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Adam Lambert Update – October 1-8, 2017

October 8, 2017

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook



At the Point Honors Gala. Gorgeous!!





Wall Street Journal – Meet the New Boss: Warner Bros. Records Gets New CEO and COO “Lambert: I talked to RCA about it. In the beginning I had a meeting in New York with the heads of the label, Peter Edge and Tom Corson, right after I got off the road when I started the writing process. We had a great conversation during lunch where we just leveled with each other. I was like, “Look, if there’s something that you don’t like, just tell me.” And they were, like, “Okay, cool.” We just called out all the pretense and the bullshit and said let’s have fun with this and really communicate because we want the same thing. So let’s figure out how to do it. A lot of artists that I’ve heard about and read about are at odds with certain parts of the business and I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a very open, fun experience.

Lambert: Yeah, that came like a second later. I was, like, “I really want this to be from me, but you need to tell me if you think what I’m doing is bullshit or if it sucks.” They were surprised but I said, I’m a big boy. I grew up doing theatre, I’m used to rejection, you can tell me. It was really cool. And I think we figured out what we wanted to accomplish creatively and what we wanted to avoid, what we wanted to emphasize and what we needed to move past. We were all on the same page.”









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4 Comments leave one →
  1. rosemary permalink
    October 8, 2017 7:56 pm

    Yes, GRIZZLY is Gorgeous.

  2. Lam-My permalink
    October 9, 2017 12:33 am

    Wah, Adam went up the hill, found his destination and comes down so fierce. I like his ‘What’s going on…’ performance very much. Fits him as he seems always looking for something and trying to understand.
    Adam has a more confident demeanour, looks unflinchingly at the camera…I think he’s got many more hills and further destinations to overcome. Be it a tiny stage or the grand Queen stage, he’s really goood at what he’s doing.

  3. Lam-My permalink
    October 14, 2017 1:07 am

    Going up the hill to find a destination…reminds me a lot about kungfu masters who ventured up an ancient hill to upgrade/perfect their kungfu skills. And when he returned downhill after many years, who knows what they did, everybody in the village/county revered him as a grandmaster.
    One such Cantonese/Chinese story I loved as a child, was ‘Mo Choong da fu’ translates as Mo Choong beats tiger. Mo Choong got up ‘that great big hill’ and came to a tavern; drank 18 bowls of wine and went on his way. Most drank 3 bowls. The innkeeper warned him about a tiger/man-eater lurking on the hill. Sure enough, halfway through, a tiger emerged from the dense forest. A life-and-death fight ensued. He used his staff to whack the tiger which charged at him, the staff broke ! He followed up with a deadly karate-chop to the tiger’s head which eventually succumbed to its fate, slayed. Mo Choong attributed his great inner strength to the 18 bowls of wine he drank.
    Perhaps being tipsy, he envisaged the tiger as a wild cat rather than a man-eater. Mind over matter, my summation only. lwl! The story is a well-known folklore till today.
    And so when Mo Choong carried the dead tiger on his shoulder and came down from that hill, he allayed the villagers’ fear of that hill; they all welcomed him as a hero. The county chief offered him a job as police superintendent, which he accepted. This story is very very long; it goes on to tell what Mo Choong did to help people using his first-class kungfu; some parts quite violent as in most kungfu stories.

  4. Lam-My permalink
    October 14, 2017 1:28 am

    A note of wariness: Only 3,000 tigers left in the wild; it used to be 100,000 just last century.

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