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A Bohemian Rhapsody (review)

November 4, 2018

by Vanessa

I booked the tickets last week to see Bohemian Rhapsody at the local cinema, the day after its release, here in New Zealand. Which is today. I wore one of my Adam T shirts, as I did to the concerts I have seen of Queen and Adam Lambert. I don’t consider myself a Queen fan. I like the songs, but never really knew much of the band itself. I just adore Adam singing the songs of Queen.

I really liked the movie! It was entertaining, sad, and funny. I don’t know a lot about the concepts of their songs, or the timeline in which it all happened for them, so I really enjoyed the insight that the film gives us.

It was as if Adam was a ghost in the theatre! A good handful of times I got goosebumps and I was transported, so cleverly, back to my spot in the audience of the concerts I have seen! I kept hearing the songs sung by Adam. I have honestly watched SO MANY HOURS AND HOURS of concert performances of Adam singing with Queen that I know the songs back to front. Songs I never knew existed before Adam joined Roger and Brian. I kept seeing Adam in his tight black leather of the first world tour in 2014, strutting the stage in front of me!

The absolute joy of being taken back in time was everything! When Freddie walks down the stairs in his crown and cloak, my heart skipped a beat. I could see, in my memory, Adam standing in front of me in his glorious crown and gold cloak! Woooo hoooooo! Hearing the songs, and seeing them being performed in the movie has made me yearn to see Roger, Brian and Adam one more time! Please please please come back over this way for us again!

I feel like I appreciate Freddie more than I could have believed I would, after seeing the movie. The concepts and stand out talents of all of the Queen members were very much in the forefront of the film.

I also have come away thanking Adam for bringing these songs and the mastery of them, into my life. Of course, I have always known the hits of Queen, but since Adam, I understand them more and enjoy them more. I have listened to Adam singing them so much, hours and hours of footage from all of their concerts. I have watched hours and hours of live streams, from all sorts of time zones, making me being able to catch the stream a challenge at times!

I loved Adam’s cameo in the film! A brilliant small glimpse, of an extra almost. Even though he is underneath a wig, trucker cap, false teeth, and a moustache, heavens above, when that camera pauses on his shoulders and back! Wooooooo hoooooooo! NOW THAT’S HIM! Hahahhahahaa!

I am so pleased I saw it, and I am so pleased, at this time in my life, to have been exposed to the deeper Queen catalogue through Adam singing the songs. I feel so pleased that I have been a part of the tours and a part of the audience and seen and heard Roger and Brian play. Both are masters at their craft. Brilliant musicians and men of grace and humility. I have really loved watching hours of interviews with them, as they tour with Adam, and I have tremendous respect for them. I loved seeing a part of their back story, in the film. I enjoyed seeing a representation of Freddie and he came across as endearing and strong.

So, in short, I thank Adam for bringing these fabulous songs to my attention, and for Roger and Brian for still bringing these songs to us, by touring and being so damn awesome on stage.

A really good movie!

Oh, and there are so many fabulous songs, ‘I Was Born To Love You’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Spread Your Wings’, ‘Hammer To Fall’ just to name a few.

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  1. Lam-My permalink
    November 13, 2018 10:13 pm

    @adamlambert 15h
    Had the most fun with this photoshoot and I’m so thankful for every single person who helped bring my vision to life!!


    Interview @AdamLambert talks about his first voice acting gig as evil emperor Maximus in @Playmobil :”It’s a great character, it was really fun to play. It was so nuts that I lost my voice after the first day, just because he’s just so insane.”

    @AdamLambert on his new album:”I’ve explored some new sounds & new concepts & I’m on the course to put something out – There are some incredible songs that I’m really proud of and I can’t wait to share them with the world.”

    Happy Birthday! Johnny Rice … Purple Rain at Adam’s poolside NYE 2018.

    Pharaoh! yooo hooo…here eat some more
    Uncle Johnny Rice is feeding me all the time
    He is the one who taught me Ooooeeeh!
    We are adjourning to the pool for some Purple Rice
    待会! jai huay Lam-My / till then…
    Shall we fly! bom bom..
    On a bright cloud of music shall we smile…

    (January 3, 2018 at 2:14 am)

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