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Queen + Adam Lambert summer of 2018 tour

July 10, 2018

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook.



Get ready to overdose on Adam…so so good…

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So much goodness! Gratitude to the wonderful photographers and apologies for not having the info we need to credit them all

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London @officialqueenmusic

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London !

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Billboard – Adam Lambert: Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community “Y’all are my true inspiration. You’re life lines that have kept me grounded and thankful. All the LGBTQ musicians, dancers, drag queens, bar stars, club kids, DJ’s, designers, actors, stylists, glam squads….. YOU are my circus family. It is because of all those years traipsing round our nocturnal playgrounds that I had any sense of how and why I wanted to stay the course; to rep for my queer family!”

AMP – adam lambert, the only man i’ve ever loved “Even though LGBTQ representation in media is still not where it needs to be, Adam Lambert is one of the only men I’ve ever loved who’s fearlessly chasing equality and visibility, a reality that Freddie Mercury surely would have dreamed of.”

Billboard – Adam Lambert on Carrying on ‘A Torch’ for Queen’s Freddie Mercury “When I came on the scene, it definitely felt like a bit of an uphill battle, with a lot more middle-aged straight dudes making a lot of [industry] decisions. That’s changing. Someone like Troye [Sivan]or Sam [Smith] or Olly [Alexander] from Years & Years or Hayley Kiyoko can say, “This is who I am,” which is what I’ve been trying to do, too. I always wonder if Freddie is looking down on us, excited that the times have changed. I hope I’m carrying on his legacy in a way that would make him proud and that he would get a kick out of. And I hope he’s envious of my footwear collection.”

Sunday Herald – ‘Audiences have a connection to Queen’, says Mercury replacement Adam Lambert “A lot of that is down to just allowing the music to be in my body – after a while it becomes an instinct, very much like it is for Brian and Roger. It took me a little time to catch up, but after a couple of years on the road, you connect into a living, breathing unit. We’ve become a real team, and I’m very grateful that my ideas are heard. It didn’t have to be that way. If they had said, ‘No! You have to do it this way,’ I’d have said, ‘Yes, sirs! Whatever you say.’ But they’ve been really lovely.””

The Guardian – Adam Lambert: ‘Now there’s an audience for me being exactly who I am’ ““Roger was like: ‘I think he would be really open and upfront about it, because that’s what he was like to all of us.’ [His sexuality] was just taboo in the media. But he was very matter of fact once he’d come to terms with it. And from what I have ascertained, he was fully bisexual. He was dabbling everywhere. I think he was ahead of his time.”

There are those who would say the same of Lambert. At a recent event in LA championing gay musicians, singer Parson James said: “A lot of people bashed him for what he did, but to be honest, I think if people like him didn’t come around when the conversations were so mum, then we couldn’t have people like Troye [Sivan] or myself.” How does that make Lambert feel? “Beautiful,” he says. “That was a really nice thing to hear.” He shuffles about in his seat again. “I didn’t get into this to be a role model, but then slowly I realised it was a responsibility I wanted. There’s so much good that can come from being a leader and being open.””

GQ – Adam Lambert on gay pride, touring with Queen and his favourite tattoos “I have a tattoo of Antinous, emperor Hadrian’s lover on my ribs. It was a very public relationship, and they travelled around together until Antinous died while they were visiting Egypt. He drowned in the Nile. Hadrian was so gutted that he cried for weeks, and then he named the city where Antinous drowned after him, had the government declare him as a demigod, and created several temples around the empire dedicated to Antinous. He became the most sculpted figure in Roman art for about 200 years. To me, the story was just so romantic. They were like the early gay power couple.”

Highwire Magazine – Review & Photos: Queen + Adam Lambert at The O2, London “Touring together for over six years now, Lambert, May and Taylor work together so efficiently on stage that you’d be hard-pressed to find a show like it. It’s slick, professional, and a spectacle in its own right that had every audience member transfixed.”

Attitude – QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT CHANNEL THE SPIRIT OF FREDDIE MERCURY AT LONDON’S O2 ARENA – REVIEW “And gay’s the word with Lambert, who shouts his sexuality from the rooftops and wears it on his tattoo sleeves and golden cloaks, in his high heels and guyliner, in his red leather jacket and sparkly crown. Freddie never hid his gayness but he butched it up in blue jeans and white vests, whereas Adam is an androgynous peacock who struts around making cracks about how far up his ass that robot’s head is. All this would be to hollow avail if he wasn’t such an awesome singer: Lambert’s got the pipes to tear the roof off rockers like ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and to tear into the heart of anthems like ‘The Show Must Go On’, not to mention the charisma to coax every single member of the crowd to do the ‘Radio Ga Ga’ hand claps. Singing ‘I Want It All’, he leaves you wondering what more any Queen fan could possibly want.”

Lust for Life – Queen + Adam Lambert in Ahoy “Adam Lambert may be humble when it comes to Freddie Mercury, but at the same time he also has the bravado needed to fill those unprecedented frontman shoes. That makes him – in combination with his great singing qualities – the ideal person to stand with Queen on the stage and will undoubtedly be the reason that Brian May and Roger Taylor have been with him for six years now.”

Glasgow Live – Watch as Glasgow Queen fans launch mass singalong after TRNSMT “From Brian May taking a selfie with the expansive crowd, to a poignant tribute to Freddie Mercury, TRNSMT’s Friday night was one for the history books…”

Independent – Queen with Adam Lambert, London O2 Arena, review: Wonderfully flamboyant “It’s no mean feat, finding a replacement for one of the greatest rock singers of all time, but Queen have found one of the best possible artists in the form of Adam Lambert.”

Glasgowist – SPECTACULAR SHOW AS QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT ROCK TRNSMT IN THE SUNSHINE “‘I Want to Break Free’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘We Will Rock You’…just some of the EPIC tunes on offer as the sun set on a glorious Friday night in Glasgow. The TRNSMT crowd needed Somebody to Love and boy, did the band deliver. From Brian May taking a selfie with the expansive TRNSMT crowd, to a poignant tribute to Freddie Mercury from fellow frontman Adam Lambert, mass singalongs to ‘Under Pressure’ and the promise by Adam Lambert to spend a night truly celebrating the biggest rock band in the world – TRNSMT’s Friday night was one for the history books.”

The Scottish Sun – Rock royalty Queen wow TRNSMT fans as they close day four of festival with sensational show “Eccentric Lambert wowed fans with his incredible voice and slick moves on the stage. Crowds were wowed by the theatrical performance in front of 40,000 strong crowd. The band had audiences in the palm of their hand as they seduced them with jaw-dropping renditions of Queen’s biggest ballads and classic rock hits. And they pulled out all the stops with glitzy costumes to add extra drama to the performance and Adam Lambert proved himself worthy of heroic Freddy Mercury’s crown.”

Hotpress -Queen & Adam Lambert, The Boomtown Rats, and The Darkness at Marlay Park “Lambert starts the show in some sort of red leather jerkin, during ‘Girls’, he shows off platform heels that would have given Edmund Hillary vertigo. Before they go into ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, he reappears on stage in a green leather jacket and pink checkerboard pants, rising out of the stage on the head of the giant robot from the cover of News Of The World, not missing the chance to make an arse joke about it either. He rides a bicycle around the stage for, you’ve guessed it, ‘Bicycle Race’, and it’s no ordinary bike either, more a cross between Pee-Wee Herman’s two wheeler and a child’s tricycle. He strokes the microphone in a way that would make Price blush. Yes, he is certainly flamboyant enough for the job, the kind of fellow you could imagine receiving a late night call from Liberace advising him to “tone it down a bit”, but does he have the pipes? The answer is a resounding yes. Of course he’s not Freddie, but who could be? His voice does everything asked of it and more. He’s very good value indeed.”



Interview before TRNSMT festival performance HERE.



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@camila_cabello is living!! Great show honey!!

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East London Boogie @jackbanderson

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Fun at @thecurtainldn @jackbanderson

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Library at Ryjks Museum

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💕Bacchus & Ampelos🌈

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  1. Lam-My permalink
    October 16, 2018 9:46 pm

    Alerting Adam Lambert Salon @Blogger-in-chief :

    There is a severe Internal Server problem with regards videos I posted above and at older comments; they have been obliterated. Thank you.

  2. Lam-My permalink
    October 16, 2018 11:09 pm

    Waah! Adam Lambert Salon @Blogger-in-chief Juneau…Thank you! Sooo efficient!

    Elvis comes across more sexy to me than when I was twenty … era 50s-60s.
    Helloo Adam! many people say you look like Elvis, started during AI 2009; so are you able to wear his Blue Suede Shoes as sexily as he does…I bet you can 100% ! lwl!

  3. Lam-My permalink
    October 18, 2018 1:11 am

    Time for some Halloween indulgence…

    Bert was struggling across the desert sand dunes; he had gone on a safari in search of gold which was rumoured to be hidden in an oasis in the desert; he was always game for an adventure. Pharaoh his sole companion was napping in the haversack on his back. Bert had an ancient map indicating the exact spot of the buried treasure.
    All of a sudden, a group of horsemen appeared in the horizon and they came charging at Bert. The leader had the appearance of a gladiator wearing a steel helmet to protect him from the hot sun in the day and cold wind in the night. They looked more like people of another era.
    What’s happening? Where am I ? Bert muttered.

    The horsemen made a beeline advance…got down and arrested Bert for trespassing. They tied his arms and poor Pharaoh was squeezed tightly to his Daddy, tied together.
    Daddy what are they doing? Pharaoh was really puzzled.
    It’s okay Phara, we just do as they say.

    They were taken back to a cave and Bert stood before their king who was attired in ancient Egyptian garb, a gleaming helmet with sharp horns but the heat made him bare his body, wearing a thick grass skirt and an animal-skin cape, boots . He wore a gold chain with a shimmering royal amulet embedded with a rare blue diamond. What a peculiar tribe, Bert observed.

    What are you doing in my oasis? Do you know you are trespassing on private property?

    Your majesty, king! I am a gold prospector; I mean no intrusion; I heard there’s gold buried in the desert in this oasis, maybe it belonged to the ancient Pharaohs.


    At this point, Pharaoh’s antenna ears twitched on hearing its name.

    The king continued: .. Pharaohs were my forefathers! Gold buried in the oasis! That’s fascinating. Release him ! and let him show us where the gold is…he ordered his guards. And if he can’t…he’ll be strung up on a pole to dry!
    Whoa! A cold shiver scuttled down Bert’s spine and Pharaohboy too felt the fear of his Daddy…Ooooeeh! it whimpered.
    Don’t worry Pharaohdoggo. Daddy will always protect you.

    And so the king’s guards, bandits, followed Bert trekking over a mile of loose powdery sand dunes to a remote red cave deep in the desert; Bert scrutinising the ancient map. There were lots of narrow twists and turns like a labyrinth as they got further into the cave.
    Pharaohboy was peeking out of the haversack which was meant for holding the potential gold find.
    Then, Bert caught sight of something protruding from an undergrowth of desert flora. He moved away the thick hedge…lo and behold, a rusty carved metal chest lay hidden, untouched for years, in a corner.
    Immediately, the bandits pounced on it with their plundering axes…the lid flew open revealing a stash of gold nuggets, chains, amulets, utensils.
    The bandits laughed lustily as they never saw so much gold ever in their life, right under their noses. They then got to a corner and whispered surreptitiously; well, they were not as loyal to their king as Bert thought.
    They told Bert to leave as if giving him a new lease of life but in fact greed overcame them and they decided to take the treasure lock stock and barrel all for themselves.
    Bert was partly grateful to be set free but at the back of his mind, thought why should he let these bandits escape with what rightfully or partially his, finders keepers.

    As the bandits were preparing to escape with their loot…the hoofs of horses galloping was heard from a distance and came nearer to the entrance of the cave.
    The bandits being alerted by their king’s arrival decided to grab some of the gold and escape via another route rather than not getting anything at all.
    The supposed Pharaoh heir got down from his black stallion and his mouth opened agog, aaaahhhhh! at the voluminous gold treasure heirloom lying intact in the cave; ran his hands through the shimmering amulets, pearl necklaces, gold nuggets just to make sure he was not hallucinating.

    Tooooo looove! Bert’s ethereal voice echoed through the cave; he too was exhilarated.

    The supposed Egyptian heir then invited Bert with Pharaohboy back to his high-tech luxurious cave to have dinner with him. Exotic cuisines were conveyed out from the kitchen by a computerised belt, onto the dining table.
    After dinner, as Bert was leaving, a numbness befell him; his safari gold prospecting turned out to be nothing? Doesn’t feel right at all!…he found the treasure!

    Hold on Friend! Pharaoh heir then scooped a whole lot of gold nuggets, chains, pearls and dropped them into Bert’s haversack…plonk!
    Pharaoh…let’s go!
    Pharaohboy looked up at his Daddy’s smile of Satisfaction. A tidy safari windfall indeed, that started off quite life-threatening. Ooooeeeh! …tripping daintily close to his Daddy’s heels out the cave back onto the sand dunes…

    Lam-My 🌵🌴🐕🚶🏻👻

  4. Lam-My permalink
    October 18, 2018 9:26 pm

    Video @AdamLambert on Instagram Stories hiking with Pharaoh: “Rockstar!!”

    Pharaoh is very alert, keeps looking back at his Daddy to see what he wants before running on. This video fits my desert sand dunes scenario. Maybe Adam likes my Halloween story. Ooooeeeh! A new vicinity / new house.

    @AdamL_Daily 3h

  5. Lam-My permalink
    October 19, 2018 12:01 am

    I think it’s Runyon Canyon, not new vicinity…the colour of the soil and the fence; Adam and Pharaoh always run here.

  6. Lam-My permalink
    October 20, 2018 5:43 am

    So what will it be this Halloween
    Pirate, tinker, tailor, satanic
    A futuristic apocalypse…
    How about sparring with Dracula
    Hanging by a thread on a precipice
    Drooling to siphon Glampire’s liquid
    Or simply a wandering ghost lost in the abyss
    Hoping to reincarnate for a quick fix
    Old man, young man, vagabond, trick
    Ah, Maximus the aristocratic
    Let’s see…what’s next…
    Pharaohdoggo…what will you be
    I’ll howl like a werewolf… Owoooooh!
    Riding on a hocky-stick… 🏒
    Save people from falling into a bottomless pit
    And dance cha cha cha 1 2 3 pirouette…smile…kick…Ooooeeeh!

    Lam-My 🎴🐕🦕

  7. Lam-My permalink
    October 26, 2018 8:45 pm

    Adam smiling so nicely…

    Adam Lambert “Paley Honors: A Gala Tribute to Music on TV” Black Carpet

    MaximoTV Oct 26, 2018

  8. Lam-My permalink
    October 26, 2018 10:06 pm

    Trick or Treat?

    LeatherBiker races across the moor
    A daredevil, he waits for Dracul
    For their annual Halloween vis-a-vis
    A lanky figure with a lean and hungry look
    Approaches the mist-shrouded brook
    LeatherBiker readies his infrared laser
    Bursts into a wail of a rock-yeller
    Toooooo looove…to love..ove…! On guard Dracul!
    Resplendent rocker hair, leopard eyes shine in the chasm lair
    Unfazed, Dracul offers a glass of bloody whisky
    LeatherBiker sips it slowly to taste its purity
    Evil in the night turns ugly, with no warning
    Tainted fangs chokehold LeatherBiker for a syphoning!
    Oooo-la-la! Not so fast Dracul!
    Quick as lightning, Biker activates his infrared…sears his foe’s cranium
    Blood spills out of the shapeshifter
    Vrroom-vrrooom…LeatherBiker heaves his blinding headlights at the demon
    Werewolves howl…Rockgod leggiero cries foul
    Dracul beelines for an attack from the back
    Aaarrggh! Got you Handsome!
    Biker flicks his long dark hair, turns his bike, redirects it at the bloody parasite
    Resuming his mountainous ride, fades into the full moonlight
    With music to soothe the savage beast
    Arrives at his antiquated vampire mansion
    Doong ! The antique doorbell lingers…
    A well-attired butler, named Roger, emerges
    Opens the skull-crafted door
    A waft of steaming-hot beef drifts to the fore
    On the rosewood table…two fragrant candles evoke nostalgia
    Bring it back…bring it back cuz you don’t know what it means to me…yeeaah…
    Doong! … Doong!
    Butler hurriedly opens the door
    Mi amor! Love on the moor can’t ask for more
    With outstretched arms…two lovers meet…clasp…kiss
    Aha… what do you think? …Trick or Treat?
    A Dracul shapeshift?
    Or a yonder bosom lover sealed with a Halloween kiss…lwl!

    Lam-My… 🎴🛣🚴🏻

  9. Lam-My permalink
    October 28, 2018 9:19 pm

    Congratulations Dracula! You got your Halloween Treat in 2018, after 8 long years of Tricks…holding hands on the moor…yeeaah!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Fire in the eyes
    Ready for a dive from the sky
    That brings me to those Red Lions
    ‘Stay connected…I fly’
    The skull-laser-ring
    Sears the hell out of Dracula’s brain
    Happy Halloween Dracula
    You can come out of your coffin
    To celebrate Halloween…All Saints Day 1st Nov
    Many many moons ago…my Baptism

    Lam-My 💀🎃

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