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Adam Lambert First Out LGBT Artist With #1 Album Debut

May 23, 2012

Rolling Stone

Three years ago, Adam Lambert awakened long-dormant thoughts and inspired me to write down and share them on a public website. I write by profession, but I had never shared such personal writing before. Within an hour of my first post, a reply came from “E.K.”, responding to my nostalgia for the transgressive, underground world of gay discos I had inhabited almost nightly in my late teens. What “E.K.” wrote to me seems almost prophetic today:

I’ve been pondering the idea of “Change” and think what we are seeing is a real tectonic shift, or maybe a convergence of factors, like I saw in the 60s … things happening at the right time and place. We needed George Bush to be exactly who he was to usher in the era that would vote for the first black president – you know, he HAD to be so bad that people would actually vote for the black guy. His theme was change. Now we have this young man (on a much smaller scale, I know, but big things start small) entering the picture at a time …. and singing the song “A change is going to come “, when there is a shift in most American’s thinking about Gay marriage. He is the perfect vehicle, talented, yes, but sooo comfortable in his gayness, so accepting of everyone, so sure of himself, so eloquent and non-threatening in his message. None of us doubt that he will be a huge international star, and he will not have to face the issues that Freddie Mercury or Elton John did. A change IS going to come! I’m sure of it.

@adamlambert WOW! #Trespassing made its debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 this week! Thank you to the Glamily for helping me make HISTORY!

Billboard – Adam Lambert Scores First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 With ‘Trespassing’ “For the first time, one “American Idol” replaces another at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 as Adam Lambert’s “Trespassing” debuts atop the list with 77,000 sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. His arrival bumps last week’s leader, Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away,” down to No. 3 (54,000; down 55%).”

New York Times  – Adam Lambert Tops the Billboard Chart Adam Lambert has a mixed victory on the Billboard chart this week. With his latest release, “Trespassing” (RCA), he has scored his first No. 1 album, and he is the seventh “American Idol” finalist to reach the top spot on the chart. But with music sales slow, it had the least sales for a No. 1 album in almost a year.”

Rolling Stone – On the Charts: Adam Lambert Makes History WINNER OF THE WEEK: Adam Lambert. (And American Idol, whose past and present eras make their presence known on the charts this week). Lambert’s Trespassing album debuts at Number One on Billboard‘s album chart by selling 77,000 copies, making the one-time Idol runner-up the first openly gay male artist to top the chart.”

PressParty – Adam Lambert tops chart and makes history in the USA with ‘Trespassing’ “The dreaded sophomore slump is something Lambert won’t have to contend with as he is is currently leading the chart with his new record, and this impressive feat has made him the first openly gay recording artist to achieve a No.1 album in America.”

Hits Daily Double ADAM LAMBERT IDOLS AT #1 “You don’t necessarily have to win American Idol to have a successful pop music career. Adam Lambert, who finished second in the eighth season of the Fox music competition to champion Kris Allen, sees his sophomore 19/RCA album, Trespassing, debut at #1 on this week’s HITS chart, selling nearly 78k.”

After Elton – Number One With A Bullet: Adam Lambert Makes Music History “Fans of Adam Lambert have been waiting on pins and needles studded gloves and platform shoes for the last week, wondering if his dazzling second album would sell enough copies to top the Billboard Album Chart (something his first album For Your Entertainment missed, having peaked at #3). Well, Glamberts can rejoice, because Trespassing is officially the #1 album in the country. His PR reps were the first to break the happy news this morning

The Home Planet – History has been made. A moment of silence and then…COMMENCE CAPLOCKS SMASH “In the end some may try and pretend that it’s not really a big deal (“He didn’t sell as much as his first album tho!?), and yeah maybe thinking that a #1 album from an out gay artist means that this country is FINALLY ready to move in a better direction is a bit naive, but in the end it’s still a big deal. No….scratch that….IT’S A FUCKING SUPER COLOSSAL MAMMOTH AMAZING FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC BIG DEAL!!”

MTV – Adam Lambert Hits #1 With Trespassing “Just in time for the “American Idol” finale, former runner-up Adam Lambert is showing the kids how it’s done. The glitter-dripping glam rocker will land his first #1 album next week when his sophomore disc, Trespassing
 debuts in the top spot on sales of 77,000, according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan.”

Digital Spy – Adam Lambert claims first US Billboard 200 No.1 with Trespassing album – Adam Lambert Is First Out Gay Artist To Hit #1 on Billboard Album Chart “It seems only fitting…just two weeks after President Barack Obama became the first sitting president to endorse gay marriage rights,Adam Lambert has become the first out gay recording artist to hit #1 on the Billboard album chart. When the new album chart is officially published tomorrow morning, Adam Lambert will be ruling the album chart.”

Advocate – Adam Lambert: First Openly Gay Musician To Debut at Top of Billboard Charts “Released May 15, Trespassing premieres at the top of both Billboard’s Top 200 chart and digital albums chart, With a mix of dance songs and ballads, including the equality anthem “Outlaws of Love,” the album has also received exceptionally strong notices from music critics.”

Queerty – Why Adam Lambert Having The Number One Album In America Is Such A Big Deal “As Adam himself told us, the music industry isn’t easy on gay dudes, even in 2012: “In the time that [Ricky Martin] was really popular, it would’ve been really hard to be out. It probably would’ve shot his career in the foot,” Lambert told Queerty in March. “The music industry in general, is a tough market for a gay man. It’s really conservative. It’s hard.”

Daily Kos – A Cultural Milestone? Is this a big deal? “

Today for the first time in US music history, an out LGBT artist will top Billboard’s album chart. That artist is Adam Lambert, the album is Trespassing, and, may I add, an outstanding pop album that may be one of the best pop albums in the last ten years or so.

While some may want to diminish this moment by noting that LGBT artist have most certainly topped the Billboard album chart before, it is also true that none have been publicly LGBT while sitting atop Billboard’s perch. It was, until now, an unspoken rule that to occupy this spot, gay artists had to hide their sexual orientation, even outright deceive the public about it if necessary. This, therefore, is most definitely a unique moment in US music history. Others may want to diminish the moment by pointing out that this was a slow week in sales, but no out artist has ever topped the charts even on slow sales weeks.

This is a cultural milestone to be sure. Is it a big deal? To me, and the life I lived, and the life I know gay kids are living at this moment, to the dreams those gay kids have, to be able to see this moment in our cultural history, that they can exercise the full range of human activity while being just as public about their sexual orientation as straight people are, this milestone gives them hope.

Toronto Sun – Adam Lambert boots Adele from No. 1 “He may not have won season eight of “American Idol,” but glam superstar Adam Lambert’s sophomore album “Trespassing” had enough steam behind it to claim the top spot on the Canadian album chart this week.”



@ByroncookeCongrats @adamlambert ! #trespassing debuts at #1 on US Billboard chart! #AdamLambertOnTop

@jambajim @adamlambertCONGRATS!!! So happy to see your name in the record books forever! #first 

 @darrenhayes@adamlambert Congratulations Adam. What an incredible achievement!
@billtop40 Adam Lambert is first out gay artist to hit #1 on the Billboard album chart.
@AmericanIdol Congratulations to @AdamLambert for his album “Trespassing” hitting #1 on the Billboard charts! #AdamLambertOnTop
@JordanMeehan@adamlambert So proud of you for topping the Billboard chart!
 ‏@milestougeaux@adamlambert Imagination and focus pays off! Bravo Ad! Let me know when you want my input for album #3. Or maybe #4 then…
@funkNNsoul Canada – you kick ass, too! Thanx for making @adamlambert‘s#Trespassing digital #1.
@wcruz73 @adamlambert CONGRATULATIONS, baby! AWESOME!
@leecherry@adamlambert NUM.BER.ONE! NUM.BER.ONE!! NUM.BER.ONE!!! Congrats bud!! moving the world fwd 1 track at a time!
 ‏@scarlettcherry ..Bravo Baby!!! We r so proud of u, @adamlambert!! You r so Deserving of this Honor..sending Big Cherry luv from the Fam..xoxo#Trespassing
@cmolanphy Thx also to #AdamLambert fans who read & liked my column ( & made this happen—yr feedback/enthusiasm were so rewarding!

@stevepena1 Congrats Adam Lambert 1st out gay artist 2debut @ #1 Billboard Top 200 chart #1 on the Billboard …

 ‏@Netmeg99_@adamlambert Ryan congratulated you on Idol tonight
@lyndseyparker @adamlambert Conglamulations, sir. I’m really happy for you!
3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 24, 2012 1:13 am

    congrats adam, im so happy for you.

  2. May 24, 2012 6:25 am

    congrats Adam sweetie Job well done

  3. el Kat permalink
    May 24, 2012 10:38 pm

    My God ! Is that what I was thinking 3 long years ago ? It is so sweet to read it again. And I will double-down on my sentiments. I am a political student/junkie and I truly believe in things happening at the moment that the “universe” is ready and Adam is the right man at the right time perfectly suited for the times.
    I am also a baseball junkie and Jackie Robinson integrated baseball the year I was born, 1947. He was subjected to the worst kind of harassment and racism but he was singularly suited to “taking” it, to go on and break records, to be a true pioneer , where most normal men would break under pressure he would rise above it and show America, and the world, that he was just like us “under the skin” … just writing that brings tears to my eyes, the pain, the humanity, the injustice … the triumph !
    This week sees Adam as the new Jackie Robinson, topping the charts, poking a neon nail-polished finger in the eye of people everywhere, and doing it with such grace, such aplomb , such fierceness, and such matter-of factness … I’m just a singer entertaining people … but it is so much more, he is giving the wonderful LGBT community a reason to feel normal, to triumph just like the rest of us. With a man imploring us to go “under his skin” with a voice that pierces our collective souls. It is ALL our worlds of truth, we just have to open our hearts, like we did with Jackie Robinson

    … and he says he is just a singer .

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