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A Kind of Magic – Brian May and Adam Lambert

November 8, 2017

We were deeply saddened to learn that our resident poet “Annehedonia” passed away in July. She was a soul sister who deeply understood the “Adam Lambert effect” and expressed the mystery, magic, and incongruity of it all with unparalleled beauty and wit. She will be sorely missed. Her spirit lives on forever here in her immortal words. Today, we re-post her essay about Adam Lambert and Brian May in her honor. With so much love, J.

By Annehedonia

I felt hearts swell and tear ducts overflow last night throughout the fandom when “the hug” by tuke18 appeared on Twitter timelines.  Perhaps that feeling echoed through TWO fandoms.  If a modicum of cynicism hides in a dark corner of any soul, this photo surely is the antidote, for here is something authentic, pure, genuine… real.  Yeah, we can joke, as in “I hope Brian didn’t lick the neck!” (not my joke, but I love it.)  If we dare to get close to our true sentiments, however, there’s something profound here.  How you interpret it will have a lot to do with what you yourself bring to the picture as you are emotionally brought into the scene.

Here’s what I saw:

First, I saw two men who’d been brought together by fate, kismet, or karma – two who were perfectly suited to heal in each other some very significant and defining past hurts…

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  1. mandytwo permalink
    November 8, 2017 8:22 am

    So sad

  2. Lam-My permalink
    November 11, 2017 12:24 am

    Truck and Roll across Europe
    Roll along, roll along… sing a song
    Not so conducive to sleeping
    While the wheels are spinning
    But it’s fun arriving…city upon city
    Adam has found a family
    Precocious son of Brian and Roger
    They bring home the beef on a silver platter
    To share with the world over
    I admire their thinking and philosophy
    Pure and straight forward, no personal agenda
    So dedicated…like Adam sings…
    That zenith note scales higher and higher

    QAL convoy rumbles and trundles
    All ready to entertain thousands in world arenas
    Not only do they bring love and peace
    Watching Super frontman is the ultimate treat
    His uplifting tenor transcends all creeds
    Takes you wherever you need
    Uphill or downhill, any way the wind blows
    Truck N Roll, their itinerary home
    A fraternity so unique and close
    A little nomadic, like cowboys they roam
    With preparations meticulous to the bone
    Taking them across counties, time zones
    Wheels of fortune, milestone after milestone
    Far from home… Hi Pharaoh! You miss Daddy?
    Who Wants To Live Forever
    The Show Must Go On
    I Want To Break Free, my favourite piece
    Radio Ga Ga, clap clap camaraderie
    With latest addition, humanoid Frank conducting
    Which Freddie will never see
    At times Brian is brought to tears
    Roger is all eyes and ears
    Watching out for Adam’s hand
    Up it goes… down Roger bangs!
    His drum-rolls rumbling to the end
    Brian, Roger, Adam…3 Roving Masters
    Dream their impossible dream


    * I had a pleasant conversation with Annehedonia when I visited this Salon several years back; she came across as upbeat and positive… RIP.

  3. Lam-My permalink
    November 11, 2017 9:16 pm

    Queen + Adam Lambert – Radio Gaga @ Bologna, 10.11.2017

    Published Nov 11, 2017

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