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Adam Lambert Week – September 1-6, 2014

September 7, 2014

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Last song, last concert, last tour – for now – Auckland 4 Sep 2014





QAL-Laver-Fans QAL-AdamIntense QAL-Laver-AdamSmirk QAL-LaverBrianSmile QAL-LaverAdamMic

See more at 58 photos of Queen + Adam Lambert @ Rod Laver Arena (29th Aug 2014) By Carbie ©



MTV – Adam Lambert Gives Us Hope For A 2014 Album Release “Lambert’s been touring with Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor since June, but had already begun work on his as-yet-untitled album before that. The singer enlisted the help of Swedish songwriter Max Martin, who wrote two songs on Lambert’s 2009 debut solo album. In December 2013, Lambert promised the album by 2014. “If not, something is seriously wrong!” The pressure is on.”

Examiner – Adam Lambert geared up to complete solo album “…Very little is publicly known about the direction of the third album. Adam has been coy when asked the genre, saying recently, “I don’t believe in genre. It’s passé.” While his first two albums were pop music, it seems logical that touring with Queen may influence the new music to have some rock edge. However, Adam has always been full of surprises, so it is really impossible to guess what he has up his sleeve…”

Cliip – The Real Winners of American Idol – Translation: Adam Lambert is third! “These eleven performers have amassed a total of 62.5 million dollars from albums, tours, digital downloads, radio airplay, internet streaming and live performances. Take note Glamberts, that our Adam is right under the two most recognized winners, tie with country music’s crown prince and the ONLY non-winner (another story) in top three. Kudos, however to Chris Daughtry who came in fifth his year, Kellie Pickler who finished sixth and especially Jennifer Hudson, the lowest finisher in the top eleven who ended up seventh in season three. Jennifer by the way, is still the only alumnus so far to win both a Grammy and an Academy Award… please someone, get Adam in a movie!”

FOH Online – Queen Tour Rocks Arenas – Old StyleFantastic article detailing the sound-mixing challenges of working with Adam. Geek heaven! “…Lambert is “all over the stage,” Stokes adds. “I can’t predict where he’s going to be and sometimes I can’t see him on this big stage with a big set, and that’s a bit dangerous!” So with him moving around all the time, including the louder part of the stage where May generally presides, there’s a bit of a battle with what is bleeding through his IEMs. “That’s the battle, both audio-wise and psychologically: dealing with the ambient noise.” The sound of the hall and the slapback it might offer is another aspect he’s constantly dealing with.”

USA Today -Premiere: Marc Martel’s ‘Paradise’ “In my opinion, Queen has the current best male singer in the world singing for them,” Martel says of Lambert. “I went to see their show in New York, and the dude does not strain or miss a single note. He’s an incredible virtuoso.”

QueenOnLine On Tour: Following the North American Tour 2014 – Part 1  Wilki Amieva picks up where Nick left off with the tour team blog: “…Adam’s vocal ad-libs between Tie Your Mother Down and Radio Ga Ga developed into a full-band jam. Then Crazy Little Thing Called Love ended with both Brian and Adam lying on the stage, after an extended coda with an sparkling Spike. Tie Your Mother Down had the Taylors on a tight pattern – Rog on timpani. In Bohemian Rhapsody, I noticed how Freddie’s image quality varied between the film-sourced and video-sourced material. The ending was powerful. By the way, I must say this was probably one of the finest live shows I’ve attended in my entire life. Over for now!”

Popdust – Adam Lambert’s Top American Idol Performances Ranked In Order Of Greatness “Adam Lambert was an American Idol game changer. A true original who set the stage for other contestants to be themselves, not just emulate other pop stars. Add to that his pitch-perfect, octave-defying, titanic voice, captivating showmanship, and prince charming face, and ladies and gentleman, a star is born. Here are Adam Lambert’s top American Idol Performances—ranked in order of greatness:..”

Classic Rock 200 – QUEEN SEE FUTURE WITH LAMBERT “…”And for years, we didn’t try to be Queen in any way. I would look at the Forum in LA, and I would look at Madison Square Garden, and I would think ‘Those were the days.’ To come back now, all of these years later, and to fill those places and to hear that noise. That’s vindication for the fact that we should be playing, we should be out there. I feel overcome with it, really.””

WebProNews – Adam Lambert Debates Cultural Appropriation  Nothing new here really, but this post includes a fun video interview from Glee-era Adam.

LOL-Psychic – Any Way the Wind Blows “… I can try to describe his outfit like many other reviewers have done and failed. Let’s just say that he looked like what I would dream my ROCK GOD would look like…until the second outfit with the leather whip-like fringe, the third outfit with gold pants and lace shirt, the zebra print shirt and tight black pants, the sequined red leopard print tank top or the sparkly leopard print suit topped with the appropriate crown. In other words, the only outfit that would look better would be no clothes at all. We can debate that another time…”



From Auckland (?) – Adam on his dietary preferences

I was born to love you – from Korea

Maori dance backstage with Adam Lambert & Queen, New Zealand 04/09/14

Glambert’s Journey with Adam Lambert – Fun seeing so many friends’ here! Great job GlamNurse4Adam



Posted here by a fan

I was hanging out on the plaza outside the grandstand with other fans listening to soundcheck. Said hello to some of Linkin Park’s fanclub staff as they also help run the Music For Relief booth which I would be working at during the show. Once soundcheck was finished I started walking back out to explore the fair some more when one guy that had been sitting up along the upper level noticed my Adam shirt “Oh, that’s Adam! Did you see him with Queen?” It was an older dude in a nice dress shirt and pants instead of the variety of band merch everyone else in the area was wearing.

I kinda assumed he was a parent that was dragged to the show by his kids or something and just so happened to be a Queen fan. Told him I went to the show in Vegas, he went to the show in Chicago. He then asked if I was at the fair for Linkin Park so I mentioned how I was there volunteering with the band’s nonprofit. He then proceeded to tell me how he works for Warner and was at the show tonight because Linkin Park is one of their artists, and that he got excited about my Adam shirt because he’s never seen anyone with his shirt on before and they recently signed him with Warner…



GoodbyeJoan AdamJoanRivers


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    Juneau, Xena, Claudia—I really appreciate your compilations of press and blog picks. Saves me a lot of time!

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      I ditto that! Thanks for all the time you dedicate to the Glamily!

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    Sandi Shader watch the last video above… you’re in it!

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