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What Is It About Adam Lambert?

June 4, 2017

Here is where OMOAL all began, with Allegra Houston’s historic essay published in June of 2009. Worth some genuflections and a champagne toast to Allegra, and to all of us!

WLLHere is where it all began, with this inspired bit of writing by Allegra Huston that launched 35,000+ comments, our book, this Salon, the radio show and this expanding, global community of fans. Nearly two years after many of us first felt Eros’ arrow pierce our jaded breasts (wonderfully recapitulated in Idolholic’s American Idol Redux series), we are still examining the repercussions. The axis of our lives has lurched, our landscape shaken by the tectonic forces set loose by Adam’s energy. We are re-posting Allegra Huston’s essay, with her kind permission.

The author of Love Child reflects on the panty-throwing days of yesteryear … and on the latest inspiration for the flinging of undergarments from ‘American Idol.’

What Is It About Adam Lambert?
By Allegra Huston

In the early ’80s, I moved to London and discovered that housewives were throwing their panties at Freddie Mercury. I found it baffling…

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