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Adam Lambert 2020 year-end roundup

December 29, 2020

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.

Dearest Readers,

This has been a year like no other in recent memory, and we are beyond grateful for the virtual companionship and Adamizing that has kept our community’s spirits up through some dark and difficult times. Here at the Salon On the Meaning of Adam Lambert, we took a break to work on some other projects and conserve our energies. Apologies for the long absence. This blog post marks some of the high points from our hiatus and will be the last for some time…probably until Adam starts touring again. But we won’t be idle. We’ll be using this time to reflect and write about the ways in which Adam continues to affect and inspire us. We look forward to reuniting with you at a future concert or get-together. Stay healthy and strong. Keep shining Adam’s love and light upon a world that needs it more than ever.

xoxo J



In a year of cancelled tours, Queen and Adam Lambert gave us a gift that fans had been begging for over the years, a professionally recorded and edited concert video memorializing some of the best moments from their collaboration. It was super gratifying to see the resuling album/DVD, Live Around the World, rocket to number one position in the UK and Australia!

“Brian May said of Live Around The World: “As we all grapple with the challenge of creating live shows in a world dominated by a formidable viral enemy, it seemed the perfect time for us to create a collection of hand-picked live highlights from our Queen shows over the last 7 years with our brother Adam Lambert.”

May continues: “It’s a first! As you watch and listen to these tracks you’ll be journeying all around the world with us, and experiencing a complete virtual live set. The collection climaxes in Sydney earlier this year when, in support Fire Fight Australia, we recreated the complete Queen Live Aid set. It was a historic event for a great cause – with perhaps the highest adrenaline level since the original Live Aid in 1985. It makes me particularly happy that we can now share this unique moment with the whole world.”


Get your tickets/make a donation here

Tituss Burgess, Adam Lambert star in ‘Ratatouille’ musical. “TikTok’s crowdsourced “Ratatouille” musical has cooked up some serious talent for its one-night-only benefit concert, including roles for Tituss Burgess, Adam Lambert, Wayne Brady, André De Shields and Ashley Park.

“Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” — fondly nicknamed the “Ratatousical” — will begin streaming on Friday at 7 p.m. ET for 72 hours. Tickets are on sale exclusively on and are $5. Proceeds will benefit The Actors Fund, which aids entertainment industry workers.

It is the product of several minds — many musical theater fans and out-of-work performers — who collaborated on original songs, lyrics and ideas to turn an animated, non-musical film into a two-act Broadway-style show.

The story for both film and musical centers on Remy, an ambitious rat who dreams of becoming a Parisian chef. Burgess will play Remy, Lambert plays his older brother, Emile, and Brady plays his father.”


January 8th. Tickets here.


This year’s benefit went virtual, and Adam sizzled!

Billboard – Cyndi Lauper Looks Back on 10 Years of Her Home For the Holidays Benefit: ‘I Can’t Believe What We’ve Done’ “For the last 10 years, Cyndi Lauper has made it her mission to educate and entertain the masses for the holidays. With Home for the Holidays, Lauper brings together her superstar friends to help raise money to eradicate homelessness among LGBTQ youth. But this year, for the show’s 10th anniversary, the annual concert almost didn’t come to pass. With the COVID-19 pandemic making live performance impossible, Lauper and her team were forced to improvise. Luckily, with some help from directors, producers and TikTok, the show will go on.

[Billy] Porter tells Billboard that getting involved in Lauper’s annual show, which he has for the past few years, is never a difficult choice. “I am so very lucky to have had a supportive mother, sister and chosen family throughout my journey. But I am acutely aware that far too many young people do not have that and experience homelessness because of it,” he says. “I am always happy to lend my time and my voice to Home for the Holidays and to Miss Cyndi!”

Lambert agrees, saying it was an honor to be asked to join the lineup for this annual event. “We have a little history of collaborating now, so this was a no brainer,” he says. “I’m very flattered to share a bill with such iconic women, and for such a great cause!””



SARAH BRIGHTMAN, ADAM LAMBERT, HELEN GEORGE, TODRICK HALL & MORE TO FEATURE ON ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER’S CINDERELLA – ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING. “I think the majority of this list will be in the original London cast which is incredibly exciting, though I have a feeling some of the bigger names* are just recording numbers from the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella is the exciting new musical comedy, set to completely reinvent the world’s best-loved fairytale when it opens in London’s West End in Spring 2021. Featuring a brand new score by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Oscar-nominated David Zippel, with a script from Killing Eve’s Emerald Fennell.”

*Like Adam!



Queen release moving video for ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ made entirely of photos and videos sent in by fans. “The four minute music video is a tribute to all of Queen‘s followers around the world and solely features footage and pictures sent in by fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.”





Chicago Tribune – Review: Live album shows why Adam Lambert is perfect for Queen. ““Live Around the World,” culled from every tour they’ve done over the last six years, shows the “American Idol” runner-up breathing new life into some of the greatest rock songs ever written, and putting them across just as boldly and fabulously as Mercury did. But Lambert is no human photocopier; on song after song, he brings his own sensibility and finely-calibrated vocals, unlocking possibilities that had lain hidden for decades…”

Voyage LA -Meet Terrance Spencer. Check out this lovely interview about Adam’s close friend and fellow performing artist. “While in Wicked, I became very close friends with my now best friend and confidant, Adam Lambert. I began choreographing and dancing for him locally pre American Idol. Once his career blew up because of the show, he began touring the world and took me along with him as a dancer and background vocalist. The fans and artistry I gained from those moments and experiences are untouchable.”

Out – The 18 Sexiest Queer Music Videos of 2020. “Damn, Adam Lambert brought the style and the sexy to the title track from his latest project. Not only is Lambert looking incredible in suits throughout the video, but he brought along a cast of stunning queer models to model all of this year’s hottest new looks.”

Billboard – 10 Times Adam Lambert Showed The World He’s the Master of Covers. “Whether it was singing some of his favorite songs during his 2009 run on American Idol, during his live shows, or even as the touring frontman for Queen, Lambert has proven time and time again that he is a master at offering original covers of classic songs. Here, we’ve compiled just a few of our favorite songs that the singer revamped with his signature flair.” I’m sure Billboard missed some. What are your favorite Adam covers?


All six episodes of Moonbase 8 are currently on-demand for Showtime subscribers

The future crashes into the past when SpaceX arrives on Moonbase 8. “Cap (John C. Reilly), Rook (Tim Heidecker), and Skip (Fred Armisen) are earnest, but they’re also pathetic, having deluded themselves into thinking a) they’re qualified to go to the Moon and b) going to the Moon will solve all of their problems. It’s been clear from the first episode that they’ll likely never launch into orbit, but it’s never been more obvious than during a visit from their neighbors at SpaceX. Billy (Adam Lambert; yes, really), Alix (Alia Shawkat), and Cooper (Thomas Mann), three Mars hopefuls from Elon Musk’s private aerospace company, have set up shop within spitting distance of the base…

  • I love how genuinely cool they all find Billy’s beard. “He’s so cool, he looks like he’s in System of a Down or Three Doors Down or one of those groups,” says Rook.
  • Lambert was great! Moonbase 8 is scoring big with these unexpected cameos.”


It has been wonderful to see how Adam has devoted so much of his “covid time” to charitable causes!

Here Adam speaks at 44:44 about supporting LGBTQ people with chronic conditions by delivering food and social connection through Project Angel Food.


His Zoom with Pete Buttigieg was a career highlight for us.
And we loved how he took on the Twitter trolls and naysayers. 



Table Manners with Jessie Ware. She’s a total Glambert and conducts a great interview with Adam! So now we know about the color of his beard… listen here.





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    May 18, 2021 10:37 pm

    Yes yes, handsome Adam is back…with minimal eye-makeup, his God-given beauty shines through rather than stifled, I always go for natural. The face that launched a thousand…×360

    The face that launched a thousand UFOs
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    Perseverance pays off after years and years
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    Oooops back to handsome Adam…
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    Lam-My ~ 19 May 2021

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    你好 ni hao China ping pong World / Olympics Champs ! This is for you !

    Ping pong on 5-inches …Smash ! Shaolin ping pong 🏓🏓 haw haw !

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    Eye-makeup ! Hair ! 特别漂亮 !
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    Waaah ! Las Vegas 5-night solo concert at the Venetian Theatre this Oct 2021. Tickets on sale this Friday, June 4 at 10am PT.×900

    Howdee Pharaoh ! Long time no see. 你很平静 .. ( 你 ni / you .. 很 hern / very .. 平静 ping jeeng / serene )

    你好 ni hao aunty Lam-My !

    I’m going for my Pfizer vaccination this afternoon. I postponed the first date / April, cuz I didn’t sleep well the previous night; the Pioneer office people booked the new date for me 2 June 2021 and second dose 23 June, 3 weeks later.

    Wish you all the best Internet Aunty ! Stay strong. Daddy keeps me so well-groomed and well-fed and he, so handsome and healthy.

    Yes Pharaoh, I hope every one a safe and progressive Covid journey ! We grappled through thick and thin, arrived in one piece ! Some are still struggling…God be with you all wherever you may be.

    Lam-My ~ 2 June 2021 ~ Vaccination day.

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