the bed and go run the bath, when I return I get him out of his clothes, piece by piece. I help him walk to the bathroom and manage to get him to step into the bath and sit down. I can see that the water is doing the job, as he sighs and sinks a little deeper. I sit on the edge of the bath, I pour water gently over him, I wet his hair and massage in some shampoo, he shuts his eyes as he lets me pamper him. I wash his neck and shoulders, using my fingers to massage away any tension. He seems to be finally coming back to the land of the living. I move down his arms, and as I reach his hands, his fingers curl in mine, and he looks at me with contented eyes. He tugs my hand and I lean towards him to kiss him, my robe falls open, and I see that twinkle in his eyes. Next thing I know I’m in the bath with him. He is certainly awake now, and very aroused, the drinking last night did nothing to dampen his desire.

I am on his lap, my back to him, his hands reach up and tease my neck, he runs his fingers through my hair. He uses his tongue and runs it down my spine, it sends shivers through my body. I feel his heat as I press myself against him, his strength and fire just waiting to be released. He moves under me, in circular motions, I am hungry now for him, I am ready my body is tingling in anticipation of his love, I open up for him. We slip together, he moves with me and my breath begins to falter, I gasp, I am reaching the moment of ecstasy. He holds me and pulls me down, as he pushes harder, His body in sync with mine, I feel him tremble as we both climax. I lean back against him, his arms wrap around me, he kisses my ear, I close my eyes savoring this moment. We stay that way until the water is cold.

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  1. Rebane permalink
    May 9, 2011 7:47 am

    Glambert-Jo, that story is so hot my eyeballs are charred into my skull from reading it! I liked the addition of Tommy. You have a great imagination, you really make the story come alive. Thank you for sharing.

    Just one tiny criticism – Adam strips to You Can Leave Your Hat On? Surely he would come up with something way funkier than that. If you wanted to stick to a traditional stripping standard I would suggest something like Patricia Kaas “Mademoiselle chante le blues.”

    Anyway I’d love to see Adam strip – even if it was to You Can Leave Your Hat On. ; )

    You rock – and yeah, you should write a romance novel.

  2. June 9, 2011 12:42 am

    Gee than, i did the strip scene to that song as a request for someone, only reason i used that particular song

  3. June 12, 2011 4:21 pm

    Well, this certainly heated up my day!I thought I had a good imagination! This deserves a Pulitzer Prize, a gift lifting us to heights unimagined! Love Tommy and he’s sexy as hell, but Adam is all I need, with nothing left over! Yikes! Have to contain myself before I combust! To heck with real life! This is much more fun! THanks for the escape to Adamgasmic land!

  4. November 7, 2011 1:15 pm


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