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Adam Lambert Update – December 11, 2016

December 11, 2016

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook

Apologies for the absence. RL has gotten too busy! But we couldn’t let Adam’s XFactor UK performance slide by without sharing and flailing! Enjoy!



Watch this unforgettable performance by Patti Smith at the Nobel Prize ceremony, where she sang “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” in honor of Bob Dylan. Her authentic, heart-rending, vulnerable performance brings home the power of music. Worth reading: Amanda Petrusich’s essay in the New Yorker, which addresses the controversy over the choice of Dylan for the Literature award: “Has Dylan conferred great benefit to mankind? Listening to Smith sing his song—and watching as audience members, dressed in their finest, wiped their eyes, blindly reached for each other, seemed unable to exhale—the answer felt obvious. The answer was on their faces.”



Adam slays with Saara Aalto, and isn’t all that eye contact and chemistry at the end to die for? Who wouldn’t want to be in Saara’s shoes?

Saara Aalto – The X Factor UK 2016 FINAL FULL

XTRA Live – Interviews

Fan Video posted by heathermarie87. Thank you!
















Sorry, couldn’t locate photo credit info. Please let us know if you have photographer info.

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The Sun – ROCK IDOLWho is Adam Lambert? Queen singer, American Idol runner-up and LGBT activist – what we know “…Adam’s superb vocal command and extreme range have seen him widely praised for his vocal prowess, and the star reportedly had his voice insured for $48 million in 2012. He is also known for his theatrical performance style and ability to showcase his individuality with flamboyant stage shows – his tours have sold out across the world to critical acclaim.”

Spin Or Bin Music Writers’ Picks: Top Concerts Of 2016 


TopMegaNews – The Best Male In Pop 2016 – As Voted By You!


“A multi-octave vocal range and a well-developed sense of theatricality are just two of the talents that have helped Adam Lambert transform from ‘American Idol’ runner-up to international recording star. Clearly Adam Lambert is not slowing down anytime soon, and we hope to see much more from him! Thanks for voting, and congratulations #Glamberts!”








Love this compilation. Adam’s shadiest divo moments!

Shoutout to a fan




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markfarrantLondon, United Kingdom (IG): Serving face with my favourite yank 👦🏻👦🏻🇺🇸

markfarrantLondon, United Kingdom (IG): Serving face with my favourite yank 👦🏻👦🏻🇺🇸


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  1. Lam-My permalink
    December 11, 2016 8:28 pm

    Simon Cowell may have picked Bohemian Rhapsody for Adam and Saara.
    Well, Simon scoffed : ‘You are theatrical.’ …that was in 2009, Adam’s audition on BR…S8.
    Okay, this time, he picked the right song BR on X Factor and no, not theatrical; in fact very current, standing on a grand piano with smoke spewing, like a volcano about to erupt.

    During the Queen Tour, Adam didn’t want to change BR too much as Freddie Mercury sang it on screen. With Saara, he was more inclined to sing it the way he would…the extra high notes, very effective and necessary! for a powerful song like Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Aha, Simon didn’t say: too much smoke! lol! which he did for Adam’s Mad World performance at the finals. So much water rolled under the bridge.
    By the way, Simon had wanted Adam to win S8; he put out a lot of hints to the audience/viewers to vote for Adam; I think he sensed what was to come.

  2. Lam-My permalink
    December 11, 2016 11:02 pm

    Sep 17, 2016 – Uploaded by violetglitz
    Queen + Adam Lambert Asian Tour – Singapore F1 Grand Prix, 17 Sep 2016.

    If City Hall Dome could speak, it would tell the pain it witnessed in WW2 and now the joy, a 360-degree contrast; Adam shaking his bon-bon just across the road…same spot / The Infamous Surrender…a 70-year time-lapse.

  3. Lam-My permalink
    December 13, 2016 10:08 pm

    Story time…

    Dracula vs Glampire Maestros

    Click clog click clog…the carriage harnessed by two white horses wound round the hill-road; willow branches drooping by the stream. Werewolves howled as Glampire turned the bend towards his antique vampire mansion. Suddenly, he noticed a figure in a white suit by the stream. He looked familiar…yes it was his butler, Roger. But why was Roger waiting for him so far out the mansion; he usually waited for him to sound the solitary Doong! of the fortified mansion door. Glampire stopped the carriage and Butler Roger got up. He looked nervous and stammered that there was a white python curled around the willow tree just behind the mansion. By the way, their vampire mansion originally belonged to Dracula who sold it.
    Butler Roger took Glampire to where the white python was. A beautiful white snake curled around the willow tree, half dangling. Glampire being an animal lover, told Roger to just leave it and they got back inside. Butler Roger who always had his master’s back was still feeling anxious and double-bolted all the doors.

    He had prepared a bloody fine beef stew. Glampire did not like eating alone and so Butler accompanied him at the long rosewood table to share the meal. Roger especially enjoyed Glampire’s special horny concoction and often referred to it as drinking Glampire’s blood every day. They were feeling a bit tipsy after downing several glasses of the concoction.
    And then the familiar doorbell sounded a sultry Doong! Butler went and opened the door. Lo and behold…a demure lady dressed in a semi-transparent white gown asked to see Glampire. Roger invited her in and Glampire stood up and gentlemanly invited the demure lady to sit at table. She introduced herself as Lily White Snake. Glampire quickly stepped back, suspecting this was one of Dracula’s demonic guises.
    Lily White Snake said she was the white python on the willow tree…Butler Roger gasped, goodness gracious! Somehow, she did not exude evil nor fear. In fact she looked beautiful in the full moonlight streaming through the tall stained-glass dragon windows.
    Lily White Snake said she had waited to meet Glampire for a long time; and whenever he passed by the stream, she ogled at him. Hey Lily, we all would too, lol! especially when his silver-blond hair glistened in the halo of the full moon, accentuating his prominent nose profile and light-blue eyes.

    At this point, Lily White Snake looked depressed and confessed she was hypnotised by Dracula to carry out his beck and call.
    Almost in tears, she bade Glampire farewell and said meeting him was the best way to console herself. She stepped up closer and initiated a hug from Glampire. Slowly, she turned back into a white python and rested on Glampire’s shoulder…oooh-la-la! Glampire felt a little scared but did not pull her away as he knew that would hurt Lily’s feelings and she was already so depressed.
    Lily slowly slithered down Glampire’s sexy thighs, legs and reluctantly out the front door, looking black with soulful eyes as she wound her way back into the wooded periphery; hoping she would catch a glimpse of Glampire whenever his carriage trundled by.

    All at once, a fury of werewolf howls echoed atop the mountain, Dracula’s lair; they seemed to have noticed Lily White Snake’s absence.
    At this juncture, a familair clanking noise perked up Glampire’s ears. Yes, Dracula was in the vicinity; perhaps looking for Lily White Snake. Glampire felt a little sad that Lily was under Dracula’s unforgiving, relentless hypnotic clutch.
    Soon, a gilded carriage pulled up in front of Glampire. Dracula got out in his finery and aura…walked sedately towards Glampire. A face-off ! Dracula extended his hand to Glampire and they shook hands perhaps for the first time, amid their constant disputes. Dracula looked rather tall and handsome in his black cloak and his face, though smacked of evil was quite classic. But when he smiled, his fangs protruded! Glampire had knocked them off during their duels a couple of times with his skull-laser-ring but they rejuvenated each time. Perhaps Dracula took wild ginseng; I’ve taken both the Chinese as well as the American species…they do rejuvenate lethargic brain cells. lwl!

    Dracula asked Glampire if he had seen a white snake. So, he was indeed looking for her. Glampire then pleaded to Dracula to let go of his hypnotism on her. Instantly, Dracula’s face turned from seemingly calm to vindictive. His bloody fangs extended and immediately swooped up to the fifth floor balcony, their battle-ground. Glampire ran up the winding staircase to confront his deadly foe; directing his skull-laser-ring at Dracula’s blood-shot eyes.
    Alas, it didn’t work ! and soon the demon was inches away from sinking his ghastly fangs into Glampire’s neck!
    Out of the blue…a piercing cosmic guitar shrill rang out in the mansion, sending out fierce vibrations. Dracula got distracted, looked away…he detested sharp, piercing trills.

    At this split opportune moment, Glampire broke loose and fired a second more intense laser-beam right into Dracula’s brain; not sure if he had one. He staggered, and with a swift whiff of his flowing black cloak, flew off the balcony, landing on his awaiting carriage below.
    A familiar figure rushed up the winding staircase and guess who came to Glampire’s rescue in the nick of time…Yes, his loyal buddy, Maestro Brian who always had his back!
    Butler Roger had called him when he sensed Glampire needed help instantaneously. Maestro Brian had not been feeling well but he still came when he heard Glampire was in imminent danger. This is the love these three Maestros share. And it’s bottoms-up with a glass of Glampire blood for three partners-in-crime.
    A white python was seen dangling outside the mansion window.

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