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Adam Lambert Update – October 10-16, 2016

October 16, 2016

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook



October 20, 8PM ET on FOX


Logo – EXCLUSIVE: How Adam Lambert Was Transformed Into “Rocky Horror” Badass Delivery Boy Eddie (VIDEO) “Turning the pop glampire into a messy biker with an attitude was no mean feat, but Tony-winning costumer designer William Ivey Long (Hairspray, Grey Gardens, Cinderella) was up to the task. “Poor Eddie—he’s a mess!” says Long in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. “He’s cover in mud… ripped jeans—and not in a fashion sense.””


Yahoo – ‘Rocky Horror’ Music Producer Cisco Adler Talks Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Haters & Hardcore Fans “It is interesting that, although we associate Rocky Horror with the glitter-rock era, for obvious reasons of makeup as well as music, the style of the more rocking numbers has that basic boogie. But Adler points out that that isn’t uncharacteristic of David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, T. Rex, or other Brit-champs of that mid-‘70s era. “Listen, glam-rock is Southern rock with makeup, so that’s where we went,” he says with a laugh. “You know, there’s a reason Bowie went to Muscle Shoals [in Alabama] to record.””






Why We Love Judge Adam

Daily Mail – ‘You can tell I was moved by your performance because I’m missing a boot’: Adam Lambert locks in his X-Factor top three…after throwing a shoe at Natalie Ong “Judge Adam Lambert locked in his team of three under 22-year-old performers after an astounding range of performances by the show’s youngest contestants…Before the 15-year-old performed, Adam explained that shoe throwing was an unconventional way he and his friends expressed appreciation for each others performances.”




X Factor episodes saved here.





adamlambert@brianfriedman and I - London

adamlambert@brianfriedman and I – London

alastarLove this one @adamlambert ✨

alastarLove this one @adamlambert ✨




From Brian May’s Soapbox


Pattaya Mail -Mott the Dog: Queen & Adam Lambert rock the Impact Arena “Queen and Adam Lambert were a sensation.  Without doubt the best show by a foreign band in Thailand in the last thirty years.  This was Queen’s last gig of a very lengthy world tour.  There are no future tours booked, but let’s hope it’s not their last.”

MetalTalk – QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT REIGN SUPREME IN BANGKOK “Adam Lambert puts todays modern rock stars to shame by showing them exactly how it’s done, from unravelling a fan as he lays like a diva on a throne for ‘Killer Queen’ in flamboyant style to thrusting his pelvis in a suggestive manner on ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’. Lambert throws all the right moves and knows how to whip up a frenzy amongst new adoring fans and converts the older naysayers with ease…Queen + Adam Lambert were a sensation. Without doubt the best show by a foreign band in the last thirty years here in Thailand.”

Gaystar News – 11 androgynous icons who redefined gender, style and sex – while looking suitably amazing “The artist formally known as Glambert has softened his image since appearing on American Idol in 2009. (And we’ve got to say, the 34-year-old looking sexier than ever). But there was something equally transfixing about him in those early days. The multicoloured hair, the layers of make up, the ultra-feminine accessories – it made an impact.

Nevertheless, he told Billboard of his evolving look in 2013: ‘I’ve put down a lot of the makeup. I put the flat iron in the attic. I’m looking at people like Elvis and James Dean. I’ve been asked: “Did you want to tone it down?” It wasn’t that I was consciously [doing that], though. It just shifted.’”







stewiesinclairIn the studio with my buddy @adamlambert 🐶📸❤️ Pic by daddy @josephsinclair #stewie #stewiesinclair #adamlambert #yorkie #yorkiepoo #yorkiepoodle #yorkiepoos #yorkipoo #yorkiesofinstagram #picoftheday #doggiestyle #summer #poodle #poodlesofinstagram #dog #puppy #puppylove #yorkshireterrier #yorkielove #poodlepic #poodlecross #yorkiepoos #dogsofinstagram #dailydog #yorkielovers #yorkieloversofinsta






Lance Bass on homophobia in music | Larry King Now | Ora.TV





bkswayzeFlash Back with Adam Lambert! Queen + Adam Lambert Concert Was Amazing! Thanks for joining us at MYST #shanghai #nightlife #thankful #amazing #models #adamlambert #queen

bkswayzeFlash Back with Adam Lambert! Queen + Adam Lambert Concert Was Amazing! Thanks for joining us at MYST #shanghai #nightlife #thankful #amazing #models #adamlambert #queen






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  1. Lam-My permalink
    October 18, 2016 9:12 pm

    I wrote a time warp story…unaware of the song ‘Let’s Do The Time Warp Again’ or The Rocky Horror Show. So when I saw the video with the song title…I thought aha…

    Bert was driving along a lonely stretch of road. Suddenly a road sign with arrows, caught his attention… >> Ghost Town.
    Bert being the curious type, wanted to find out why it was named Ghost Town. He drove his beautiful white car into the inlet which seemed nice and sunny, a little bumpy. Soon he got into the estate; he looked around…rows of neatly-lawned houses with spick and span driveways, vintage cars parked outside.
    Bert drove on hoping to meet someone as he was feeling a little hungry and wanted some directions to a restaurant for a tasty meal. He looked left and right and he drove further into the estate.
    He felt something strange about the whole place, neat rows of well-kept houses yet he could not see a single person walking along the road. So he decided to park his car and visit one of the homes. The doors were all ajar; Bert’s first thought was the people here were very trusting; got in front of an artistically-painted blue house; looked in and called out:
    Hello! Hello! Is anyone there?… No answer…
    He walked in and still found no one. He walked up a red carpet to the upstairs rooms.
    Bert was sensing something really out-of-this-world. He looked around…the house seemed well-kept, the beds all had clean bed-sheets, he even looked into the toilet, spankingly shiny.

    Bert got back to his car and decided he would look elsewhere. Ahh finally, he found someone…sitting by a pond gazing intently into it. He got out and briskly walked towards the man who was gazing at the lovely orange and white koi swimming gracefully in the clear water. One in particular, had a black butterfly shape on its red body, the king koi. Bert walked up to the well-attired gentleman:
    Good morning sir ! They sure look beautiful, don’t they?
    The gentleman didn’t respond, not even aware Bert was standing next to him. Bert then gave him a tap on his shoulder.
    Whoa! What was that?…Bert blurted as he didn’t feel anything ! as if the man was a hologram!
    He knew something was quite different and got scared; right about turn…he ran back to his car. He was panting and sweating, not knowing why. He regained his composure and then a grim thought came to him.
    ‘Am I dead…’ He pinched himself…well, he felt a sensation…Thank goodness! Bert thought.

    He had had enough…he drove desperately back to the road entrance, just a short distance from where he drove in.
    Lo and behold, he seemed to be driving round and round in circles ! like trying to get out of a maze. He stopped his car…calmed his nerves and then tried again. In vain, he was making no headway. He banged on the steering-wheel hoping that might change things.
    Beeeeeep…What now?
    ‘You are trapped in the wrong time zone…’ A voice echoed from the outside. Bert wound down the car window…got out hastily to see if someone could direct him to the entrance.
    Goodness gracious! It was none other than the hologram man…staring at him, smiling. Bert retreated and quickly got back into his car.

    I can’t seem to be able to get out of this place… !

    Bert decided to get back to the koi pond. As he looked into the pond, the butterfly king koi swam towards him as if sensing he was in need of help; flipped into the air, faced a certain direction before splashing back into the pond and continued swimming in that direction. It seemed to be signalling something.
    Bert got back into his car…this time he stepped on the accelerator and drove in the direction indicated by the koi. He was at his wits’ end and would try anything.
    Lo and behold, it sped up a slope and screeched to a deafening halt onto the main road, just past the >>Ghost Town signboard. He let out a deep sigh of relief!

    As he drove on, he noticed a man lying by the roadside and his car was badly damaged. An ambulance was parked nearby and the paramedic was administering resuscitation to the man. He seemed unconscious. Bert parked his car and got out to find out what had happened.
    Oooh-la-la, his time-collision course was not over yet. As he got nearer, he couldn’t believe what he saw. The unconscious man was a direct image of him ! wearing the same shirt, pants and even the same earrings! What’s more, the bashed-in car had his number plate!
    He sauntered back to his car, almost giving up… pinched himself even harder.

    Bert…Where are you? We’re supposed to have lunch at the sushi bar!
    At this moment, Bert seemingly snapped out of this strange time collision warp. Boy, wasn’t he reassured by Saul’s call. He wasn’t dead after all !

    Time warp made an unsuspected swap for Bert to escape an impending deadly plot.


  2. Lam-My permalink
    October 20, 2016 5:25 am

    Eddie/Adam navigates a time warp
    Makes an ostentatious swap
    On a motorbike…delivers a smashing shot
    Through a glass screen
    In a hail of shattering smithereens
    Comes face to face with a mad fiend
    Eddie, the hot potato er patootie
    Enters an unsuspecting racketeer party
    Engraved in crisscross tattoos
    Mod sideburns, handsome, hair dangles
    In black studded leather, biker delivers
    Falls headlong into a convoluted murder
    His body hidden under a dining table
    Woe betide the scientific indulger
    Cheers! to satirical rapture

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