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Adam Lambert Week – April 27-May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Adam Lambert performs ‘Ghost Town’ on Ellen



Goofball Adam, freckles and all.. love him to pieces!

View his Instagram video here

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ET Adam Lambert Reveals How Queen Influenced ‘The Original High’

Shazam Interview



Via adamlambert_pic





Time Magazine – Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’ Video Is the Creepiest Dance Party You’ll Ever Attend “The video occasionally sticks a little too closely to its subject matter—you will not be shocked to learn there’s an actual ghost town in “Ghost Town”—but overall, Lambert deserves props for finding visuals as entrancing as the track’s whistled hook.”

ET – EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert Reveals ‘Coachella Gone Goth,’ Hype Williams-Directed ‘Ghost Town’ Video “But it was Williams, whom Lambert had not worked with before, who came up with the initial video treatment. But after seeing Jack White‘s Williams-directed “Freedom at 21″ video in 2012, Lambert knew that he just had to work with the iconic director.”

Yahoo – Adam Lambert Will Be Your Father Figure: See His George Michael-Esque ‘Ghost Town’ Video “Adam is totally giving me some Faith-era George Michael realness here, and the vibe is the perfect fit for this ’90s-reminiscent deep house jam. So much leather. So much denim. So much fishnet. So much awesomeness. I have faith that this one’s going to get a lot of views.”

Queerty – Adam Lambert Debuts “Ghost Town” Video, Explains How It’s Different From Madonna’s “Ghosttown” “My reaction was so complicated, because I think I texted my management, like, ‘Did you see this? Did you see this? What are we gonna do?’ And they said, ‘You know, it’s fine because the songs are so different.’ Hers is like a post-apocalyptic love song, mid-tempo, and mine’s like an existential dance goth rave thing. So they’re two different songs — they just share a title.””

Fuse – 11 Best New Pop Songs We Heard in April “Another banger that utilizes a whistle hook? Adam Lambert evolves his sound by mixing the emotional, pop-rock and theatrical lyrics we love him for with a dark, house beat.”

Spin or Bin – Adam Lambert Returns To Haunt In Ghost Town “…The video wasn’t anything ground-breaking, nor did it have any particularly memorable scenes. However, it definitely served its purpose for standing out due to its monochrome colour scheme and the flashy visuals and quick-cut style of the video.”

What’s trending on

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Canada iTunes: @adamlambert #GhostTown #1 Both Overall & Pop 'Top Music Videos'

Canada iTunes: @adamlambert #GhostTown #1 Both Overall & Pop ‘Top Music Videos’



thisissimha: Behind the scenes of @adamlambert new music video #ghosttown which premiered TODAY!! CONGRATULATIONS Adam! So grateful to be a part of this awesome video! 🎵🎥Go watch now! 👉 #musicvideo #newmusic

thisissimha: Behind the scenes of @adamlambert new music video #ghosttown which premiered TODAY!! CONGRATULATIONS Adam! So grateful to be a part of this awesome video! 🎵🎥Go watch now! 👉 #musicvideo #newmusic

sutanamrull: #BTS @adamlambert and I #GHOSTOWN video premiered tonight! Love this man and I fucking love this song!!!

sutanamrull: #BTS @adamlambert and I #GHOSTOWN video premiered tonight! Love this man and I fucking love this song!!!

.doll2dame's IG page ~ The Boyyzzzzz... On set #Ghostown @sutanamrull @terrancespencer @whereisjohnnyrice @adamlambert #fierce #dancers #artists #friends Adam Lambert

.doll2dame’s IG page ~ The Boyyzzzzz… On set #Ghostown @sutanamrull @terrancespencer @whereisjohnnyrice @adamlambert #fierce #dancers #artists #friends
Adam Lambert




A million views and counting on the Lyric Video!!

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 We’re premiering @AdamLambert’s new music video for #GhostTown! Head to tomorrow [Tuesday April 28] at 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST to be among the first to see it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.02.12 PM



Credit : Joe Schmelzer photographs

Credit : Joe Schmelzer photographs

adamlambert: Unseen shot from @attitudemag cover story

adamlambert: Unseen shot from @attitudemag cover story

adamlambert: Ladies and Gentleman

adamlambert: Ladies and Gentleman



Mombert is back!

PeopleMothersDay PeopleMag_043015

My Badass Alter Ego – More on Singing – Part 1 “Unusually, Matt is separated from his guitar for this performance, which does actually improve his singing as he’s not having to think about playing at the same time.  His voice in this track is fairly well-controlled – I’ve heard lots of recordings (studio and live) where he breathes in odd places, but the most noticeable thing in this recording from Rome is that you can hear him gasping for breath with almost every phrase.  As a singer, this makes me feel uncomfortable as it makes me feel as though singing is hard work for him and this is absolutely not the name of the game. We can do a straight comparison on this song as Adam performed Starlight on the Idol Tour in 2009; this recording is from the show in Portland.

He’s had the song transposed higher to show off the top of his voice, but the first thing to notice is that you only hear the occasional breath. Also, the lines he sings are longer; they flow easily, in what us musos call a legato line. Now, the quality of Adam’s voice is very different to Matt Bellamy’s; Adam’s tone is headier, brighter – because he has been taught to use the resonances and how to access the different part of his voice (these are “registers” – more about these in Part 2!).  Matt’s voice is his “raw” sound.  I have to say I love both versions – they’re very different.”

My Badass Alter Ego – The Evolution of Adam – Era 3 “[The Ellen Show performance] is definitely Era 3 Adam, with all the experience that he has gathered from nearly two years working with Queen.  It has made a tremendous difference to him in many ways which I’ll explain in a minute. In comparison, this is Adam when he released Never Close Our Eyes in 2012 – to judge the two performances fairly, I chose this deliberately as it’s another dance-influenced song, and I have picked another TV performance; this one is from when he sang on the Graham Norton Show in the UK.  Do try and listen to both of these songs back to back, as it’s easier to see and hear how much has changed in three years….”

MTV – Adam Lambert Turns His ‘Ghost Town’ Music Video Into A ‘Fashion Film’ ““We threw it all in a blender creatively and just pressed ’whip’ and made a big old smoothie out of it all,” he said. “And I loved what we came up with…“I don’t think I’ve ever been in more of an extreme close-up in my entire life so you, the viewer, get to be right up in my face and see what I’m going through,” Adam said. “It was a little scary. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that vulnerable on camera before.””

ADAM LAMBERT’S “GHOST TOWN” RANKS AS HOT AC RADIO’S MOST ADDED SONG “According to Mediabase, the former “American Idol” contestant’s “Ghost Town” scored adds from 15 monitored Hot AC stations this week. No other song received as many pickups.”

Bustle – 12 ‘The Hills’ Songs That That’ll Take You Back To The Days When Les Deux Was Still Open “As Kristin and Stephanie wrap up their dinner date/argument, this Adam Lambert hit cues up. (To answer the song’s question: Stephanie wants an apology from Kristen. Kristen chooses to roll her eyes instead.”

Idolator – Adam Lambert Performs “Ghost Town” Live For First Time On ‘Ellen’: Watch Ahhh, remember when Adam Lambert was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show half a decade ago and performed “If I Had You”? A lot can happen in five years, and it’s pretty amazing to see the sheer volume of confidence Adam has built up since then, particularly when it comes to his stage presence. Don’t get me wrong — the singer had the strut and swagger down pat back then. But now, in the wake of his recent jaunt around the globe with Queen, he’s truly mastered the art of commanding a stage like a rock star

Ultimate Music – Adam Lambert “Ghost Town” (The Ellen Show Performance) “Lambert has evolved his sound without losing his distinctive pop-glam essence, and he has learned from the mistakes of his latest album.”

MTV – Adam Lambert’s ‘Ghost Town’ Is Just The ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’ Of What’s To Come ““I think lyrically what I like about it is that I’m talking about things in ’Ghost Town’ that are, you know, kind of me realizing may be I’ve gotten a little bit jaded, maybe I’m questioning if I’m going to be able to fall in love again, what is this world giving to me?” Adam told us via phone. “But it’s not completely hopeless because there is that dance beat and it’s a great opening statement for the album because I go into further detail on the other songs about these feelings.””



Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 11.48.27 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.14.37 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 1.13.26 AM


Via @mmyy9  100.7 Jack FM (San Diego) top page

Via @mmyy9
100.7 Jack FM (San Diego) top page


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5 Comments leave one →
  1. Toni B permalink
    May 3, 2015 2:22 pm

    Adam is on fire now! Hope the momentum continues…

  2. Lam-My permalink
    May 4, 2015 3:44 am

    Adam seems sooo happy to see Ellen; well Ellen is always there for him when he needs air/tv time from way back…when Adam just started on his Rockstar journey.

    Knight of the Night
    Decked in full white
    Sails into the Ellen limelight
    In ghostly delight
    Ghost Town suggests minimal light
    But the song defuses respite
    Dancing on his high platforms
    There ain’t no ghost in sight
    But a powerful handsome singer
    Who never gives up nor gives in
    On any fight…right down to the last bite lol!

  3. Lam-My permalink
    May 4, 2015 3:54 am

    Adam loves his Mom and Dad so much and we Chinese will say…What a filial son! In the Bible…it is said: Children love your parents and you will amass great fortune; well, quite visible in Adam’s case; he went from rags to riches in mere 6 years.

  4. Lam-My permalink
    May 4, 2015 7:15 am

    Version 2

    Knight of the Night
    Strides into the Ellen spotlight in full white
    To bring a ghostly delight
    Even ducks will take flight
    There ain’t no ghost in sight
    This Ghost Town seems to bring respite
    Adam, if you can’t enter
    Strike the Ghost Town drums harder
    This will awaken St Peter
    Oooh-la-la…what have we got here, says St Peter
    A powerful handsome singer
    Who never gives up a fight
    Right onto my doorstep smoking his peace pipe lol!

  5. Lam-My permalink
    May 6, 2015 4:53 am

    Care for a ghost story…based on Malay folklore…

    Phantombert was driving home one night along a dimly-lit road; the full moon was shining through the windscreen onto his handsome face. Eeeeeehh…Phantombert stepped hard on his car brakes as a white figure appeared from nowhere and crossed the road. That was close…his BMW slipped onto the side almost landing in a drain.
    What was that? Phantombert got out and looked to see if he had hit anyone or animal. Thank goodness, nothing of that sort. He got back into his car; lo and behold, his car wouldn’t start, it stalled right in the middle of nowhere. He got out again, stood by the roadside hoping to flag down a passing vehicle to get help.
    Then he caught sight of that white figure again, walking across the road; she had long, waist-length, black hair; wearing a white nightgown; she seemed to be holding a baby! Phantombert felt a cold shiver down his spine…Ghost ! was his first thought. He got back into his car and sped off in the opposite direction. His car was jerking as if the petrol had hit rock-bottom. He parked it by the side of the road and looked around.
    A baby’s cry seemed to be emitting from the nearby banana plantation. The lady in white emerged in the gloom and walked up to Phantombert, smiled sensuously. She asked if he could give her a ride to the nearby clinic as her baby was running a fever. Phantombert was hesitant but he felt sorry for the baby. He drove for about ten minutes with them in the back-seat and the lady got off at the clinic. She took her baby into the clinic and Phantombert being very kind, thought he would wait for her and her baby to come out after seeing the doctor.
    After about twenty minutes, Phantombert was getting impatient and went into the clinic to check on them. He asked about them at the counter but the receptionist looked perplexed and said they never saw any lady in white carrying a baby come into the clinic. Whoa! he did not know what to think…so was she really a ghost ! He drove back onto the road, that being a short-cut to his home.
    There was a light streaming out from a house in the nearby plantation as he passed by it. He decided to get help from somebody as his car was still jerking as if it had run out of petrol.
    Phantombert got to the house and knocked on the door…a kind lady opened it and asked what he wanted. Sensing Phantombert’s nervousness, she invited him in. Her name was Fatimah and lived alone; her grandson would visit her regularly bringing fresh food supplies like fruit and vegetables…Fatimah being a vegetarian.
    In the course of their conversation, Phantombert related his strange predicament and encounter with the lady in white and long, waist-length black hair, carrying a baby. Straight away, Fatimah got up and bolted the door, looking quite nervous herself. Fatimah yelled out Pontianak ! in a high shrill voice. When she steadied her nerves, she explained that the notorious woman carrying her baby was a female ghost who loved to accost men on this lonely stretch of road. Her purpose was to suck their blood to feed her baby. Oooh-la-la…! Phantombert’s hair stood on ends! Fatimah then pointed to the village banana plantation and elaborated that the villagers had knocked large steel nails into the banana trunks to prevent the female ghost from living in them because that was her favourite haunt.
    By now, Phantombert was really confused, not sure what to believe and yet the lady in white did disappear into thin air at the clinic ! with her baby. Fatimah offered him some freshly brewed coffee which he needed badly to calm his nerves. She then called her grandson on the phone to ask if he could come over to check Phantombert’s car; she then yelled out to her grandson to be careful as Pontianak was on the prowl !
    Ahmad is a very experienced car mechanic and always helped repair the villagers’ cars. He arrived on his motorbike, looking quite flustered and questioned his grandmother about the Pontianak, holding a large steel nail and a hammer in his hands to drive it into the suspect banana trunk. Goodness gracious…!
    Meanwhile Phantombert was looking quite confused but he needed Ahmad to examine his jerky car. On examination, Ahmad said it was overheated and added water to cool down the engine. He then siphoned some petrol into the petrol-tank, from a neighbour’s car to make sure the engine ran smoothly.
    Phantombert was so grateful for his immense help; thanked these wonderful village folks and heaved a sigh of relief, promising he would drop by to visit them from time to time but not at night ! As he drove off, Phantombert wondered why the supposedly vicious Pontianak didn’t harm him as described by Fatimah. Mmm perhaps Pontianak was impressed by Phantombert’s hospitality and kindness.

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