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Adam Lambert Update – February 20-26, 2017

February 26, 2017

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook





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Beyond Bravo – Adam Lambert Claps Back at Some Past “High Shade” from Adam Levine

Celebrities and famous feuds go together like peanut butter and jelly. But there are some celebs who seem to get into the drama more than others, Adam Lambert possibly being one of them.

The rocker seems to have attracted some gossip and disses from many of his colleagues in the music biz over the years. So when Adam appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night, he was asked to spill on all of the feuds that he’s been involved in or at the center of during his career.

First, host Andy Cohen asked Adam about one of the nastier ones from 2011, when Adam Levine said on The Voice that he wasn’t familiar with Adam Lambert’s song “Whataya Want from Me,” but that the contestant “probably sang it better than the person that sang it originally.” “That was high shade! I was like, ‘Ow, Adam!'” Adam Lambert said of the moment, before possibly throwing some shade of his own at the Maroon 5 frontman: “Like, our initials are the same. People call me Adam Levine all the time.”

Adam got even shadier when looking back on some comments he made about Susan Boyle, saying that her cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” made him laugh until he cried, to which Perez Hilton responded by insinuating that Adam was just jealous that her album was outselling his in 2010. When Andy asked if Adam thought Susan is underrated, overrated, or untalented, he said, “I don’t think anyone remembers who she is, really.” To which Andy exclaimed, “Oh, that’s some shade!”

Now, you would think that Demi Lovato choosing to go on tour with Nick Jonas after she was originally set to perform with Adam in 2015 would have caused quite the beef. However, Adam said that he has been in touch with Demi since then and totally understands why she decided to go in a different direction. “Yes, actually right after it happened we were texting because I adore her. We did Glee together,” Adam told Andy. “I mean, they have the same manager. What manager would not want their two artists on one tour?”

And what about those rumors that Adam and Selena Gomez were going to plan a “Demi takedown tour” as a result? “No, I don’t know Selena Gomez,” Adam confirmed. “But that would be fun. We should challenge them to that.”

Adam also exchanged barbs with KISS frontman Gene Simmons back in the day, who once said that the American Idol runner-up “killed his career” when he officially came out as gay in a 2009 Rolling Stone cover story because the conversation would now be about his sexuality and not about his talent. But prior to that, Gene had invited Adam to tour with KISS. Andy asked Adam if he would ever perform with the iconic rock band. “I did on Idol. He kind of reminds me of Donald Trump‘s track record. It’s like, one minute this, one minute, that, contradicting. He’s really friendly,” Adam said sarcastically.

Speaking of Idol, Adam was noticeably absent from its series finale last April, but he had a good, not shady, reason. “I did an episode a couple weeks before that, and then I was filming Rocky Horror in Toronto,” the singer said.

Watch full episode here.





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Adam Lambert in the studio sarahhudsonxx ig stories, February 22 2017



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  1. Lam-My permalink
    February 27, 2017 10:02 pm

    ‘Spiders From Mars’

    KillerQueen was out looking for somebody to love. As he was strolling in the woods near his home on the Hills, he heard a voice beckoning to him. He ventured closer and found a young handsome man sitting by the stream. KillerQueen got closer and asked:

    Who are you…I’ve never seen you here before.
    My name is Saulbert…I’m waiting for my turtle, Tammy to bring me fish from the stream.

    At that moment, a gush of water splashed out of the placid stream, wetting them.
    Whoa! exclaimed KillerQueen, what was that?

    Well, Tammy the turtle emerged with a mouthful of fresh, flapping tilapias. KillerQueen was amused and surprised by the size of Tammy, and that Saulbert could actually train a turtle to fetch fish. The newly-made friends then got back to Saulbert’s homestead on the hilltop, a rather modern state-of-the-art cave-dwelling wired with computerised sensors and switches. They proceeded to barbecue those freshly-caught fish…so delicious and the smoky aroma permeated the hilltop.

    And then, something black and hairy rested on a branch nearby and immediately attracted KillerQueen’s attention.
    A hairy tarantula ! hanging from a silken thread. It reminded him of his dear Alien friend MarsSpider who addressed him as Marsbert. Its eyes seemed to send out two red beams. So was MarsSpider tracking him again.
    Sure enough, a low droning sound was heard on the helicopter-pad not far from the barbecue pit.
    Lo and behold ! ten MarsSpiders filed out of their spaceship which had landed on the pad. Saulbert, a computer geek, couldn’t believe what he saw; his first encounter of the fourth kind.
    MarsSpiders had come to bring bad tidings. They said in a chorus:
    Our SpiderKing has taken ill and he is dying. He wants to see you for the last time!

    Marsbert felt sad on hearing the news; they communicated via alien telekinesis. SpiderKing was his favourite Alien who had rescued him on his near-fatal Mars-landing crash some years back.

    Soon the spaceship with Marsbert and Saulbert on board was on its way through a time portal, sped like lightning and in no time landed in front of their red cave. An entourage of black MarsSpiders carried their dying SpiderKing out on a stretcher made of silken threads woven into a cocoon-like structure.
    SpiderKing stared at Marsbert with bulging watery eyes; its eight legs were all curled inward limp; it sure looked so different from his first encounter with the vivacious SpiderKing, thought Marsbert.

    He stroked SpiderKing gently and sang:
    Lord – somebody – somebody – Can anybody find me – Somebody tooooo looove…..his voice piercing into SpiderKing’s limp lifeless body.
    At this moment, out of the blue, SpiderKing stood up on its eight legs and his exoskeleton started vibrating!
    All his spider subjects bowed to their King with watery eyes and they heaved Marsbert up to glorify him for saving their King. Saulbert was utterly flabbergasted:

    Holy moly! What on Earth er Mars happened !
    It swept him off his feet, even under extreme low Martian gravity.
    Yes, Marsbert’s voice as we already know, has healing powers. It supercharged SpiderKing to make a vital comeback.

    At this moment, Marsbert er…KillerQueen heard a familiar voice calling him:

    ‘KillerQueen, get off your killer-couch! ‘We’re leaving on our jet-plane for the next concert venue.’
    KillerQueen suddenly snapped out of his beautiful Sleepwalker dream-like teleportation.
    As he was about to leave, he spotted something on the killer-couch; he picked it up, turned it round, scrutinised it. Oooh-la-la! A hairy tarantula leg!
    So I was there! good heavens! shrieked KillerQueen. SpiderKing lost one leg! Well, he still has seven.

    Wait for me ! I’m coming ! KillerQueen yelled out and hurried to join the Queen entourage heading for their next venue… floating on cloud 9, he examined the tarantula leg that hitched a ride with him…he treasured the memento.


  2. Lam-My permalink
    March 1, 2017 10:50 pm

    ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’

    Helloo Adam…looking debonair
    Pure fashion, no frills, no airs
    A worthy deputy for Elton
    Giving interviews on behalf of his Aids Foundation
    The last time, he touched your face
    Oooh-la-la he was love-smacked
    Adam, you are really blessed
    Not just your vocals, that no doubt is your weapon
    Always putting others first before self
    A great mentor for the less experienced
    Hand-holding, ushering them to centre stage
    Assuring there is nothing to be afraid
    And take a leap of faith

  3. Lam-My permalink
    March 1, 2017 11:43 pm

    A single red rose pointing to his heart
    From time immemorial…rose means love
    Adam dons the rose so beautifully
    It befits him elegantly
    Because it comes from his heart
    Not relegating my favourite part, brain
    Adam sings:
    Tears all fall the same…we all feel the rain…
    Aids, so dilapidating; other diseases too
    I seem to feel a worldly change, a boon or bane

  4. Lam-My permalink
    March 2, 2017 11:32 pm

    Whoa! Day……… Can’t get any purer.

    via @riddle601 #QALTokyo2
    Queen+Adam Lambert – I Was Born To Love You @ Budokan in Tokyo …

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