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Adam Lambert Update July 21, 2019

July 21, 2019

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.



“Lambert completes them in an uncanny way that defies description. He has an enormous, off-the-charts stage presence; he blew the audience away over and over again. His vocal range is astronomical. And he’s so damn handsome, you literally can’t take your eyes off him.” – John Coulter

adamlambert: Happy Birthday @brianmayforreal !!! 📸@Scarlettcherry

The LA Forum full set videos from @thefilmqueen!

Full set of Vancouver in HD from TALCVids

Full set of Phoenix shows on theRealKittychan’s channel. Here’s “Killer Queen”

14-minute montage from LA Forum show!


Check out Cheryl Abraham’s Facebook Live recording of the entire LA Forum show from the front row:

And for Lambertology doctoral candidates, here is a huge compendium of LA Forum videos taken from all angles! Thanks to LynnevillePF for the awesome curation.





Queen + Adam Lambert concert review: An astonishing way to celebrate their legacy. “With Lambert, you get the flamboyance and an awe-inspiring vocal range that makes it feel like he was born to sing these songs…He’s a charismatic presence with all the bravado and swagger required. You could even see an actual twinkle in his eye on the video monitors during “Somebody to Love,” which featured some of Lambert’s most impressive vocals of the night. And to be clear, a vocal standing out as something special in the context of the other vocals he turned in at Tuesday’s concert had to be astonishingly brilliant, which this was.”

Tacoma Weekly – Queen + Adam Lambert give stunning performance at the Dome. “Friday night turned out to be one of the best arena rock shows to hit the Tacoma Dome. A sign of a truly great concert is that the music and visuals are still in your head days later. Some people have said that Lambert was channeling Freddie, but what I can say is that he and Queen quenched my thirst for great music from one of my all-time favorite bands.”

Forbes – Queen And Adam Lambert Deliver A Masterful Show On All Levels At L.A. Forum. “…Unlike so many other bands they are not trying to run from their past, nor are they over romanticizing it. May and Taylor lost a friend, a partner and band mate they  clearly loved. And they treat it as such. The most impressive thing on a night that was spectacularly impressive on all levels was how gracefully they handled the tributes and celebration of Mercury….This was a celebration of Mercury, but it was just as much a celebration of the spirit of Queen, of the incredible talents of Lambert, May and Taylor and it felt vibrant and vital. It was a tribute to the past, but just as much as it is a reminder of the past, these are musicians at the absolute top of their game now and it is a sheer joy to watch.”



WATCH: Adam Lambert performs in Nova’s Red Room Studio

“Adam treated us to a setlist featuring his golden hits including ‘Whataya Want From Me’ as well as his new track ‘New Eyes’. We also got a sneak at a Queen song Break Free!”

Queen releases remastered Bohemian Rhapsody video to celebrate ONE BILLION VIEWS!!






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I received tickets to see my all time favorite band (Queen) as a gift.. However, I didn’t want to go. I was too sad, I thought, to see someone else sing Freddie’s songs. He is my hero. He was unapologetically himself and that is such a rare thing. So grudgingly, I came tonight. Well, I am totally won over by @adamlambert : his amazing talent, his incredible voice and stage presence and…he is unapologetically himself. It was so wonderful to hear the songs I love sung live, sung by someone who really appreciates him and loves him too. Such an amazing night. I waked in a skeptic and will be walking out a diehard Adam Lambert fan. I didn’t cry or anything, my eyelash glue is just too strong.

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  1. Jennifer long permalink
    July 21, 2019 5:54 pm

    I love love love Adam. Can’t wait for his new album to come out!

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