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Adam Lambert Daily Update – June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012

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@adamlambert: London you’re so Queeny today!

From the Diamond Jubilee official blog



The Guardian – Adam Lambert interview: ‘I wasn’t being controlled’ “Lambert’s not overawed by the challenge [of singing with Queen]. “I’ve sung other people’s music all my life,” he says. “It’s what I did on American Idol, and I think one of the things I was known for was making them my own. I am incredibly inspired by Freddie Mercury, and there are things you can’t not do when you’re singing one of his songs because they are part of the song, and he wrote those songs with the boys. I find my own moments though.”” He also comments about fan fiction.

Daily Mail – I promise I will rock you as the new Freddie: Queen’s new singer on why he’s ready to step into Mercury’s shoes “‘It wasn’t easy for him to come out in the Seventies. But the big irony is that it was easier for him to be flamboyant when he was performing.‘Today it is the opposite. I’m one of the few openly gay pop artists in the States, but people find it harder to accept anything flamboyant on stage. Pop is very macho now, and the mainstream shies away from anything too camp.’”

MTV – Adam Lambert Talks 1 Girl 5 Gays With MTV News (VIDEO) “MTV News was interviewing the 30-year old when we asked him what his “favourite” reality show was. His answer? “Maybe, 1 girl 5 gays!”. “I’m kissing your butt a little bit,” he joked. “I totally watch it, I love it. I love it.”  With the news that one of the world’s biggest popstars is a fan of 1g5g, Aliya-Jasmine had to ask him, “Would you ever do [an episode], or is it too intrusive?” “I think everything in my life is so out in the open, that I couldn’t breach any sort of privacy. That’d be fun, that’d be fun.””

Addicting Info – American Idol Superstar Adam Lambert Slams Anti-Gay Group One Million Moms On Twitter (IMAGE) We love it when blogs outside of our echo chamber pick up on an Adam story (with a gorgeous photo to go with it). “Adam Lambert is one of the most famous openly gay stars in the music industry. It is suspected that the revelation of his homosexuality may have prevented him from winning American Idol. In the wake of the show’s end, however, Lambert’s rock star status has only continued to rise and he’s still an inspiration to people everywhere. That’s why his statement on Twitter on Sunday afternoon is so noteworthy.”

The National Post (Canada) – The best pictures from National Post photographers for May 2012 Yesterday, we posted this heart-stopping photo of Adam Lambert. Scroll way down this page to see it again!

GulfNews – Monte Pittman reveals what it’s like on tour with Madonna On being asked about working with Adam Lambert: “We had some great times together. He has such a phenomenal voice. Things are going great for him right now and that puts a huge smile on my face.”



MTV – Adam Lambert Interview – includes the 1g5g segment




@adamlambertJPまずは「トレスパ・ケーキ・セット(ダークサイド胡麻&ライトサイド・レモン」で決定♪ [Translation: First “Trespassing Cake Set” (Dark side sesame & light side lemon) awaits]

Via @AdamLambertJP





 ‏@nilerodgers@UKGlambert I’m going to have CHIC learn “Shady” so if@AdamLambert rolls up on stage w us we’ll have it down!!!
@nilerodgers@adamlambert @Sam_Sparro BTW CHIC is def learning “Shady”!!!

@adamlambert: @IamCarmit sing it out girl! JFK & Vegas Baby Kosha feat Carmit

@justanactor: Back in England. Adam Lambert was on our flight. He did not hit any high notes. He did have rather cool boots though.

@OutsideEdgePR What a great day for @adamlambert to arrive back in London! Hope all you UK Glamberts have welcomed Adam back! #AdamInLondon#trespassing


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