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Adam Lambert Update – August 7-13, 2017

August 13, 2017

By Juneau. On Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook



Some favorites from our summer of love…

Alikat’s Photos from Houston

L. Kelly Kain’s Photos from Houston

Steve Cerf’s Photos from Philly

Adam Pro’s Photos from Omaha

Pro photos from Newark

Pro photos from Dallas



Via Stacey H with permission:

A couple that I went to high school with went to see QAL in Dallas. She has been an Adam fan since Idol. Here are his comments on Facebook after the show:
Lynn and I went to see Queen, plus Adam Lambert as it was being billed but I can tell you that no other person on Earth can give the music of Queen the voice it has missed for a long time. The band had toured with other singers, but they all missed the mark, musically, and visually. Adam Lambert proved clearly he is the man for the job.

After a rousing start, the first exchange between Adam Lambert and the audience to me set the tone for the evening. He was humbled by being given the chance to perform, and would later prove his worth, song after song. He was not so full of himself that he acted entitled. As he spoke to the audience saying, “I know what you’re thinking” as he rolled his eyes and said “You’re no Freddie Mercury”. As people were laughing at his remark his next words were “Well no shit” as to acknowledge there could never be another, and he was proud to just play with the band, and pay tribute to Freddie.

The show was non stop hits, and luckily there was no opening act to contend with. There were some tributes to Freddie with video of him singing being mixed in with the live performance. Of course the a cappella portion of “Bohemian Rhapsody” was the original version from the video which featured Freddie.

The band was supplemented with an additional percussionist, a different bass player than original member John Deacon whom retired in 1997, and a keyboardist that had played with the band through the years. The staging was impressive with a giant guitar neck protruding from the stage that had six spotlights on the “head” to resemble the machine heads. A couple of hydraulic risers were employed to bring surprises to the stage, such as a pink three wheeled bicycle, complete with a basket full of roses that were thrown to the crowd as Adam Lambert rode it during “Bicycle Race”. Another prop was the giant robot head from their “News of the World” album that Adam Lambert also rode so to speak, and which also graced Roger Taylor’s bass drum head.

I guess I’ll wrap this up as I could gush about the show for quite a while. Lynn and I were fortunate enough to see Queen in the early eighties shortly after we moved to Plano, and we were lucky enough to see them again this time. Although not exactly the same, I don’t think they could have been any better than they were tonight. They proved they still had it, and just weren’t grasping at straws.



At Out Magazine’s #Power50

TooFab – Adam Lambert is ‘disgusted’ by Donald Trump (VIDEO)


“On the red carpet at the Out Power 50 Gala, Adam Lambert talks with Access Hollywood and shares if he’d like to be a judge on the upcoming ABC “American Idol” reboot. Plus, he talks about how “Will & Grace” is coming back to NBC. And, does he have new music on the way?”



Two days left!! Bid here.



Photo by Eric Sauseda

The Arts Fuse – Concert Review: Queen + Adam Lambert at Boston’s TD Garden “Lambert’s choice of attire is hardly the only thing that differentiates him from the people who pay to see him perform with Queen. For one thing, it’s doubtful that anyone in the Garden crowd last week could have matched his vocal prowess. From rockers like “I Want it All” to the power ballad “Who Wants to Live Forever,” there is no part of the Queen canon his voice can’t handle — though there’s no denying he was more in his element on the latter song than the former. Similarly, while he held his own on heavier tunes like “Hammer to Fall” and “Stone Cold Crazy,” he was far more at home with the cabaret of “Killer Queen” and the poppier “Don’t Stop Me Now.” In short, he can sing rock, but he’s not a rocker. He just doesn’t have the gravel in his voice. On the other hand, if the concert were put on by Queen + [Insert Name of Singer with Great Rock Voice Here], would that vocalist be able to pull off something as playfully silly as “Bicycle Race?””

Houston Press – Queen + Adam Lambert Bathe in Classic-Rock Glory With a Side of Camp “So yes, Freddie’s dead. But Queen + Adam Lambert is no glorified tribute act or unholy music matrimony. And if you still Harrumph and Humbug, I don’t give — in the title of the Lone Adam Lambert/non-Queen song performed on the bill — “Two Fux.””

The 9 Phases Of Post-Concert Depression “For any rabid music fan, there’s a sort of grieving process that follows an event as momentous as seeing a favorite band live. It’s often referred to as “post-concert depression” around the web, and it goes a little something like this….”

TooFab – Adam Lambert, Gigi Gorgeous React to Aaron Carter Coming Out as Bisexual (Exclusive) “Did he really? I didn’t hear about that,” Lambert told TooFab. “Surprise, surprise. I mean, I think it’s exciting that we’re living in a time where people are feeling more open and honest about publicly declaring who and what they are. You know, for a long time in the show business industry it was sort of taboo and I think a lot of people felt for a long time the minute you say that then it steers your career one way or another and I think that what is so exciting is there’s so many young people right now that are choosing to either declare or not declare at all. It’s an exciting time for freedom.”

TMZ – AARON CARTER BRO’S NOT REACHED OUT …SINCE I CAME OUT (VIDEO) – Says he’d love to date Adam Lambert. Thinks he’s beautiful.

The New York Times – The Front Row “From the stage or the photo pit, caputring the most passionate devotees, a view rarely seen by anyone but the performer.” We spy a few friends!

By Jessica Lehrman for the New York Times.

Billboard – ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Wish List: Taylor Swift, Tom Cruise, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith & More “Here are 12 passengers we’d love to see Corden harmonize in traffic with on his show:

Adam Lambert Imagine the vocal heights — and Queen rock-outs — the former American Idol star (and resident Freddie Mercury fill-in) could have in the capacity of an SUV?”

The Guardian – Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice? “The rise in vocal injuries is linked to a change in what we consider good singing. Across all genres, it has become normal to believe that louder is better. (One reason that Adele is such a big star is because her voice is so big.) As a result, singers are pushing their cords like never before, which leads to vocal breakdown.”







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