So given the opportunity to see Queen & Adam Lambert this week it was one I accepted with many reservations. I have to say, I was absolutely blown away. Queen with Lambert is one of the greatest shows on Earth. It is every bit the over the top epic that you would expect from a Queen concert. Incredible production, state of the art, lighting, screens, moving stages, b-stages, lasers, every single bell and whistle you could imagine. The band is impeccable, with some members being Queen side men for decades. Drummer Roger Taylor, at 68 years old, smashes the hell out of his kit like a man a fraction of his age. Brian May, lead guitarist and Astro Physicist is now 70 years old, but plays like a dream. One of the true guitar greats, his role in the band has sometimes overshadowed by Mercury’s gargantuan presence. His shock of curly hair now greyish white, his fingers still a blur of riff-tastic glory. Adam Lambert has an amazing voice, great presence, and fine stage presence. He sings these songs true to the originals, presenting them with the pomp and passion they deserve, and while he is flamboyant he is never trying to ‘do’ Freddy. The melodies are intact and he adds his own touches and flourishes.”

Noise11 – Queen + Adam Lambert Melbourne 2 March 2018 REVIEW “Lambert, like Mercury, is a flamboyant pop star. When Paul Rodgers fronted Queen and you had a rock star out front of a rock band, the recipe wasn’t right. Robbie Williams had the pop but not the flamboyance when he recorded ‘We Are The Champions’ with Queen. The selection of Lambert came after a lot of trial and error but they finally got it right.”

‘American Idol’: How the Show’s Inclusive New Season Reflects the Country’s Progress on LGBTQ Rights “Every day, people come out at their own pace at different stages in their lives, and the same holds true for former American Idolcontestants. Multi-platinum Idol alums Adam Lambert (season 8) and Clay Aiken (season 2) both famously came out publicly in magazines in different ways following their impressive runner-up stints in the singing competition. “I don’t think it should be a surprise for any­one to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert told Rolling Stone just two days after the season 9 finale in 2009, alluding to the mid-season tabloid photos that surfaced exposing him kissing an ex-boyfriend and dressing in drag.”

Slate – Beyoncé May Have Redefined Music, Perfection, Human Life as We Know It at Coachella We love that Adam is one of a handful of celebs quoted in this article. “Chance the Rapper tweeted that it was simply “the greatest show to ever happen,” while Adam Lambert wrote that it “makes one want to just forget everything they knew about live performance, sit down, and take notes…. and weep openly.” It appears to have broken Adele.”