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Adam Lambert’s FYE – Five years!!

November 23, 2014

FYE-CDCover2By Juneau

Hard to believe five years have passed since the debut of Adam’s maiden album For Your Entertainment!! To mark the occasion, I offer you a trip down memory lane…

Breaking Open Adam Lambert – Review of CD

For Your Entertainment, Adam’s maiden CD (somehow, it seems fitting to call it that, with that star-spangled, dreamy cover-girl image on the jewelbox), delivers exactly what Adam promised – a very sexy, danceable, eclectic album. At the same time, it coheres convincingly to form what feels like an autobiographical tapestry. Beneath the flash and diverse styles, I discern Adam’s sensibility and intelligence at work.

Adam chooses songs that speak to him, and the ones he has assembled for his debut album capture that intense state of youthful desire, the fire that burns as you prowl the club scene, brimming with bravado and horniness, that tamps down in the after hours and early morning light to a yearning for love and connection. It reawakens for me the feelings I wrote about many moons ago in my first posting on wowowow, about the excitement, the aliveness of being twenty, out with friends dancing until dawn, flirting, hooking up – it’s a glittery, evanescent Floating World. As Adam says, it’s not that deep, and yet it is. After all, love and desire have fueled the arts for millennia, and these themes never grow old. Read more…

Adam at play with his snake….

Here’s Xena’s review of the video: Adam’s Dominator -FYE Video

Adam abandons any vestige of his “feminine” side to flash his potent Mephistophelean Dominator and pleasure guide.  Is it a Faustian entourage in tow? What deals have we made to join the Maestro in this promised adventure?  Authoritative leather trench, militaristic appearance, he demands to be entertained and will show us how it’s done for those with the courage and stamina – he won’t let up he warns – until we’re totally blown.  We’re hooked, yes! Yes! We can take it – whatever you’re giving tonight Maestro, we’re taking. Read more…

The softer side of Adam…

Xena delivers another swoon-worthy review: Adam’s Mona Lisa Smile WWFM:

There are only two people in this story, a heartbroken, confused and frustrated star and you or me or whoever is looking through the camera – “we” – the lonely star’s lover. The lens is our eyes and Adam talks, pleads, yells, gestures, cries and sings, to us.  There is no third person which is a brilliant creative decision.  Had there been another character – the yoyo lover, cyber posses of Adam’s fans would have formed around the world to track down this guy and well, probably Tweet him to insanity.

No, it had to be just us, we are the guy sheepishly tiptoeing in after being out all night, then walking back out, packing a bag, slamming the door, yelling back, sitting with arms crossed in the back of the limo, sulking because Adam has to go to another business-related function after his performance, and not straight home.  How many more hours are we going to suffer as a voyeur to our own lover’s life? Read more…


5 Comments leave one →
  1. Susie permalink
    November 23, 2014 8:41 pm

    I just can’t help have these emotions every time I watch the AMAs that one of the best singers and charismatic entertainers in the world is not even on the red carpet. I know Adam is successful, but it still hurts me. Wish I could get beyond those feelings.

  2. November 23, 2014 11:51 pm

    Adam is BEYOND the red carpet. The entertainment industry just doesn’t realize it yet!

  3. November 24, 2014 10:03 am

    He’s like many artists that were “before their time”. It’s frustrating for those that appreciate the talented ones who seem to be outside the norm. Unfortunately we seem to have greater expectations from the mainstream media. But Adam himself seems to be content with his journey and I keep telling myself that’s the important thing.
    Thanks for the memories June…you always have a special way with words that expresses our combined feelings. It’s certainly been a fun 5 years with Adam and all the wonderful people I’ve met because of him and his music.

  4. wshupnasta permalink
    November 25, 2014 9:30 am

    I think that Adam is thrilled with his journey. He’s put out two great albums. He’s gotten to tour with Queen. He’s still touring actually. ❤ He has a great group of friends that keep him grounded. He's able to support himself. Lastly he's got an amazing group of fans that will support him until the end of the world. The added plus is that his fans have become friends. I can't imagine Adam wanting anything more than his music bringing people together. (Unless, that would be more radio play 😉 But we all know that a change is gonna come.

  5. clare permalink
    December 11, 2014 4:37 am

    Haven’t commented in a while. How’s our boy doing? Whenever I’m bored I go back and watch his audition or Beth Sparkling videos. Always makes me smile

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