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The Gift of God

March 8, 2015

By Juneau

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 7.48.50 AM


Excuse me, I had passed out for a few seconds after laying eyes on this image…can’t tell if it’s because all my blood rushed to my head or in the other direction. If one can call this a mere image. Brian May stereograms move over…WAY over!! This is Crouching-Tiger-Not-So-Hidden-Dragon-take-you-down-the-wormhole-into-dimensions-you-never-knew-existed stuff. Really, Adam could be locked up for unleashing such a disruptive force on the world.

Just LOOK at it (maybe put on sunglasses first if you are of frail constitution). The light flows from those burnished biceps, the arching thighs with that corona of fine hair, the firmly rounded but not too bulging calves. A rich pelt, iron annealed to copper, hangs languidly over his brow. He is steel and softness. A coiled tiger ready to leap upon the world, his powerful pectorals collide with trapezius to form two symmetric valleys that frame his face, which is hidden in shadow. The effect is at once vaguely menacing yet contemplative. His dragon eyes, piercing and gentle, are obscured, mercifully. There is only so much hotness we mortals can absorb.

This is what Adam sees in the mirror. He is appraising himself, iPhone poised delicately in his hand, the polished fingertip hovers over the button as he ponders whether to share this. With whom? A lover? With us? This is a selfie to end all selfies. He teases and tempts with his incomparable physical beauty, but he is no mere hot posterboy. There is so much more roiling under the surface. Ambition. Hope. Self-doubt. His aura of confidence tempered by vulnerability. Godlike yet so very mortal.

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  1. Calabragan Cherryreefer permalink
    April 12, 2015 3:09 pm

    Gay, straight, black or white=JUST PEOPLE!……and GOD LOVES US ALL!

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