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Adam Lambert Update July 7, 2019

July 7, 2019

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.



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Tour Ready !!! Well, almost ! This is me about to perform our ‘Stagger-Through”. We’ve now put in 6 days solid production rehearsals for our QAL tour of North America and Beyond. Long days, hammering out new pieces of action – and interaction between us, the performers, and the massive and highly sophisticated beast which is our touring rig. Sound, lights, staging, moving parts, video content, magic tricks, monitoring, costumes, and … MUSIC !!! I was pondering today that it’s such a shame that the wonderful Beatles never got the chance to indulge themselves and their fans in such a fantasy. Touring life became uncontrollable for them after only a few years of massive fame. For us we’ve had 40 years or more to develop and continuously innovate – and the technical and artistic team we have around us is at the very top level. Having recently spent some time with some of those amazing men who actually walked on the moon, I can definitely see some parallels. What we do isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s a similar situation, where what you see – the end result on stage – is the result of the work of hundreds of highly talented people. I’m hugely proud of this whole operational team. Best in the World for sure. What’s the Stagger-Through ? Well in the theatre they would call it a dress rehearsal. It’s not exactly that for us, but it’s the time when we put together all the pieces for the first time, and run it, warts and all, as a continuous show in our private space. Lots of stops for train wrecks and final arguments … but at the end of we can make a guess as to whether we actually have a show which works. I believe we do !! See you out there, Rockers ! Bri

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Official Charts: Take The Hit podcast returns for series two. “Our podcast Official Charts: Take The Hit is back for a second series, with Adam Lambert announced as the first guest.

The new series kicks off with Adam on Tuesday, July 9. The US singer-songwriter, who rose to fame in 2009 on American Idol, talks about his upcoming album Velvet, on which he takes on a new ’70s-inspired funk sound.”





iHeartRadio – Queen Is The Biggest Rock Band In The World At 2019 Halfway Point. “On the strength of its record-breaking biopic on late-front man Freddie Mercury, the iconic British band is the best-selling and most-streamed rock act so far of 2019…While as of this spring, Queen guitarist Brian May insisted the band had yet to make any money from the film directly, the release of the movie reportedly quadrupled the band’s income from its music.

Queen + Adam Lambert will further capitalize on their newfound popularity with the North American ‘Rhapsody’ tour, beginning in August.”



Song Review: Adam Lambert’s Fourth Album is “Comin In Hot” with Release of Second Single ““Comin In Hot” is an effortless extension of its predecessor in terms of musical style and inspiration; a slow burn, 70s rock-inspired ode to passion. How the new release sets itself apart though lies in the groovy, uptempo supporting production. Funky electric guitar is prominent this time around as Lambert hazily sings of igniting fires in the bedroom.”

Vancouver Sun – Five reasons to check out Queen + Adam Lambert. “Half a million. That’s how many tickets have pre-sold for the band’s the upcoming 25-date North American tour. The Vancouver show is the first date of the tour.”

The West Australian. Adam Lambert ‘Red wine and weed is a good recipe for sensual adventures.’ (Online subscription needed to access.) Screencaps below thanks to @gelly14


Attitude – INTERVIEW | SINGER BENEDICT CORK ON INSPIRATION BEHIND HIS MUSIC AND COMING OUT IN A CATHOLIC HOME. “Adam Lambert is an amazing vocalist but also a great collaborator.

That first hour where you sit down and talk about life, it’s always really refreshing.

Sometimes when you are working with a big artist, there is that fear that either they have been doing so much writing they are bored about talking about themselves or because they have this other profile they don’t want to talk about their feelings and emotions because you want to be more private.

But he was so willing to talk about life and what he’s going through and that’s really helpful when you’re trying to write from a truthful place.

And yeah it was just a really nice experience and we spent a day last year in LA and we wrote the song which was recorded a couple of weeks later.

Then I got a message earlier this year from him saying, ‘Don’t tell anyone but I’m singing at the Oscars and I am putting the song out the day before’. I was like, ‘whaaat?’ it was pretty mad but a brilliant experience.”





Fun Sunday session today with this absolute legend #adamlambert #queen



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