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Adam Lambert announces new single “Welcome to the Show”

March 14, 2016

Breaking news today about a surprise new single, a song not on The Original High. So tea-leaf readers, what do you make of this? Two Max Martin artists helping to boost each other’s profiles? Do you think Adam planning to debut this on American Idol? Or should he be pushing a track from TOH instead?

FemaleFirst posted today: “Adam Lambert is back with another brand new single featuring Laleh, which he’s set to release on March 17 alongside a debut live performance on the American Idol stage on the same date. Speaking about the tune, Adam says: “I wanted to surprise my fans with a new, uplifting anthem for the spring. I asked Max Martin for help and he paired me up with Ali Payami who worked with me on ‘Ghost Town’ and Swedish star Laleh who is also featured on the track. I feel this song will give people strength to be exactly who they are.”

From Wikipedia: Laleh Pourkarim (Persian: لاله پورکریم‎‎, pronounced [lɒːle-je puːɾkæɾiːm]; born 10 June 1982) is a Swedish singer-songwriter and former actress. Following a short acting career, she entered the music industry in 2005 with her self-titled debut album which peaked at number one in Sweden and went on to become the highest selling album of the year.

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