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Adam Lambert Week – October 12-18, 2014

October 20, 2014

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Adam Lambert attends the Marco Marco Collection Three Runway Presentation at Vibiana Cathedral




TownCountry-Leo TownCountry-Terance

thairinliesaphoto: One of the few photos I took last nite...Adam Lambert & Mathu Andersen. More photos WOWReport.

thairinliesaphoto: One of the few photos I took last nite…Adam Lambert & Mathu Andersen. More photos WOWReport.

andrecito · Vibiana @marcosquared 💅 Front Row Hoes with @AdamLambert & @lukenero #marcomarcoshow #LAFashionWeekFollow

andrecito · Vibiana
@marcosquared 💅 Front Row Hoes with @AdamLambert & @lukenero #marcomarcoshow #LAFashionWeekFollow

More photos here from newzcard




Huffington Post – Marco Marco: Celebration of High Fashion and Unique Beauty “Men in heels, neon fabric in futuristic cuts, androgynous beauties, and an ecstatic crowd was all to be had at last night’s Marco Marco fashion show at the Vibiana Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles. In attendance at the fashion show were such stars as Adam Lambert, Carmen Electra, Jai Rodriguez, Chris Salvatore, Tahj Mowry, Lily Ghalichi and GG Gharachedaghi, Samuel Larsen, and Vivian Lamolli…Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the Marco Marco fashion show was when Adam Lambert, gay singer and songwriter, was asked what he thought about the Supreme Court’s decisive role on October 6th and that now 30 states in the United States allow same-sex marriage.

He said: “Fuck yeah.””

Adam Lambert And Socialite Life Cheer On Marco Marco’s Latest Runway Collection “Between the drag queens and the super fit guys in underwear walking the carpet, to Adam, Carmen Electra,Samuel Larsen and Socialite Life in the audience, it was a night to remember…He confessed the very large hat was so people wouldn’t notice how tired he was.”



gizmotronik: Last night was awesome @marcosquared – Check out IG video HERE. Adam’s hand! LOL!

Adam Lambert is a Cowboy arriving at MARCO MARCO: Collection Three Runway Presentation





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