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Adam Lambert Week – September 7-14, 2014

September 14, 2014

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Our boy is home again and enjoying some R&R

Adam was looking sharp in a black suit jacket with the sleeves rolled exposing his tattoos, and grayish green pants with black boots.

Adam was looking sharp in a black suit jacket with the sleeves rolled exposing his tattoos, and grayish green pants with black boots.

Socialite Life – Adam Lambert Looks Sharp And Smiley As He Parties At Bootsy Bellows “The crazy talented singer was being his happy-go-lucky self last night as he partied at West Hollywood hot spot Bootsy Bellows. “



By Vanessa Wood

By Vanessa Wood




Catching up on some QAL reviews from the final leg…

New Zealand Herald – Concert review: Queen + Adam Lambert, Vector Arena “…his takes on many of the songs did – as they say in Idol land – make them his own. That’s whether it was his Michael Jackson-like tilt at Another One Bites the Dust or his Elvis lip-curl on the rockabilly of Crazy Little Thing Called Love near the end. And the more theatrical numbers and challenging melodies likeKiller Queen, which had him propped upon a purple chaise longue at the end of the stage runway, proved his forte more than the straight rockers.”

3 News – Review: Queen + Adam Lambert “His fierce and theatrical attitude, impressive vocal range and superb glam rock voice proved he was an appropriate artist for the band to work with – it amazes me how someone who had their career take-off after American Idol can end up fronting Queen.”

The Rox Borogh Report – Is Queen + Adam Lambert A Tribute Or Triumph? Auckland Concert Review, Plus Analysis Of “Under Pressure” “…Lambert could not be more right for this band, nor more honouring of his hero’s legend. He is flamboyant without being cringe-ably camp and is very likely the most remarkable singer to have ever featured in the 12 years ofAmerican Idol (2009 runner-up).”

The 13th Floor – Queen & Adam Lambert – Vector Arena September 3, 2014 “…Brian May and Roger Taylor have done well in choosing Adam Lambert to help them continue to present their music live. Lambert had to walk a fine line to avoid becoming a Freddie Mercury impersonator and still capturing the late singer’s spirit. That he did. And so, the music of Freddie Mercury and Queen lives on.”

The Upside News – QUEEN STILL REIGN SUPREME WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM ADAM LAMBERT “Lambert is a charismatic performer and a technically brilliant singer who seems to be able to hit all the notes with ease. He is not Freddie but neither does he try to be; thankfully Lambert does not offer an imitation but takes ownership of the songs, giving renditions that are both satisfying and fresh.”

Event Finda – Review: Queen and Adam Lambert, Vector Arena “The performance of Queen and Adam Lambert at Auckland’s Vector Arena last night was simply fantastic (and not cheesy like my opening line). The show was anything but a ‘tribute’ show – there were no unmet expectations in the stadium for anyone who was worried about watching a poor imitation of Freddie Mercury. Lambert oozed flamboyance and tenacious talent as he took the stage, making the show come alive with his own vivaciousness that was endearing and captivating.”

Stuff – Well and truly rocked by Queen “…I was careful not to have unrealistic expectations about this concert, as I didn’t want to be disappointed, but as long as I got the chance to see May and Taylor bust out a few classics, I knew I would be satisfied. The truth is, from the beginning of the performance I was more than satisfied; my expectations were not only met, but they were completely blown out of the sky!…I left the arena breathless and buzzing after what I had just experienced. This was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’m so glad I decided to go.”

Brisbane Times – Queen rock the Brisbane Entertainment Centre: review “With a rock ‘n’ roll show combining reunion, tribute and baton-passing facets, Queen and Adam Lambert delivered just over two hours of pure sensation straight into the nerves and bones of anyone fortunate enough to witness it…the epic brilliance of Who Wants to Live Forever. Here, Lambert’s haunting vocal sends chills up the spine, and the performance possibly even betters the Mercury/May version used for the film Highlander.”

JD’s Sports Rants – Queen + Adam Lambert hit the right notes “In fact Lambert was actually quite outstanding.  Inconceivably more camp than Freddie, the one-time American Idol contestant’s soaring vocals and charismatic presence reiterated that May and Taylor are no dummies, and wouldn’t have embarked on such a risky venture without happening across the appropriate individual and concept.”

Take 40 – Review: Queen and Adam Lambert, Melbourne, 29th August “How do you know when you’ve just witnessed an epic (yes, EPIC) gig? You sit up for hours afterwards playing old videos of the band you just saw, whilst struggling to put into words what just happened because you’re covered in goose-bumps all the way up to the fingertips.”

Gary Bradshaw’s Review of Queen & Adam Lambert at Rod Laver Arena “Camp, glittery, sultry and pouty, Adam leads the audience through the catalogue of Queen material with such flair and confidence that hardened Queen fans took no time at all to start dancing in the aisles.”

Noise11 – REVIEW: Queen + Adam Lambert, Melbourne, August 30 2014 “…Thanks to Brian May and Roger Taylor we are hearing these songs live again. Thanks to Adam Lambert they are carrying it off with credibility and dignity….” – Critics silenced as Queen rocks Rod Laver in sold-out show “While he’s got unmistakable Mercury in his performer DNA, Lambert puts just enough of himself in these songs to stop it being the world’s most musically accurate Queen tribute act…Watching Queen songs move the masses in 2014 (with plenty of the audience in their 20s or younger) reinforces just how timeless their biggest hits remain.”

XPress Mag –Queen + Adam Lambert  “…Then there’s the man with the biggest shoes in music to fill. He wore them well. There can be only one and it would be wrong to compare Adam Lambert to His Holiness, however those fans that declined to go based on the great man’s absence, missed out on a very worthy and entertaining replacement. Lambert had the campness, charisma, the audience interaction and the vocals to fill those shoes better than anyone. He made it clear how honoured he was to be on that stage, filling in for his greatest idol. He took advantage of his moments in the spotlight, but for the best part, Lambert just let Queen’s music take care of itself.  This wasn’t just a nostalgia trip. It’s a rejuvenated formation carrying the legacy of one of the greatest bands ever. It was magnificent and despite the bleeding obvious, well worth the wait.”

Summer Sonic Review - Via @koyumi_adam

Summer Sonic Review – Via @koyumi_adam

Crossbeat review of Summer Sonic, via @koyumi_adam

Crossbeat review of Summer Sonic, via @koyumi_adam. Translation by @adamholic

Summer Sonic, via @koyumi_adam

Summer Sonic, via @koyumi_adam



Queen and Adam Lambert on Today Show Australia August 25, 2014 – Fab interview!

Queen and Adam Lambert Tour 2014 – Funny ,Cute and Sexy Moments

One way to manage post-QAL depression is to watch tour videos over and over and over again. Here’s it the complete list of tour audios & videos via mmyy9



Flashback: Remember When Joan Rivers Picked Adam Lambert for her Dream Date?

Adam offered to take Joan shopping! They would go to Barney’s and have the entire store to themselves. Refreshments of champagne and caviare of course, and then wander into the salon for facials including dermabrasion, peel, make-up, and hair styles. He said he would buy her anything she wanted. As if that wasn’t enough, he said they would then go to a sneak preview of a yet unseen Broadway show, then go to her house where they would fall asleep watching Fashion Police. “We will have so much fun!” Adam said while everyone else’s mouth dropped open. Needless to say, he won.



adamlambert: "JETLAG"

adamlambert: “JETLAG”

Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT · Lose You is now available to buy on iTunes worldwide. You can hear it here:
 · Sep 10This album is really fresh! Loving it
adamlambert: The Collection

adamlambert: The Collection


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  1. September 15, 2014 10:09 am

    omg….bottom pic of adam and the other guys…….can we get any finer?

  2. Sue permalink
    September 15, 2014 8:16 pm

    I have never seen a photo of ADam that was not fantastic. He has the kind of face that photographs well at any angle. His stunning features magnify a great bone structure. He knows he photographs well and he displays that confidence in every photo.

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    Another great write up! Thank you for using one of my photos! I am so proud! x

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    The other guys don’t look bad either.

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