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Adam Lambert Update – Looking back on November 2017

December 1, 2017

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook


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We love you Freddie 💗

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We can hardly do this epic tour justice, so here are just a few of our favorite videos, plus photo collections.



Queen+Adam Lambert – Friends Arena, Stockholm 20171121

Rockbladet, Stockholm

Queen + Adam Lambert Stockholm 2017




The Times of London – Pop review: Queen and Adam Lambert at Echo Arena, Liverpool “A quarter of a century after losing their original frontman, Freddie Mercury, these grey-haired rock elder statesmen could easily have become a tired heritage act. But this show was a dazzling spectacle — vintage Britrock pageantry enhanced by 21st-century technology…Half the age of the guitarist Brian May, the 35-year-old American Idol veteran Adam Lambert provided the youthful swagger and tight-trousered showmanship that Queen’s maximalist anthems demand. He may lack Mercury’s volcanic charisma and operatic tonsils, but he possesses a powerful voice and, arguably, even upstaged his predecessor in the uber-camp-outfit stakes. “Pfff, he’s no Freddie!” Lambert quipped with a self-mocking wink before taking a creditable stab at the vaulting melodrama of Don’t Stop Me Now…Led by the world’s most unlikely guitar god, a poodle-haired doctor of astrophysics, this magisterial pomp-rock pantomime was not quite rocket science, but it came pretty close.

Priceless Swedish fan reaction. Click on the text to enlarge. (Re-posted with permission.)

REVIEW – QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT – 3ARENA, IRELAND 25/11/17 Queen and Adam Lambert brought a spine-tingling live extravaganza to Ireland’s capital for a night that we will not be forgetting anytime soon. “…Brian May and Roger Taylor struck gold when they invited him to join them, and they must see a part of Freddie in him every night of the tour. The show closes with We Will Rock You and We are the Champions. The crowd, even in the seated section, is on its feet waving, dancing, cheering, singing, and generally inspired to demonstrate the sheer joy this music brings. Queen may have lost their Freddie, the world lost a legend, but in his music, and thanks to the determination of Brian and Roger to keep Queen going, and the reincarnation of so much of Freddie’s talent in Adam Lambert, this was a show never, ever to be forgotten.”

Belfast Times – Queen at SSE Arena Belfast “Adam is the ideal choice to stand in for the legendary Freddie Mercury. He doesn’t try to be Freddie, and treats us to perfect recreations of those iconic rock songs by Queen. The focus here is on the legendary group and not Adam. It doesn’t get more perfect. It’s a night of amazing memories the Belfast audience won’t forget. The stuff of legend.”



Adam Lambert reveals music execs meddled with his ‘genderfluid’ album cover “Lambert revealed that the first cover, which features him sporting an androgynous look in vibrant make-up with blue hair, was considered too controversial by some retailers, who did not want to stock his CD…Instead a second more conservative cover was produced. The black-and-white cover obscures much of Lambert’s features, with a hand over his face, though he is still clearly in make-up. He explained: “Anniversary of my first official album For Your Entertainment ! I was feelin my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy.”

21 Richest American Idols.  Adam makes the list at #11! “Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert would go on to become the biggest star to come out of the show since… well, probably Carrie Underwood. He’s worth $12 million dollars today…”

Irish Times – Brian May, Queen’s three-dimensional rock star “We are playing shows that are bigger than we ever played and the reaction has been astounding. I feel fortunate we have this incredible adventure in our lives…This is the most ambitious show that we have ever tried. There are about nine months’ thought and action gone into it…It is almost a filmic production, but the base of it is us playing our music. The music is, as ever, live and dangerous. It doesn’t have any backing tracks. You get the mistakes as well. You get everything unfolding in front of your eyes.”



On Thanksgiving Day, Adam was turkeyless in London and decided to treat fans to some quality Twitter time… (click to enlarge)



GP Popular Voices about Freddie Mercury – with Adam Lambert








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  1. Lam-My permalink
    December 9, 2017 5:42 am

    King Adam wearing his golden crown
    Swishes and flings his Midas cloak around
    And on screen I see a Royal crown
    An imposing crab claw that signifies Cancer
    2 lions for Leo
    A winged maiden, Virgo
    Well, a water-carrier emerged on stage
    Dawn of Aquarius ushers 21st century with rage

    QUEEN +Adam Lambert – WWRY, We are the champions + bows, Sheffield, 8/12/2017
    Published Dec 8, 2017

  2. Lam-My permalink
    December 10, 2017 6:17 am

    King Adam sashays his golden robe
    Gleaming in flashing strobe
    On screen their golden horoscopes
    Crab Cancer…Two lions Leo…Winged maiden Virgo
    Define the Queen logo
    Now, a Water-bearer carries a pitcher of water
    To disseminates love, illuminate the future
    It’s the Dawn of Aquarius !


    QUEEN + Adam Lambert – WWRY, We Are The Champions, bows, Manchester, 9.12.2017

    Published Dec 10, 2017

  3. Lam-My permalink
    December 10, 2017 6:20 am

    Typo : To disseminate

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