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Adam Lambert Update – September 12-18, 2016

September 18, 2016

By JuneauOn Twitter @JuneauXena & @AdamLambertBook



adamlambert: Western Wall - Jerusalem

adamlambert: Western Wall – Jerusalem

After Concert, ‘Queen’ Rockstar Heads to Kotel To Be Bar Mitzvahed

Lambert, grew up Jewish and celebrated Chanukah as opposed to Christmas. His family also celebrated Passover but Lambert dropped out of Hebrew school at 9 and was never Bar Mitzvahed. In stepped his friend, Rabbi Mordechai Chasidim. Who made an impromptu Bar Mitzvah ceremony for the Queen lead singer. The Rabbi helped Lambert don a new set of tefillin and tallis and let him tefillin and they  read together from the Torah.”

barmitzvah2 barmitzvah adambarmitzvah adambarbitzvah

Mazel Tov Adam!



Channeling Zorro?


Full concert via Kot Bayun

Adam speaking Hebrew






Lots more great pics at Adam Lambert Fan Club Israel’s Facebook album.



Queen + Adam Lambert – Who Wants To Live Forever – 2016 Singapore GP, 09/17/16


A crowd of 90,000!screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-3-47-44-pm


Great photos at Neville Teo’s FB album


1883 Magazine  





An Open Letter to Queen + Adam Lambert, by Mariano Gorbatt “And you, Mr. Adam Lambert. Let me dedicate you a few lines… I just saw a short interview from right before you guys landed in Israel in which you said it took you like 60 seconds to decide whether to join the band or not because, as you said, you have to think things first. Well let me thank you for those 60 seconds! Because it fits like a glove to the hand, man! I want to tell you, you rock, dude! You are a hot-ass-mean-motherfucking-fancy-glowing-kicking-rocking-freaking-dancing-Queen! Yeah! You brought your own thing, you nailed the tones, you sang the tunes, you rocked more than 50,000 souls… too bad I’m straight ;)

Israeli Fans Swoon As Queen Plays ‘Hava Nagila,’ Adam Lambert Tries Hebrew “In May’s hands, “Hava Nagila” didn’t just sound like a little folk tune that Jews dance in circles to at a wedding. It sounded, well, epic. Think Jimi Henrix playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock … only Jewish.”

Billboard – After Four Decades, Queen Rock Israel with Help From Adam Lambert “…Lambert entered wearing a skintight leather getup and Robocop sunglasses, combining the sleek looks and fluid moves of Lady Gaga and George Michael. From moment one, the vocalist stood at the fore alongside his much older bandmates, unafraid of the massive spotlight searing down on him. It looked much the way it does on the footage of the band’s classic era, Lambert doing a remarkable job of filling those large shoes. Since Lambert is the first openly gay man to hit the charts with a No 1 in the US, a new legacy feels fulfilled.

And Lambert presents something far closer to the iconic Queen experience that fans have been missing. His dramatic flair and theatrical performance style match the elegiac songs that have long been lodged in the public memory. A rapturous ferocity of immortal glam-rock and 80’s swagger…”

Broadway World Review: Adam Lambert and Queen Brought the Park Down in Tel Aviv “”That’s what’s so crazy, is that I get to be out here and get to sing the songs that Freddie Mercury introduced to all of you and it means so much to me that you in the audience are giving me this chance and that Brian and Roger are giving me this chance… There can only be one Freddie Mercury!”  It’s not that he didn’t until then, but from that moment on Lambert completely won the crowd over, especially by following his words with “Somebody to Love”.”

NRG – Queen and Adam Lambert Israel show worth 340 shekels (Google Translate in all its glory…) “Lambert is a monster performer could set the stage at any given moment. Even when he sits on the throne make the Killer Queen, every move is calculated on the face, all his movements and all the histrionics accurate sound from my throat. He Performer uninhibited, extroverted and androgynous. Extraordinary vocal abilities, not states – the closest to the original as possible, and in any case not worthy of him. Dancing, jumping and spinning on the heels height 20 cm. He changes clothes, winking at the audience, pulls Fan, rolls his eyes, making Toorking all naturally and gracefully. When you talk about the performer or singer born with the characteristics of the star mean exactly that. Sometimes frequently, this is the show draws on his back, while the legendary musicians around him seem the only accompaniment standard monster with green hair and black lace tank top that you can not take your eyes off.

Israelly Cool – Queen Rocks Israel.  “Lambert continued to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, asking how many of them were in love. He then said he had no life partner, asking if anyone could find him ‘Somebody to Love.’ Guitarist Brian May then gave some affection to the Israeli audience, crying out “Shalom” and ” Salam alaikum ” (“Hello” in Hebrew and “peace be upon you” in Arabic). He even took photos with some excited fans.”

The Nation – They’re doing Freddie proud “Taylor: A lot of the time it feels like Queen of the old days! Obviously he’s not Freddie, he’s himself, and he has his own great personality, very funny at times. But it’s his voice that’s so extraordinarily good. He can sing all the notes, all those big Freddie notes. There are songs like “Who Wants to Live Forever” that, when he sings, I see people crying.”

The Jewish Press – Mighty British ‘Queen’ Rock Band Seizes the Night, the Crowd and Traffic in Tel Aviv “…the British band is led by the completely talented 34-year-old Jewish American lead singer Adam Lambert – a man with glam and a range and falsetto to match the best that original front man Freddie Mercury had to offer. How much better can you get for a show in the Land?”

Why Meat Loaf Was “Upset” that Adam Lambert’s Playing His “Rocky Horror” Role: “I Thought He’d Blow Me Away!” “Meat Loaf laughs, “I thought he’d blow me away! I was going, ‘Ah, damn! Oh, man, come on! Why Adam Lambert!?’””

Queen + Adam Lambert give fans the experience of a lifetime “The chemistry between Queen and Adam, a current member of their music tour, was undeniable. The American singer’s pitch-perfect vocals and on-stage flamboyance perfectly complemented the group’s glam-rock tunes. There was no stopping him on that stage, and Adam, too, was clearly in his comfort zone as he strutted around—a little sultry, a little fierce at times—with much aplomb. Fans lapped it all up, roaring and screaming with approval with every gesture or pout he made.”





Get outcher microscopes…





Adam Lambert Crowned the PopCrush Prince of Pop 2016 “You came, you voted, you conquered: Boasting a whopping 44.7% of all votes, pop-rocker Adam Lambert has been crowned your Prince of Pop 2016! Thanks for voting, and congratulations Glamberts—no wonder you were voted the Best Fanbase of 2016 during March Music Madness.”




Skingraft Tunic









Arriving in Taiwan


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  1. Lam-My permalink
    September 28, 2016 11:22 pm

    Chock! …Hong Kong Cantonese for sexy!

    9 hours ago – Uploaded by aprilrenthead
    Queen+Adam Lambert – Crazy Little Thing Called Love Sep 28 2016 … Queen+Adam Lambert

    Love this…Adam switches key at the end…

    This thing called love I just can’t handle it
    this thing called love I must get round to it
    I ain’t ready
    Crazy little thing called love… ay ay!

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    Chock Adam Chock!
    Chock around the clock
    Ghost Town Rock
    Next stop… Bangkok lwl!

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