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Adam Lambert Update March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.



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VELVET- my new album! Link in Bio!

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From Adam’s March 16, 2020 Instagram. “Thinkin of everyone effected by Covid -19. Stay vigilant and stay home… but let’s hold on to our joy as best we can. Call an old friend! Binge watch! Sing! Dance! Eat an Orange. Also…. liquid Chlorophyll and Wellness Formula!”



Make-up master class!





Variety – Adam Lambert’s ‘Velvet’: Album Review. “Where that texture and toughness gel most are on the two best tracks of “Velvet”: “Stranger You Are” and “On The Moon,” both vocalized in Lambert’s lowest register with grit and gristle. The former features an understatedly contagious chorus and an uneasily tense pronouncement of the self (“The stranger you are / They wanna keep you locked in the dark / The stranger you are / They’re gonna try to tear you apart”) that’s brassy, sassy and sensual. A slow and spaciously atmospheric “On the Moon” holds a similar slither and sensuality in its grasp. Only here, Lambert uses a dozen jazz and vocal soul runs, rhapsodizes about tripping on the moon, scratches up his pipes, and winds up sounding, sensationally, like Erykah Badu…Lambert stakes his claim toward independence with the title track, which opens the album. After an aquatic house music intro, he announces that he wants to, “Rock something in my own special way, like its tailor-made for me.” He could just as well be talking about his career in covers — from “American Idol” to the Queen apprenticeship — or a relationship or his out and proud place in the world or his view forward as to where wants to go as an artist in 2020.  Either way, Adam Lambert has made “Velvet” a testament to finding his way, personally and professionally, in what is his most accomplished solo work to date.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert Tailors Himself a Brand New Man in Campy ‘Velvet’ Video: Watch. “The campy visual sees Lambert working amongst a series of ’70s-inspired clientele, measuring them up and down as a tailor would. But it becomes abundantly clear that Lambert isn’t looking to make clothes — he’s looking for his perfect man…As the video winds down, we see Lambert standing over what appears to be a casket, and just as he throws his bouquet oof flowers down, it transforms into the man he’d been making over earlier, now renamed the “Fashion Victim” of Lambert’s desire.”

Billboard – Fans Pick Adam Lambert’s ‘Velvet’ as This Week’s Favorite New Music. “Bringing in about 50% of the vote this week, Velvet received more votes than music from The Weeknd, J Balvin, Kelsea Ballerini and others. In second place was The Weeknd’s new album, After Hours, followed by Balvin’s “Colores” in third.”

Irish News – Albums: Niall Horan, Morrissey, Adam Lambert, Moaning and Roger and Brian Eno. “ADAM Lambert’s newest album Velvet lives up to its name with smooth and luxurious tracks which are some of the singer’s finest work…Lambert’s newest album is an exceptional offering from the well-established singer.”

AllMusic’s Editor’s Choice! On the title track to his fourth studio album, 2020’s magical and funky Velvet, Adam Lambert confesses that he’s feeling nostalgic and suspects he’s not the only one. A dazzling, glitter-dipped exercise in ’70s disco-era funk, rock, and soul, Velvet finds Lambert pulling together all of the stylistic threads that have informed his career since he soared to fame as a runner-up on American Idol in 2009. Since then, he has built a loyal fan base with his three prior albums, all of which showcase his rich tenor vocals and penchant for Broadway-level pop theatricality. Velvet takes this celebratory penchant for the dramatic in a new and delightfully retro direction. Helping him achieve this disco-era aesthetic are a handful of savvy studio wizards including Tommy English, Butch Walker, Fred Ball, and others. Distinctly old-school in production yet still contemporary in tone, the songs on Velvet smartly build upon Lambert’s modern-day glitter-icon status. The title track is a sparkling, Earth, Wind & Fire-style club jam while “Superpower,” with its serpentine, low-end guitar riff, brings to mind Queen circa 1980. Equally evocative, “Overglow” deftly marries the sleek, descending synth hook from Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” to an icy, neon-toned groove that’s pure Blondie. There’s also a yearning, piano-driven ballad in “Closer to You” in which Lambert conjures both Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and classic Freddie Mercury power balladry with his throaty falsetto croon. He even gets an assist from Chic’s Nile Rodgers on the sleek, American Gigolo-soundtrack-ready “Roses.” While Velvet’s vintage vibe is impressive, it would only be stylish window dressing if the songs weren’t as catchy and inspired as they are.

PULS24 – ADAM LAMBERT WITH NEW ALBUM “VELVET”.  (Google translated.) “..”Velvet” has definitely become Lambert’s best album to date, which sounds modern and relevant despite classic elements. “I really love what I do,” says Lambert. You can hear that.”

EW – Adam Lambert on the queerness and liberation of his new album Velvet. “Brian and Roger are so wise and I’ve learned a lot from them. A lot of it just by being around them, just absorbing it. One of the things I’ve learned about songwriting is that they’ve tapped into the human spirit. That’s why their songs are so timeless. That was one of my goals on this album was to try to create music that didn’t expire after a season or after a year. It felt like something that could stand the test of time a bit.”






Humans of Music Podcast: Adam Lambert. Excellent 42-minutes with Adam! “For Adam Lambert, coming second in the 2009 season of American Idol exposed him to that kind of scrutiny and he had to adapt quickly, while also navigating the ups and downs of a skyrocketing career in pop. Of course, when it comes to scrutiny it would be hard to think of a more pressure-filled position than singing for Queen, something Adam has been doing with great aplomb since 2012. We cover all that and more in this in-depth interview.”

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Hey ! Your friendly neighbourhood rock star here – having moments of wondering whether he will ever do that thing on stage again. Those incredible scenes at our concerts in South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia just a month ago now seem like an impossibly distant dream. But we were so lucky to be able to complete that tour, running just ahead of the wave that was about to break on us all. I’m sure you’re all having similar moments of disbelief and bewilderment out there. One of the hardest things about all this is adjusting mentally to a new world order – and a new personal framework in which none of the old rules work. So my plan as a world citizen is to put out as much positive stuff as I can. Yes, I’ve had my moments of anger and blame – but really now we are all gonna act according to what we believe. I’m self-isolating with my missus as best we can. And I have to believe that SOME good things will come out of all this. OK ! Back on the bike !! 💥💥💥💥 And don’t worry – it might look like I’m bashing my brains out on the bike screen, but I’m not ! Feel free to laugh ! I do a mixture of upper body exercises while pedalling, including those press-ups. It’s non-impact !!! Time lapse video inspired by my amazing pal @kerryellis79 whose exercise regime is a model to us all. Bri

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10 Comments leave one →
  1. lynnshulman permalink
    March 22, 2020 4:48 pm

    Love that you were able to capture everything from the week in this post!

  2. Lam-My permalink
    March 22, 2020 10:47 pm

    I just heard on CGTN a rather familiar connotation I used in my poem Equinox…*Dawn of Aquarius…Wuhan declares : *Dawn of Victory, apt and unique, as people are allowed to stroll on the pavements and some shops opening for business….🌆💢🎎

    Velvet, Adam’s beautiful new album
    Smooth, curves, blends with the earth
    Malleable glamorous
    Roses…by any other name would smell as sweet
    Takes the mind off for a bit of upbeat
    Chases off the gloom and doom standstill on the streets
    Superpower takes the heat…shifts it
    So we can defeat the invisible Covid 19
    What is that ? Overglow you never know
    Whacks you at ground zero
    Lo and behold where are we ? On The Moon
    Hop step jump ! Wheee…ready to free fall
    With New Eyes to take you on a frog leap
    Earth looking like a hanging Blue Marble
    And that’s where I am right at this moment…in space
    Writing my hodgepodge poetry…
    We better do whatever we can, whenever we can
    The world is changing gear, faster than we can conceive, topsy turvy
    Today is the March Equinox, start of Spring, pointing at Pisces
    Hello hello Aquarius 你好 ni hao, I can see you
    Astrology says : In AD 2597, the March equinox will move into Aquarius the water-bearer
    Others say it’s already here…*Dawn of Aquarius
    Be that as it may, we are marching onward to seal this elusive Covid crisis 🧬💫♓♒

    Lam-My ~ 21 Mar 2020 Spring Equinox

  3. Lam-My permalink
    March 23, 2020 12:04 am

    I didn’t notice the significance of the coffin in the Velvet video until pointed out by Billboard’s evoking interpretation, above.
    My thoughts are…
    Chucking the white roses on the coffin denotes the death of his love for a handsome man to his image and liking; the lover pops up in place of the coffin; perhaps hoping for a resurrection of the love he still has for him. The production / looking inward suggests Velvet is his priority now, to express his art genuinely based on all the good times as well as disappointments.

    Think I found someone I can get lost in
    Cut from the same cloth as me
    Just like velvet
    And I knew, and I knew it was cool the first time I felt it
    I got that feeling tonight
    Be my velvet ~ Adam Lambert

  4. Lam-My permalink
    March 23, 2020 9:18 pm

    Basenjis are very fast runners…go go go ! on with the show…
    Feisty Pharaoh takes on bigger dog, Jelly…
    He doesn’t like to be ruffled up
    Fends off a perceived intruder onto his territory
    Wah! Pharaoh the sprinter ! Jelly seems to be the instigator
    Na na na na na you cannot catch me…!
    Zzzzzzzz… can I join in ? I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee 🦋🐝
    How about me…I can do the praying mantis goong fu 🦗
    Pssssss… I slither sideways and slip underneath your feet 🐍
    Alas, I can’t play…hold on…slow and steady wins the race 🐢
    Happy National Puppy Day! Owooooh find me somebody tooooo oo oo loove…🏡🐕🐕‍🦺

  5. Lam-My permalink
    March 24, 2020 9:20 pm

    Wah! Adam makes being On The Moon so sensual ! not cold and dark at all.
    你好 ni hao Yutu ! Is your satellite picking up Adam singing On The Moon ?
    Whiit Whiit ! yes yes, love it ! so he’s coming into my Crater…I can teach him fly-kick goong fu…Wheee plop! 0ne-sixth Earth’s gravity…so he can fly !
    Pharaohdoggo, your Daddy’s voice fits the sensuality On The Moon ! 🌒🌛🐇🐕
    Yes, my Daddy has a special sensual singing voice falsetto + tenor.
    You know what is falsetto ?
    Yes, Yutu, he sings into my antenna ears which record it Owoooooh!

    I like all the songs in the Velvet Album…A* They flow into one another like one continuous song marathon.

  6. Lam-My permalink
    March 25, 2020 11:08 pm

    Our world in lock-down limbo
    Isolation, solitary confinement
    Groping for an exit, can’t find it
    Mounting deaths in the thousands
    Covid 19 has sunk its teeth
    Deep into the human respiratory system
    Scientists are working on vaccines, drugs
    To turn around this life-death crux

    Yesterday, I went out to get groceries
    My usual once a week ritual
    Our government has done meticulous tracings of clusters
    So the rest of us can go about unquarantined
    Purposely say, Hello ! to everybody
    They just smile peacefully, politely
    Not a word as they would need to open their mouth
    My next-door neighbour however, walking her beloved doggie is chatty
    Even asks me to call her if necessary
    The taxi-driver coughs once, even that scares the hell out of me
    He’s also wary as the elderly are more susceptible to Covid 19

    I watch on tv, a Minister cry at a Parliamentary session
    No, he didn’t contract Covid 19…so touched thanking health workers
    Putting their lives on the line, all-out to assist
    He tries to regain composure but his tears keep welling
    Doctors, nurses, volunteers, virologists are the front-line heroes
    Dedicating their time and compassion
    What better friend than one who lays down their life for another
    As for the 2020 Olympics…postponed to next year 2021
    Well, Joseph Schooling’s 100-m butterfly Olympic record 50.39 seconds
    Refuses to budge, a sort of unforeseen walkover
    And Adam’s timely Velvet album connotes vulnerability, with strength, resilience
    SARS 2003 gives Singapore a head-start; a hero doctor dies to teach us
    That we have to nib it in the bud…so Covid 19 this time round, can’t run amok
    Meticulous tracing of clusters and quarantine fast and furious dawn to dusk
    Give most of us more freedom without quarantine…it may last…economies hit hard…😥🚑🏊🎤💞

    Lam-My ~ 26 Mar 2020

  7. Lam-My permalink
    March 26, 2020 2:30 am

    你好 ni hao ! Christiane Amanpour ! I just heard you giving advice regarding Covid-19 and then you said emphatically, “like what they do in Singapore” . I enjoy your in-depth informative shows very much and I know you came here for the Singapore Summit, shaking hands with PM Lee. 😊

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    p/s Should be… *nip it in the bud (my poem above).

  8. Lam-My permalink
    March 26, 2020 6:11 am

    Wah! Pharaoh basking in an orangy glow, he looks superb, maybe the setting sun; or Adam and Terrance are doing some off-beat home concert; Pharaoh is attracted to something, twitching his antenna ears to absorb the sound waves; Jelly wants to play but Pharaoh is too preoccupied.

  9. Lam-My permalink
    March 27, 2020 11:28 pm

    Story time … OBE

    One dim moonlit night, Bert was returning home after a singing stint at a local bar. He took a winding shortcut round a hill. Suddenly, a bright light flashed across his windscreen. Although the light was bright, it cast a dark shadow on the windscreen rendering it impossible to see what was in front. That was frightening when you couldn’t see where you were driving. He stepped hard on the brakes and the tyres screeched to a deafening halt. He got out immediately and realised it was so close to the edge, his car could have hurtled into the forest ravine.

    Helloo…a soft low voice greeted him. I’ve been waiting to hitch a ride down this stretch of endless road.
    Endless? What did he mean, the road junction was right ahead; Bert used this road many times.
    He invited the stranger, a rather good-looking young man into his car as he said he needed a ride. The young man introduced himself as Fred and said he was a wrestler at the club. Oh yes, now Bert recognised him and had seen one of his shows, admired his beautiful contoured muscles.

    At the road junction, Fred got off and thanked Bert. As he drove on, suddenly, he saw a crowd surrounding a pile-up of vehicles and the wailing of ambulances rang out into the night. Bert parked his car by the roadside, got out to see if he could render any help. A man was lying on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on his face. He opened his eyes and stared at Bert.
    No ! It was Fred ! whom he had just given a lift to. How could that be? He just got off at the road junction.
    Unfortunately, Fred didn’t make it, he stared at Bert, eyes wide-open and the paramedic gently pressed his eyes down and said he was gone…dead. Bert was totally flabbergasted as he had just spoken to Fred a short while ago and he was fine! Bert recalled Fred talking about an endless road !
    He got goosebumps…weird thoughts flooded his mind…his Spirit was hitching a ride and talking to him in his car ? Bert was visibly shaken, held Fred’s hand for the last time, it was still warm…Farewell my friend…Bert bowed his head.

    The following night, Bert was as usual singing in the small family bar; and in memory of Fred the wrestler, he sang Ghost Town followed by Another Lonely Night. At the end of his performance which comprised 8 songs from his album The Original High, the diners applauded, and some walked up the stage, arranged their shoes neatly in a row on the stage. Bert was touched by their heartwarming gesture.
    Then, the inexplicable happened…Fred walked on stage ! He left his shoes alongside the others. Bert stared at him and was taken aback, befuddled as he thought he was dead !

    After his singing, Bert walked around the tables as he always did to show his appreciation to his fervent fans for their nightly attendance at the bar.
    He came to a table with a dim table-lamp…he saw Fred, alone. Bert politely asked if he could join him. Fred beamed a heartfelt smile and gestured for him to sit down at the small table for two.
    Bert noticed Fred had tears in his eyes as he looked at him. He was even more perplexed now. Fred stammered rather uncontrollably that his twin brother, Seb, his only family member, died in an accident. And listening to Bert singing Another Lonely Night made him cry.

    Whoa! there was Bert’s answer ! He had held Seb’s hand not Fred’s at the scene of the accident.
    Not quite sure how to console Fred, he asked softly if he was with Seb when he passed on. Fred pressed his clenched fist to his heart and replied with an apologetic no, with sorrow and regret. He said he was at home watching tv when the news of the accident popped up on screen. He rushed there but Seb was gone, dead.

    Bert choked up a bit too and whispered consolingly that he had given a lift to Seb and talked to him just minutes before the accident; bade him a last farewell as he lay dying on the stretcher by the roadside.
    Fred stared at Bert rather confused…how could that have happened; Seb would have been in his own car driving to that fateful point of no return! If only he had indeed been in Bert’s car instead, Fred sobbed.

    That night, as Bert drove along that same stretch of road on his way home, he kept contemplating what Fred said…that he wished Seb had been in his car (Bert’s); still wondering about that ‘endless road’ Seb mentioned.

    It seems OBE, Out of body experience can occur at the moment between life and death and instances of people returning from death have been recorded with vivid descriptions of what they saw as they floated above their body; for instance, doctors fighting to save their life in an operation room. In a rather scary situation, a distressed pilot reported he saw himself piloting the plane while sitting on the wing of the plane. 🛤🏞🏕

    Lam-My ~ 28 Mar 2020

  10. Lam-My permalink
    March 28, 2020 10:09 pm

    Miscellaneous :

    Regarding my story above, I have this lingering question…why did Seb introduce himself as Fred when he is Seb ? 👻 Like I said when I write, it just goes any way the wind blows…Let’s see, perhaps Seb was desperate to find his twin, so identity crossover especially in an OBE. 🤤

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    My Covid 19 poem above : Replace *elderly with *older folk…I am not elderly yet, older folk yes. Also, latest findings say both older folk and younger are susceptible to Covid 19; children seem to be less vulnerable. I think it boils down to one’s immune system, with no serious health issues, will be able to ride it through.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Hey Jelly ! I feel you want to dominate Pharaoh haw haw…Pharaoh is a fighter, not easy to subdue him, the way he slips in and out fast and furious; don’t forget he had to fend for himself until Daddy Adam claims him from the shelter. I think these 2 dogs are the happiest at this point in time, under quarantine.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I see light…at the end of the tunnel…just fight… This Mediacorp Covid 19 song touches me; has a great hook !

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