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Adam Lambert highlights from the past month

June 4, 2017

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook

Dear Readers, life is coming at us a bit fast and hard these days. We’ve decided to take a few months’ break from weekly blog posts to refresh ourself. First break since November 2009 when we launched OMOAL! We’ll be back when the Q+AL tour starts up. Peace out! – J



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He just keeps getting better…how does he do it? Lambert magic…

Flaunt Magazine feature on Adam Lambert. On the topic of this issue’s parallel theme of heartbreak, the currently single Lambert admits that “wine and weed” have often helped him deal with a broken heart. “It’s a tricky balance though,” he cautions. “Too much can push you further into the darkness.” Lambert adds that he’s just as likely to get his heart broken by a professional disappointment as he is by a romantic one. “I invest myself so fully into my work that if an outcome doesn’t match my expectations, it hits me very hard,” he admits. “Being an entertainer, you get kind of obsessive about your journey, your career. If you’re driven, which you have to be, you’re constantly looking for the next thing and it’s hard to feel satisfied. So I’m starting to challenge myself to appreciate where I’m at in the moment more.” Does playing to throngs of adoring fans with Queen help with that, offering a bit of relief from the pressures of the ever-changing music business? “That’s a really good way to put it, yeah,” he says. “It’s kind of foolproof.”



Adam gets to channel his inner soul diva! Get it here.






ASCAP Awards



Advocate – Evan Rachel Wood & Adam Lambert Host ‘Queer Prom’ for High School Students – SLIDE SHOW




Tuesday Night Art Therapy

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Photo by Joseph Campbell. Adam’s new FB banner.

Good Morning America Memory

Not one of those people who would let their dog on the bed… LOL







Billboard – Critic’s Picks: 10 LGBTQ Musicians to Worship for Pride Month “To this day, I can’t describe why season eight of American Idol is the best year of the series. The contestants got along really well? Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen seem like fun people? Danny Gokey didn’t know he was the villain? Whatever the reason, Adam Lambert was an indispensable part of it. He rocked pleather like no one I’ve seen since Margaret Cho’s HBO standup special in 1994 and he wailed wild versions of “Ring of Fire,” “Mad World” and (my favorite) “If I Can’t Have You.” Though his outsize stage presence was frequently called (or derided as) “Broadway,” Lambert’s full-throated gusto read way more Taylor Dayne than Nathan Lane, and — trust — it is a serious blessing that we have a gay male Taylor Dayne. After coming out in a Rolling Stone cover story, Lambert has gone on to release three studio albums that all reached the top 3 on the Billboard 200. His time spent with Queen as a live replacement for Freddie Mercury qualifies him for sainthood, full stop.

On Top Magazine – Adam Lambert ‘Blown Away’ By Progress Of LGBT Community “I felt a responsibility to do the LGBTQ community proud and reflect our experience as honestly and openly as I could,” Lambert wrote. “However, in 2009, we were nowhere near how mainstream we are now. For some fans, I was their first time identifying with anyone queer. No pressure! There were challenges, double standards and prejudices to deal with. There were moments when I thought I may have bitten off more than I could chew. You know how I kept pushing forward? Besides being stubborn as hell? It was all the crazy dreamers I have known over the years.”

The Pulse Entertainment – Adam Lambert: From For Your Entertainment to The Original High “Fighting against all the things people said I could never do, building up my writing career. Slowly, fair be it, but she’s getting where I want it to be now. All of this, because five years ago, a girl lent me a cd. Introducing me to music, an artist and ideals that would change my life. Crazy huh? Sometimes, people come into your lives just when you need them. Artists like Adam, they may not mean something to everyone. Yet they mean something to a lot, there are countless Glamberts with stories out there in the groups. Just like mine.”

Rolling Stone – Summer 2017’s Hottest Tours: Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Metallica and More “There will be no holograms,” Queen guitarist Brian May assures fans of how the band will be paying tribute to Freddie Mercury on the band’s upcoming arena dates with Adam Lambert. “But there will be a retrospective element that connects to the glory days of when Freddie was with us. There will be echoes from the past in a new way.” As for just what that means, though, he’s keeping silent so as to surprise fans. That said, he says set lists will skew toward “vintage Americana Queen,” meaning classics like “We Will Rock You.” “I remember Prince saying, ‘Too many hits, too many hits,’ which is a good problem to have,” he says, “but we’ll be throwing in a few songs people won’t have seen live for a very long time.” That’s all right with Lambert, who has been singing with the band since their 2009 American Idol performance together and likes the collaborative nature of the pairing. ” We are a band when we get onstage at this point,” he says. “We have that thing where you can look at each other and there’s an unspoken communication that happens. It’s pretty exciting.”

WeHoVille -Leading Political Figures to Participate in the Resist March. A number of leading political figures will participate in the Resist March scheduled for June 11. Those scheduled so far include U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader; U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff, whose district includes West Hollywood; U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters; West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman; transgender activist Bamby Salcedo; Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, and activist musicians Haim and Adam Lambert and Margaret Cho.

NME – Adam Lambert: ‘Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office have been a fucking mess’ “When asked about the recent landmark of Trump making it to 100 days in The White House, Lambert told NME: “I think it’s been a fucking mess really, and I think anyone who was on my side of the fence would agree with me – but you know, I hope that we as a country can wake up. Hopefully in three and half years from now, in the next term, we can make better decisions as a whole country. I hope more and more people will step up and make the changes that we need to make.””

Variety – ‘American Idol’ Veterans Vote for a Reboot, With Former Finalists as Judges “Former “Idol” associate musical director Michael Orland, who coached hundreds of finalists during his decade-and-a-half working on the show, thinks the franchise is ripe for a refresh. “‘American Idol’ was, and still is, the biggest and best of all of the entertainment competition shows,” he tells Variety. “It also produced so many people that came out of the show that still continue to make an incredible living as a result of their exposure on the show.”

 Orland says that some of that talent nurtured on the series — which turned out stars that included Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee, Kellie Pickler, Fantasia, Phillip Phillips, and Adam Lambert, among others — are prime candidates to take the show into the next phase if it winds up at ABC — not coincidentally the new employer of “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest.”



Adam Lambert Interview – Jim Kerr Rock & Roll Morning Show Q104.3

Adam Lambert at LAX airport, May 30 2017 (Ugh, pesky papps! Adam handles the situation with such grace)





That moment when you shoot @adamlambert 😍😍😍

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@adamlambert nice too meet you #welcometotheshow

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  1. Colleen Scorzo permalink
    June 4, 2017 10:09 am

    Have a wonderfully relaxing, fun-filled break, Dolls. You work so tirelessly to keep the Glamberts in the know. Thank you so much!
    Now go. Put your feet up, grab a cocktail and catch some rays

  2. Lam-My permalink
    June 4, 2017 9:04 pm

    Yet another dirge
    I have written several…with increased frequency
    This one is dedicated to 22 young Manchester concert goers
    They would never have dreamt their wildest as fans
    It would be their last to watch their idol Ariana Grande
    The suicide bomber hits where it hurts maximum
    Snuffing out the prime of their lives
    It’s not the right time to analyse, still
    A large part is due to inequality in society
    After years of enduring what they can’t have, ignored, disillusioned
    Jealousy, hatred, poverty goad them
    To take charge to change the course of their destiny
    By blowing themselves up
    Taking with them those they detest in society
    My condolences to the families
    On the demise of their loved ones, many children
    Just embarking on their life-long journey…
    And… as I recall this Manchester murder
    Another has just happened
    7 killed in cold bloody slaughter on London Bridge
    RIP… God walks with you o’er the bridge of Heaven …


    Another dirge
    Children and teenagers
    Caught in a bloody scourge
    With vivid recollection to
    Little Syrian boy washed ashore
    Face down drowned
    He gave his life to send a message
    Yet another and another…
    84 mowed down on the streets of Nice
    Haven’t forgotten the 49 Orlando gays
    Bullets flying, firing into their face
    Drop like flies…but die in grace
    To touch the face of God
    These tragedies have something in common
    They are innocent young people
    Enjoying a night out
    Their candle forcefully snuffed out
    They never made it home
    To their Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters
    Not time for analysis but society is far from innocent
    A large part is due to prejudices
    Being outsiders, these suicide bombers use carnage
    Incurring their god’s name as they wreak havoc
    The haves vs the have-nots
    The have-nots trying to grab their lot
    Jealousy stirs up evil using religion as a weapon
    To annihilate what seems to them, not even
    That’s not a good reason
    We are not born equal…you got to make do what God has given
    My heartfelt condolences to families on the demise of their loved ones and children
    RIP… in Heaven


  3. Lam-My permalink
    June 4, 2017 9:34 pm

    Helloo Pharaoh…you look a little forlorn; not your usual bubbly self when I talk to you.

    Good evening Lam-My…You’re right, I miss Daddy but not to worry, Grandpa Eber is real nice to me.
    Still, no one can take Daddy’s place in my heart…the way he strokes me feels very different from others. But I know Daddy is in London with Uncle Brian May and Queen people.

    Do you know…Uncle Brian is an animal activist! He fights for animals like he managed to stop the culling of badgers in his country. He went as far as knocking on the door of 10 Downing Street; I saw a photo of him knocking on that antique black door.

    I hope I get to meet Uncle Brian; I love his guitar play on stage with Daddy wailing: Who wants to live Foreeever … Find me someone toooooh love…

    Your Daddy found you! toooooh love, you know…

    I know, and that’s why, like you say, I’m looking forlorn.

    Don’t worry Pharaoh, you’ll be back to your bubbly self very soon; that’s the best part of being a dog, yes, they feel deeply for their Daddy but they can forget their misery quite quickly, unlike humans who delve too long till they fall sick or even die.

    I’ll take note of your wise words. Bye Lam-My. don’t feel like talking about Daddy right now; I just wish he was home with me and cook me my favourite…chunky chicki, munchy marrow with my Hero, every morrow…

  4. Lam-My permalink
    June 5, 2017 10:10 pm

    Hello Pharaoh…the above photo shows you looking anxious…reminds me of your previous photos at your shelter home. Somehow, when you were held by Daddy, this anxious look is not there, dissipates. Instead you look so secure and enjoy the surroundings. I need to look up further if dogs actually feel insecurity.

    Good evening Lam-My…you’re quite observant; I do feel a bit lost; but Grandpa Eber treats me almost like Daddy does; you can see he even gives me a special round soft couch.

    Yes Pharaoh, I like the round soft couch; fits the shape of your body snugly. Ahh, but nothing comes close to stretching out with Daddy on his bed. You slept so well that he even had to wake you up with a rat squeak, oooh-la-la!

    Bye Lam-My, Grandpa Eber is calling me…wonder what he has in-store; he’s a very experienced dog handler. I love the food he prepares for me, as good as Daddy’s munchy marrow, chickidi go-go, with my Hero every morrow! Ooooeeeh!

    Thank goodness, you’re back to your bubbly self !

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