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Adam’s Got the Devil in His Eyes

23 November 2009

By Xena

So there he is, Adam as bad boy, no really bad boy and exceedingly handsome devil, the kind your mother, father, brother and great-aunt Alice warned you about.  Impeccably dressed as a dandy gentleman, hair flaring, ferocious eyes, menacing lips, Mephistopheles dared us to join him in Dante’s second circle of Hell and we willingly descended with him to the Lust Department. There we find Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and Lancelot, along with a whole lot of limber and daring dancers, dressed in all manner of fetishistic costumes and they must , since we don’t have slave labour, be willing participants in the performance.

Yet when we arrived in that house of carnal knowledge, we were shocked! Shocked I tell you – some of us were awed too.  What were you expecting to find down there?  High School Musical?  Whom were you expecting to see?  Tinkerbell?  Just how many times did you rewind and watch again? Did you rewind any other performances?  Did he really do that? Have to check that again…..

You can have those pasty-faced bloodless characters from the Nightlight Zone, those sexless vampiricals; give us the hot-blooded Satan, seductive and flammable – the fire-starter.  The stage actually came alive!  Could anyone take their eyes off him, even with just prurient interest to see how far he would push?  OOFF! was that spontaneous? I tried to explain to my fellow exhausted, hot and bothered watchers what the adrenaline rush is like on stage, it’s overwhelming and you just want to do some extra pirouettes, a grande  jeté or plant a great big smacker of a kiss on the closest set of lips.  Whew! – back to work.

We didn’t call him the King of Kink for nothing!  Who could forget the first mic stand massage on the Idols tour?  Oh, the outrage!  Ticket sales went up.  The panties flew!  Panty sales went up.  The whips, the cufflinks, sorry handcuffs – not Adam’s props, the audiences brought them to the party, he just played with them.  More Adam!  More Adam!  More tickets sold.  Barriers lined up with Adam’s fans ten deep awaiting just a glimpse, a fleeting moment of eye contact – they waited hours.

Janet Jackson must be soooo jealous, all that crotch-grabbing, her own and her male dancers’ and what did it get her??? Nothing.  How about all the other performers having a bad voice night, some even a bad hair night? Nothing.  JLo fell too and who gets the headline?  So forget the bad hair, bad sound and falls, since they were common.  Bad Sound – there were so many technical glitches when that paragon of virtue, M&M sang his duet with Half-a-Dollar, I really only heard every other word and even those I didn’t catch – is there a Berlitz course to learn it?  Weak joke, but I could not help it tonight.

It was the Revenge of Arkansas at the AMAs – Taylor Swift & Gloriana? while Lady GaGa was completely shut-out.  Was the audience from Arkansas?  This is L.A. and the music industry, and they seemed unimpressed or sad or angry, confused maybe at the end of Adam’s performance?  They could not possibly be shocked, could they, these sin city sophisticates?  Can’t wait to hear members of the audience tell us what they thought of the show and each performance, especially what they remember of what they saw.

Do we want to play with Satanic Adam every day?  I doubt most of us could handle it. Sometimes we need a bit of Feverish Adam, some Soaked Adam, the Broken Open Adam and I am looking forward to meeting them too.  We’ll meet them on tour, I’m sure.

To the hand-wringers out there – are you worried about what others think?  Are you uncomfortable with your own feelings?   Will you throw away your Adam CD, your iTunes, the YouTube downloads, dump the hundreds of photos from your computer files and the souvenir programme with his autograph?  Sorry, you would never throw those away – you would sell them on E-Bay.

Or, are you going to say – fine, we got that out of the way – let’s prepare for the tour!

At the very end, who was left standing – Adam the Angry Young Man in a suit.  Last time we saw the AYM, was when he sang Black and White on Idol.  Why did Adam bring him back tonight?

Did someone say “Adam succeeded because America is ready for someone like him”?  I stand by my interpretation – no one was or is ready for Adam Lambert.  He crashed the party.  More on that later.


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  1. FoxVegas permalink
    November 27, 2009 1:36 am

    Ferosh! This blog simply rocks the big one…I’ve just posted a link for Adam on Twitter, so hopefully he’ll stop by for a read and a good laugh! Thank you for your salty perspective and your to-the-nth-degree honesty. I so totally love it…
    I found the link for your log on The Glambert Rock, a fansite that I adore.
    My tummy hurts from the laughter! Thanks millions…

    • November 27, 2009 1:54 am

      Hey B – thanks! Juneau and I have been writing like this since June, but only recently went public. So glad you got it! We are compulsive writers, so we post regularly – a variety from the sublime to the ridiculous.

      Check out our book at

      It’s our journey on the Adam Lambert roller coaster ride! It’s shock and awe, laughter and tears.

      Best regards

  2. November 27, 2009 9:23 am

    First, thank you for noting other sound issues. I like how no one has mentioned how off-key Billy Joe was. Jay-Z had some tempo problems too.

    Even though I’ve already put my blog two-cents in on the performance you bring another thought to mind…why were the pearl-clutchers still watching and why were they worried about the heathens who allow children too stay up too late. Once their girl had won artist of the year, shouldn’t they have shut the boob toob off and gone to bed? Oh wait…they let their tweenies stay up on a school night to see Taylor win and then gave in to said-tweens whining let them stay up? And maybe they actually went to the AI tour and because they didn’t want to miss any of Danny and Kris’s wholesome sets, stayed in their seats for a dose of a whole lot of Adam’s love and a slow ride with “Adison” to finally get up on their feet to “dance with me”? And where was all their vile outrage after being subjected to that? Where were the complaints that the tour did not come with a R rating for Adam’s set?

    At the end of the day, I’m stll disappointed with FYE on the AMA’s in that it was poorly produced, over choreographed and badly sung. I like that Adam has finally owned up to getting too wrapped up in the moment which caused a performance that was manic and not sung well. The producer of the number needed to put all the activity in the dancers’ courts and just let Adam sing. On the flip-side though Adam realizes it was too much and he needs to learn that less-is-more. The AI set was erotic and sensual in its simplicity…the only person he interacted with physically was Allison.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and I hope you’ll check out mine.

    • Char permalink
      November 28, 2009 5:04 pm

      Very well said! You pretty much captured my sentiments in regards to the AMA performance. I saw it the same way you did, poorly produced, overly choreographed, and badly sung. It looked so messy and sloppy, we know that Adam can do better than that!
      I think he may have learned his lesson too, and we’ll see him show off nothing but his glorious vocals next time. Atleast that’s my hope.

      • November 28, 2009 5:20 pm

        Dear Char, “see him show off nothing but his glorious vocals next time”. Really? only vocals, nothing else? No WLL-style or Bowie medley-style performances – just stand in front of the band and sing? No fun and flirtation?

        While a simple song sans choreography is a fantastic experience for the right song, I attended two AI concerts, including one where Adam’s voice was rather worn out, but his overall performance, his connection with the audience was so powerful, we barely noticed that the really high notes were missing.

        I would take sexy Adam on a bad day over the unkempt, jeans, tee and plaid shirt, stand at the mic asexual performances of so many male singers today.


  3. November 28, 2009 7:11 pm

    Love the guy,love the passion,love the courage,love the intensity,love his fantasie,love the dirtyness,love the talent,love the out-fit,love the shock,love the slap in the face and the finger for people who deserve it ( of them..).
    Love the “mad world” and the “Broken this cameleon with thousand changes,this rainbow with thousand colours,this sparkly,brave,smart,wellspoken,well educated man.
    Love his back-stage-interview,his brightness to have the right answers in the right moments,his charme,his laughter,his form to relax things in just not taking himself to seriously.
    Love his capacity to stay cool,work with critics,look over harsh coments and haters and still find a friendly,understanding,accepting word for them.
    He is so much wiserb than I ever will be with my 52 years!Forgot something?O h..yes..

  4. Shannon permalink
    November 28, 2009 7:43 pm

    I’m with you, Xena. Adam without the theatricality is not Adam. It’s Kris with a better voice and wardrobe. He just went overboard with the AMAs, and was trapped by the bad sound system as well. Had it not been for that, it would have been an EPIC performance. When I see Adam perform, I want the theatrics, the story that he tells visually as well as vocally.

  5. SajiNoKami permalink
    November 28, 2009 8:03 pm

    This helped me understand something better….
    Why the first time i heard Black or white i hated it
    and tracks of my tears made me become a fan.
    [i just watched all his AI stuff Nov 7th for the first time]
    But now Black or White is the fav… I like Adam as the AYM.
    I love that raw emotion and energy.
    He can switch it on and off.. he has
    such control with himself, it amazes me.
    You can see the moment at the end of a performance
    in his eyes, when the switch is flipped
    [except during the AMA’s, i am guessing it happened off camera]
    from hard core rebel boundary pushing pop rock star
    to i am the most adorable humble charming guy you will ever meet mode.
    I mean wow, when i saw him in an after interview on access hollywood.
    The interviewer slapped his hand, his reaction to back up: “What?”
    He was like a little kid. My thought “is this the same guy?
    Dr. jeckal/mr Hayde complex all the way.”
    then he charmed and flirted his way through the interview.
    I don’t understand how anyone can be angry at him.

  6. Mrsbeaska alone permalink
    November 28, 2009 11:31 pm

    My thoughts exactly–Dr Jekyll when interviewed–My Hyde when performing. He definitely gets caught up in the role. My problem now is that Adam has me in the closet as a fan. My family doesn’t like him and no one else around me does either. I’m from a very conservative area. I will have to buy his CD on the sly and play it when no one is around. I can’t believe that America can’t accept someone who acted out a part but will tolerate someone who actually committed a violent felony like Chris Brown did. Go figure. I still think Adam is very talented and I will have to remain in the closet to enjoy his music.

    • Robin permalink
      August 27, 2010 9:57 pm

      Mrsbeaska alone–I agree with you on everything you said. I too have friends that don’t like him–but I don’t care!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! I get teased alot becaue I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO into him, but hey it doesn’t matter to me what they think–he is and will ALWAYS be the best performer and singer I have EVER seen–and I LOVED what he did at the AMA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. November 29, 2009 12:15 am

    Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – while Dr. Jekyll didn’t know what Hyde was up to, Adam is in control and very much aware of the Hyde persona he creates and all the other characters in his repertoire! He is also fully aware of the audience in front of him, as he recently explained. He fills a stadium, leaving the audience gasping for breath. He forgot about the camera on the AMAs and played straight to the audience in front of him – explaining how the adrenalin and the song got the better of him. Here, like Hyde – he had lost some conscious control.

    For Mrs. B. – you are not alone in that closet. You need an iPod and download Adam’s music onto it, then no one will know what you’re listening to!! What Juneau and I have written in our book would make many blush – we continue to blog under pseudonym, not so much for our own protection – but our families’!

    There are so many great fansites where you can share the joy with fellow Adam fans – there seems to be a group for every type of fan and we love having you here in our Salon.

    Also, from where I stand, America has accepted Adam – look at his record sales and we’ll see how well tickets go for his tour. The 1500 complaints to ABC number has not changed since it was announced on Monday, and we’ve had more viewers to our two pieces on the subject. My informal media tally shows about 80% pro-Adam and for many different reasons.

    Best to all, thanks for writing!

  8. Shannon permalink
    November 29, 2009 12:55 am

    Re those 1,500 complaints: I would love to know how many complaints ABC got about cancelling Adam’s GMA gig, and about picking up Chris Brown. I bet there are a whole lot more of those.

  9. December 11, 2009 3:21 am

    Stunning – very interesting topic. I will blog about it likewise!!

  10. March 14, 2010 6:02 pm

    OK, I know I am WAY late to this party but hey?? I’m fashionable? By now, naturally, we all know that AMA is ancient Glitter Glistory.
    What I want to say is, on the part of ABC, it was “much ado about nothing”…and a kneejerk reaction by..well, jerks. They lost and we gained!
    By now, you also are aware, that the oft-repeated, ad nauseum, segway “and Idol runner-up” is quickly being relegated to the history books as well.
    Why? Because where and how he first came to our National (and International!) attention is not important. What IS important, is that he now has our undivided attention and devotion.
    Go ahead…TRY to look away…I dare ya! Try to go a day without any news or any glimpse or note of him. Can’t do it, can ya? Me neither.
    My hubby and myself were fortunate enough to actually be there on the 27th of February, at Fantasy Springs, in Indio CA for his first offical concert, solo.
    We met up with 2 other Glams (online friends) and their reluctant hubby’s who had only tagged along with the “little woman”
    How could they have known what was in store? Such innocents they were…it was too easy…almost like taking candy from a baby.
    As we took our seats, we twitched, giggled, fumbled, while the little gal who was his opening act did her best to “entertain” us…knowing (poor thing) that she was failing, miserably. Not her fault, to be fair. 3,500 people were there to see Adam Lambert.Period.
    Tamar her name was…she made sure to spell it for us…and apologized as she told us “I have only one more song, no, wait, two more and then Adam will be out, I promise” she explained, pitifully.I actually felt sorry for her. (Note to Adam, you don’t need an opener baby!)
    Then she was done…the lights dimmed…a few scattered screams, a lot of whispers…people rustling in their seats…then, a tall, dark, shadowy figure slowly emerged on the stage an a roar erupted, spontaneously and as the lights went to the figure…there was our Rock God…in all his glittery, feathered, dazzling splendor. Looking for all the world like Jim Morrison meets Bowie, meets Native American shaman.The first strains of FYE could be detected and the screams almost threatened to drown him out, but not quite, thankfully. Even though we had made CERTAIN to arrange to have tiered sears, so we wouldn’t NEED to stand…stand we all did. The screams and applause were deafening and spontaneous and finally, when I thought my poor (booted) feet could take standing no longer…Adam announced that he was going to do an acoustic set and people began to sit. I can’t quite remember in what order now, but he did several songs acoustically.
    When he launched into a blusey, never-before-heard rendition of the Zep classic, “Whole Lotta Love”…we were a whole lotta spellbound.Had he just reached into that medicine pouch on his belt, and sprinkled us with some magic, hallucinogenic dust? He must have..because we all forgot to breathe for the next 7 and 1/2 minutes. He pulled us into him…winked at us..caressed and teased us….ingnited us and left us wrung out and speechless, all 3,500 of us. We never left our seats, physically but psychically, we all made love and were made love to by Adam.It was a magical, mystical orgy.We all looked like fish out of water, gulping on the deck for a breath of air as , upon the last “you neeeeed love..” Adam heaved a deep, sensual breath and then a sexy, impish grin..knowing that he had just HAD us all.And though I agree with you, Xena, that MOST of the time, Adam knows exactly what he is me…this even caught him off guard, for once. As he seemed to come out of his “trance”…he got up (he was down on his knees at the end of it) and proudly announced that the band had not rehearsed that version, ever. Adam had driven, in his Mustang, by himself, from LA to Indio and said that he had been rehearsing it in the car, on the way there. What we had all witnessed was a jam of the first magnitude. Historical, groundbreaking, momentous.Pick one adjective if you wish, but ALL apply. The entire show was a thrill and when it was over (too soon!) we met up with our friends whose hubbys were understandably enthusiastic and “wowed”….Now they get it. May the rest of the world get it as well! Thanks! Peace, Love and Adam, always! Rose. ; )

    • March 14, 2010 8:56 pm

      Welcome to the Salon, Rose! Thanks for the breathtaking account of Fantasy Springs, especially the impact of Whole Lotta Love. You may enjoy our review of the acoustic set, Mystical Shaman of the Acoustic. We weren’t there in person, but the power of Adam’s musicality and persona streams through the digital bits across the YouTube universe.

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