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Adam Lambert Update March 2, 2020

March 2, 2020

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.



Need photo credit.






No one does it like Adam! If we can’t have a private lunch with him,
this is the next best thing.

There he was on Instagram, playing with a weird filter with ginormous eyelashes (“are they distracting?”), sipping a glass of wine, lounging in his hotel room in Adelaide waiting for room service to bring his midnight snack. Here are some highlights:

  • Says hi to his friend Bret, who is the stylist for Lizzo.
  • Probably no video for Roses.
  • He’s eating fried rice on some kind of crispy shells. Apologizes for talking with his mouth full.
  • After his final shows in Australia he will go home and jump into promotion for Velvet.
  • Velvet is a mood. “Slinky and sensual. Sort of about relationship, including the relationship with yourself. Sort of retro.”
  • His hair is really fluffy.
  • He’s “excited to get together with my band and coming up with ideas for my stage show. There’s other news, good news, coming up soon…for those of you in the U.S.”
  • A fan messages that he “Looks tired” — “You’d be tired too if you were on tour, I’m 38!.. [sotto voce] bitch.” Some fan drama over that. Later, the fan apologies and Adam assures her, “don’t worry about it.”
  • Quokkas were so weird. Rented a boat, went to a little island, Rottnest Island of the coast of Perth. Like a mini rat, koala. They don’t run away from people. I posted on TikTok. He was just chillin’ Have not seen an actual kangaroo.
  • No dancers on the Velvet tour. Considers it to be more about music. “I have an amazing group of musicians and I think it’s about that, playing as an ensemble. The music in Velvet is very groove based, and I want that to be the focus. And some serious fashion, I hope.”
  • PSA re: Corona virus. Wash your hands, wear a mask.
  • Asks are there older songs to bring back? Might be interesting to find songs I’ve never done live before. There’s a few, and that might be a way to make these live dates extra special.” [Our two cents: Please do “Loaded Smile”!!]
  • One video fo Velvet has already been shot and should be coming out with Velvet on March 20. Shot in London with Charlotte Rutherford.
  • Maybe will see some weird hair moments with Velvet.
  • Love working with Brian and Roger. Feels like a family. We get into debates, we dine together.
  • U.S. political situation is frightening. I’m definitely paying attention, which candidates will be good leaders. Definitely Trump needs to go. No disrespect but I think he’s dangerous. He’s full of shit. He keeps saying things that are clearly not true. I always thought the President of the US should hold himself to a higher standard. He’s not for me. Everybody should vote. That’s the point. And agree to disagree. Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Velvet tour at Wembley is exciting. It’s a big venue. One night only. Buy a ticket!
  • North American tour – can’t wait for you to hear about it.
  • Finland – I’ll probably see Sauli, my buddy. I’m a firm believer in staying friends with people you’ve been in relationships with. Even friendships evolve, and family too. You have to roll with how it evolves. The dynamics in a relationship can change. As long as you’re communicating with each other. Unless someone has really hurt you…that’s different. I’m fortunate that my previous relationships have ended on good terms.
  • My big battle is with my perfectionist side. Even while I’m performing, I’ll get in my head and start judging myself. I’m learning to just have joy, getting into the emotion and not judging myself and just being a vessel for the art. I’ve made some progress in my personal journey on that, which I’m really excited about.
  • Pharo is with my dad and stepmom Amy. Before I adopted him I talked to them about splitting time with them and they were into it. I miss him so much.
  • Would you collaborate with Harry Styles? Definitely, he’s cool.
  • Billie Eilish is supercool and different. I like people who are different. She’s super interesting and goes against what’s expected. I like her rebelliousness.
  • Love Lizzo – awesome, fun, talented, gorgeous, love how she embraces her body.
  • Would he like to make more rock-like album? Don’t know. Genres, easy to get stuck in one. It’s not so interesting. Queen, they’re considered a classic rock band but they were going beyond, making pop music, borrowing from all different genres.
  • Taking care of his voice? Humidity is great for the voice. Been pretty good. A relaxed schedule with enough time to rest the voice. Really comfortable this time.
  • I’m really excited about how we released Velvet, bunch of singles, then EP, it keeps the music coming, and that’s what it’s about right? The music.
  • I love seeing the art you guys make. Creative Sharka is one of my favorites. I encourage you to take any of the photos on Instagram and make your version of them, I’d love to see them. I’ll re-post and credit you.
  • When I get back to LA, I’ll sleep, hydrate, and rehearse. I have stuff on TV coming up, will travel, will be in LA, NY, London. Will be making the rounds.
  • There are up-tempo songs on Velvet Side B.
  • I’ll be wearing velvet on tour, but it’s a bit warm for the stage. But it looks great. It’s about the feeling.
  • Why did he include Whole Lotta Love on this tour? On the plane flying to the next city, Led Zeppelin came up in conversations and I said we should do WLL on the tour. Brian and Roger lit up, we did it in sound check and everyone loved it.
“I love you all very much. This year is going to be exciting. Hope to see you in all the places I’m gonna be.”







Need photo credit.

Need photo credit.

Need photo credit.

@4Gelly: omg what a GLORIOUS PHOTO @DrBrianMay @adamlambert #QALGoldCoast tonight!
suzyfeeno stories This #QUENN T SHIRT! The last show on this leg of #TheRhapsodytour!


Need photo credit.

@TheRealDuckBert – Mar 1. awww…ADAM LAMBERT takin’ a stroll on the beach with Roger Taylor’s beautiful wife, Sarina! Sun with faceWater waveSmiling face with sunglasses yes…i did a zoom first. Winking faceGrinning face with smiling eyes #QALGoldCoast #Australia #Queen #QAL (Camera sarinarosetaylor IG)




Scenestr – Review: Queen + Adam Lambert @ Adelaide Oval. “But hands down the standout for the night was the epic and dramatic ‘The Show Must Go On’, which has already hit the top of my favourite playlist. The vocal prowess, the sensational music, and the production behind the performers had goosebumps covering my entire body. In this moment, we almost forgot there was another version of the song because it was all Adam. Controversially, I think he might have even topped Freddie on this one.”

Queen Gold Coast: Metricon Stadium treated to incredible show. “More than two hours of unrelenting energy and showmanship, a feat few acts today can hope to emulate…Lambert’s voice is a weapon. Sound, production and costuming came to the party…Fans agree it must go on, Metricon Stadium resoundingly proving its potential and Lambert acknowledging our appetite for live music events of this scale: “Gold Coast, you’re the rowdiest crowd in Australia yet.””

GC @geriperi: Review of @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert concert in today’s Gold Coast Bulletin




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unavenezolanaenaustralia • Optus Stadium





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  1. Lam-My permalink
    March 3, 2020 3:20 am

    Chew chew chew your food gently down the gut 🌿🦝
    Cheerily cheerily cheerily cheerily life is in a rut
    Row row row your boat safely on the marsh
    Bad bad coronavirus inflicts a nasty cut 🦠

    Sing sing sing like Adam soaring like a thrush oh…………🦜
    ‘ But all I got was…Roses
    Don’t mean a thing without emotions ‘ 🥀

    Tokyo Tokyo how is the Olympics ?
    Joseph Schooling butterfly-dolphin champion
    Is aiming for a repeat fly kick
    Quite elusive…world Swimmers are out to bring down the goliath flick 🏊‍♂

    Back to Superpower Adam
    He ain’t no goliath…he is Velvet
    Make no mistake…soft but tough
    Like an Overglow…you never know, it takes hold at ground zero 🎤🕺

    Lam-My … 3 Mar 2020

  2. Lam-My permalink
    March 4, 2020 9:41 pm

    * So your wish is my command ! * …haw haw Adam does dig my Lambgenie poem 2nd time…1st time he said : Rub my lamp…

    ‘ Riiinngg… where am I … oh it’s 8 o’clock…
    What is that hanging on my *window-sill
    A mother-of pearl necklace ! …really !
    Lambgenie you have followed me ?
    *Your wish is my command !
    I’ll set you free… wheeeee… a bluish trail vanishes from my balcony…’ 🪔 ~ Lam-My

    I later ask myself…who is setting who free ? Originally, my thought was I set Lambgenie free because he is trapped in a lamp; and then something struck… Lambgenie seems to have set me free so I can write poetry and stories 😁

    By the way, *window sill is used in his Roses new song. Love the hook : ‘ But all I got was Roses…’ Hit !

  3. Lam-My permalink
    March 4, 2020 10:40 pm

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