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Adam Lambert Doesn’t Give 2Fux

July 5, 2017



Adam Lambert Stands His Ground on Glam-Rock Single, ‘Two Fux’ (OUT Magazine)

I would think that for a fan, they might be excited because a lot of these influences on my new project are going back to my roots a little bit more. I’ve done lots of sonic experimentation—Trespassing was really this electro-punk kind of pop, and The Original High was this dark, European pop sound. This new project sort of leans back into the glam-rock thing that I identified with from the get-go. There’s a lot of ’90s influence on it, a lot of ’80s and ’70s. My icons are people like Freddie Mercury, Prince and George Michael—these are artists I started listening to again towards the end of last year to break the cycle of listening to what was trendy or Top 40. I got a little fried on the sounds everybody was using, so I went back to why I wanted to make music in the first place. It feels full circle—it feels like my take on modern rock.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 7.10.40 AM

A middle-finger raising, pro-gay live performance at the American Music Awards in 2009 was all it took for singer Adam Lambert — whose bold new single “Two Fux” dropped on Friday — to prove that he didn’t care much about what anyone, including ABC, thought about his openly gay and proud self.

With that noted, the former theater kid and 35-year-old American Idol icon’s latest single still manages to be both refreshing as a necessary protest song for those whose inner rainbows are often dimmed by an non-understanding, mostly heterosexual society and as an emotionally enthralling and moving tune for anyone who is just trying to get by in the world without a fuss.

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  1. Janet M Bilicki permalink
    July 5, 2017 11:11 pm

    It’s sad to me that he basically doesn’t expect to get on the radio with this song. It’s ok, but I still have hopes he can get on the radio or even have a top 10 hit. It won’t happen with this song, but hopefully he’ll keep trying. He sure loves that F word!

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