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Adam Lambert Update November 10, 2019

November 10, 2019

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.










Check out the event photo album!






adamlambert: Happy Halloween 🎃! Unfortunately due to Jet Lag and exhaustion from all the work I’ve been doing to promote VELVET, I have made the heartbreaking decision to stay in tonight and rest. Gonna save my costume for next year… or another costume party. Health comes first and I need to listen to my body. I’m celebrating Halloween in Spirit from my bed.

adamlambert: Thank you @themandrakehotel for an amazing stays my last two trips to London. Love the hotel. So sensual!






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  1. Jennifer long permalink
    November 11, 2019 5:46 pm

    I love Adam’s new half album. Maybe his best so far? Can ‘t wait for the second half and would love for adam to do a tour.

  2. Lam-My permalink
    November 12, 2019 7:31 pm

    Wah! Very fierce Adam ! Terrific sound system.

    Adam Lambert – Superpower (from his EP, Velvet: Side A) – The Talk – CBS – November 12, 2019

    And now Adam entertains 🐕🐰🐒🐬🐧 row row row your boat…

  3. Lam-My permalink
    November 12, 2019 7:44 pm

  4. November 13, 2019 1:58 am

    Lots of great stuff here – can’t wait to get to my other tablet to see it all. I’d get it now but I have a little dog on my lap…

  5. Lam-My permalink
    November 13, 2019 8:36 pm

    Adam’s charitable foundation is called “The Feel Something Foundation”! ❤️ @AdamL_Daily 3h

    “We’ll be looking at having our first event soon — it will be queer-orientated and you will see it this year.”

  6. Lam-My permalink
    November 13, 2019 9:02 pm

    Adam about his relationship with Javi: “The key is not to go into too much detail.”
    @AdamL_Daily 3h

    “There is definitely a line of what is public and what is personal, but I am happy to brag that I am in a happy relationship.”

  7. Lam-My permalink
    November 13, 2019 10:27 pm

    Good morning Adam, Javi, Pharaoh!
    Such a lovely new family
    Aha, Pharaoh wearing sunglasses
    Yea, I have to protect my super-vision eyes
    From cameras, now that I’m officially a Rockstar!
    Not bad, Rockstar Pharaoh!
    I saw you in Daddy’s sunny pool shaking off the water 
    That’s Hollywood high life…
    But I’m still the humble ole Pharaohdoggo
    Won’t change nor do I know how
    That’s why I like you so much; you’re consistent
    So lucky to have two caring Daddys
    Giving you so much love and attention 
    Pride and freedom to reckon Owooooh!

    Love motivates, brings out the innate
    The soul, heart and mind
    Embarking on the twists and turns of life
    It gives…more than it takes…that’s the magic!
    It flushes out hate which takes root…surreptitiously invades
    Not worth it…even if it brings short-term benefits
    Love is the opposite…like the grapes hanging on the vines
    Produce fine wine…invigorates
    Unlike pseudo, equality, truth, is the only road
    A brilliant lamp on a lamp-stand
    Uplifts the lost and forgotten…shines a ray of hope
    Adam has given a lot of himself to others
    And as he sings…You get back what you give away
    Adam, Javi and lovely Pharaohdoggo 
    Fathom and foray day after day…what’s next…
    Adam wisely says : I have no idea !
    But right now he is in an Overglow of Superpower in love, mate !


  8. Lam-My permalink
    November 15, 2019 3:05 am

    Hi Adam! All the best to you and Javi ! Good luck ! Good bye! 🙂

    @AdamLambert did an Instagram Live tonight : @AdamL_Daily 1h ago

  9. Lam-My permalink
    November 15, 2019 10:04 pm

    I chanced upon this picture in my archive; I recall a story I wrote several years back called Godfather Glam based on it…Updated version:

    Godfather Glam was sitting in his antique chair ruminating on the recent abduction of one of his secret clan members, a 10-year faithful follower who would crawl through fire for him. At this moment, the telephone on the side-table rang. Riiinngg…Godfather Glam was startled out of his rumination. Yes, he anticipated the ransom call for the release of JoJo. The thugs knew full-well Godfather Glam would pay, as he would protect his men at all cost.
    A voice came on the phone:
    ‘I want 1 million cold cash in $100 bills. Deposit it in the desert oasis…a bearded guy will pick it up. Do not bring any other person or’ … The caller hung up.

    Godfather leapt into action. The ransom was packed in a black suitcase…hurriedly got into his white BMW and sped off into the desert oasis.
    Living on the outskirts of the desert was his long-time confidante, Saul who had many contacts at the oasis; they often gathered for camaraderie and drinks. Godfather called him from his car and they detailed a plan to thwart the ransom extortion.

    Soon, Godfather Glam arrived at the oasis, a bearded guy was there, looking very grim at him with a surreptitious wink ! The exchange took place and soon JoJo was released…Godfather drove off in a jiffy with him. As he sped…about 50 metres away, gunshots were heard back at the oasis.

    Ahh, being very experienced with regard paying ransoms, he had arranged for Saul to infiltrate into the gang at the oasis. Saul, wearing a white head-cloth and white robe, mingled with his oasis comrades. After Godfather Glam left, they went by a secret passage into the thugs’ hideout, an underground tunnel. Lo and behold, they spied them sitting on a flat rock surface apportioning the ransom money, handed to them by Godfather Glam who by now had sped far-off into the desert.

    Hands up ! Don’t move ! The undercover police suddenly emerged from behind the tunnel pillars; arrested them at gunpoint, took them into custody; the money was intact. If it had not been for Saul’s tip-off, they would have escaped and apprehension wouldn’t stand a chance in this lawless vast remote desert.

    Meanwhile, as Godfather Glam was speeding away with JoJo, he noticed a jeep tailing him. These were the looters waiting on the outside. Alerted that their ransom deal had gone awry, they gave chase, and fired at Godfather with machine-guns.
    Godfather Glam knew the road through the desert would be too long and risky for an escape…swiftly activated a secret red knob in his BMW. A cloud of foam gas enveloped his car rendering it invisible to the thugs.
    Well, his white BMW was well-camouflaged not only by the invisible gas, also the powdery sand the screeching tyres thrashed up. He raced through the desert without a trace. The ordeal could have ended in a bloodbath shootout.
    Don’t mess with handsome Godfather Glam; he’s not called Godfather for no reason; lots of tricks up his sleeves.

    Bang ! Bang ! Gunshots rang out from an overhead helicopter ! Noooo ! The looters had captured Saul at the oasis.

    ‘Get out of your car ! We can see you from up here!’ Looks like the invisible gas thinned out….he had to work fast, not only was his life threatened, he would never leave his confidante alone to fend off the ruthless thugs who were dangling Saul by a rope from the helicopter to lure him; it’s do or die ! oh oh oh oh ! freedom yeeeah!

    He got out of his car cautiously…using the same tactic…pointed an infrared laser beam at the helicopter…Psssssssh !… the helicopter disappeared in mid air, the purring could still be heard.
    The rope holding Saul started sliding down due to his weight; Saul being very acrobatic, jumped onto a high sand-dune mount as the rope got lower. Godfather Glam ran to haul him to safety while JoJo took over the wheel, sped to their rescue. No better friend than one who risks his life for another. They got away safely.

    Godfather got his money back from the desert police. His loyal followers were duly rewarded for their recent dangerous undertaking. Godfather Glam and confidante Saul became very close trusted companions; but eventually each went their own way to pursue their career paths far from the desert oasis. 🌵🚕…🚁🏝️


  10. Lam-My permalink
    November 16, 2019 10:54 pm

    Adam’s Bicycle Race, Rhapsody Tour performance…hinges on political, rights, space, freedom…
    ‘ I want to ride where I like…’

    Vrooom Vrooom…I want to point my headlights
    Anywhere I like…Dracul ! On guard !
    Dracul leaps from a spooky chasm
    Lands on Rocker for a siphon spasm
    Biker dazzles his headlights, flicks out his Caesar laser
    To kill Evil in the Night
    Arrrrgh…all hell breaks loose…pandemonium!
    Dracul swoops…jabs Biker’s neck with his tainted fangs 
    Topples his titanium !
    Whoa! in a split second Biker grabs hold the headlights
    With outstretched legs… glares them at the demon’s head  
    Vrooom Vrooom…speeds towards the mist-shrouded lake
    His lover, Javi blows kisses
    I’m feeling sad…I removed 3 subsequent lines…
    Cuz the Overglow of the halo moon fails to seal their tete-a-tete
    Bye Javi ! … yes, you have to find your niche
    As for Adam…so vulnerable but your true beau lingers…


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