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Adam Lambert Daily Update – July 28-August 2, 2014

August 3, 2014

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook






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Check out the Wikipedia entry on Adam!! 

Huge thank you to the super-diligent fan who compiled this. Amazing footnotes!



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@AvoYermagyan: NEW WORK More from the shoot I styled with photographer @leecherry for @adamlambert's 2015 Calendar

@AvoYermagyan: NEW WORK More from the shoot I styled with photographer @leecherry for @adamlambert’s 2015 Calendar



erikzarins: IT'S OFFICIAL! DR BRIAN MAY HAS MADE ADAM LAMBERT THE NEWEST MEMBER OF #QUEEN #congrats #adamlambert #longlivequeen #freddiewouldbesoproud

erikzarins: IT’S OFFICIAL! DR BRIAN MAY HAS MADE ADAM LAMBERT THE NEWEST MEMBER OF #QUEEN #congrats #adamlambert #longlivequeen #freddiewouldbesoproud

Hanging with Adam Lambert and Angelina Jolie (aka Yassmin)

Hanging with Adam Lambert and Angelina Jolie (aka Yassmin)






@adamlambert: STANK FACE

@adamlambert: STANK FACE

@adamlambert: Late Night @jskystyle @lovemrspencer @jovancarrington

@adamlambert: Late Night @jskystyle @lovemrspencer @jovancarrington


marcosquared: @adamlambert and me living in #marcomarco undies mawmaw .#wham #boom #biz

marcosquared: @adamlambert and me living in #marcomarco undies mawmaw .#wham #boom #biz




@YellowsistaBert Awesome article in today's Sunday Star Times (NZ) with Adam Lambert pic, two big pages:

@YellowsistaBert Awesome article in today’s Sunday Star Times (NZ) with Adam Lambert pic, two big pages:

On Top – Eli Lieb, Adam Lambert Collaborating On New Music ““Yeah!” Lieb told The Huffington Post. “I don’t know what I can really say, but we’ve definitely had some studio time together. Adam is, honestly, one of the most genuine people I’ve met in my whole time being in LA. He’s just a rare person. He is so talented, but as a person, he’s very kind, generous, humble and down-to-earth.””

Huffington Post – Adam Lambert On Freddie Mercury’s Legacy And The Fight To Be A Gay Pop Star “…“I want to be able to exist in an entertainment community that doesn’t care one way or the other what your sexuality is,” he said. “We’re seeing the results of all the work that we’ve done, and it’s very exciting.” Although Mercury never came out in the public sphere, Lambert thinks current stars should still consider the singer, who died in 1991 due to complications from HIV/AIDS, as a progressive pioneer….”

Stuff.NZ – Freddie Mercury’s phantom “…We’re both big, loud singers, but our voices are different, so finding my own voice within the songs has been an interesting challenge. It’s important to put my own stamp on them without straying too far from the originals. The key is to be mindful of the original intention of the songs. What is the emotional core of this song? What feeling is it trying to generate in the listener? I try to focus on that.”…”

FIVE MOST MEMORABLE ADAM MOMENTS ON QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT ‘ONCE IN A LIFETIME’ TOUR   Insightful and well-written fan Tumblr post! “The act is all Adam, ideologically, no matter how much he always says it is not really him in the end – it is his creation and one of the songs that carries his stamp in the widest possible sense. He revels in the love for his killer queen and changes up the act from show to show, going further and growing bolder as the tour progresses. It’s a testament to how interactive and inclusive Adam as an artist is; because he lets the audience carry him further in his explorations. The smile is about that, really. Leave it to Adam to swipe me off my feet with a simple smile in the middle of a rock orgy. He goes for the sexy, and kills me with romance.”

Click Music – Brian May says there will be more Queen and Adam Lambert tour dates across the world “Queen have been revitalised since Adam Lambert joined as their de facto frontman. And with a successful North American arena tour under their belts, Brian May has teased that the new line-up wants to add more dates to their current run.  Queen have just wrapped up a lengthy tour of the US and Canada and will soon head to Australia, New Zealand and Asia for additional performances. With the tour being called a runaway success, Roger, Brian and Adam are all keen for more shows across the world – potentially with a homecoming in England.  Brian wrote on his website: “We are shipping the entire show to Oz. And maybe a bit more besides! Watch out! Bri.”

Classic 100.7FM – You Review It: Queen + Adam Lambert at the TD Garden  “Last night, Adam Lambert took the Queen throne (literally), and to the surprise of the Queen fanatics in the crowd, he ruled. Lambert took his time warming up the crowd, holding back his glitz and glam until about the 4th song in. At first, I was afraid that his drastic outfit change from Harley Ken-doll to Rock Diva Barbie would be too much for the crowd to handle, but as Adam continued his outfit changes throughout the night, the crowd only seemed to get louder and louder…”

Go Local Prov – Queen Rules Mohegan Sun “Anyone who expects Queen in 2014 to sound like Queen in 1984 is fooling themselves. That said, Queen in 2014 is a colossal band, and they put on a far better show than most other classic rock acts still out there touring. And Adam Lambert is a big part of the reason why…”

From Sold Out North American Concerts, Glam Burgers, and Australian Touring Queen Is Not Slowing Down “Queen and Adam Lambert on the other hand took the mechanics of staging the show very seriously. Yes, it was theatrical but more than that it was over the top entertaining. Adam changed clothes several times throughout the show and his outfits were incredible. I liked the one where he had a shoulder exposed and had some kind of metal spikes on his sleeve. There was some kind of animal print on his shirt and tight leather pants. This guy came out to not only floor the audiences and critics but the establish style into pop music. This guy raised the bar and showed us once again what was possible in modern day rock music. Adam Lambert interjected a dazzling display of high level artistry that rock music has not seen in decades…”



“Beyonce is making it rain” – From Adam’s Instagram, watch here.

Queen + Adam Lambert – Merriweather Post Pavilion 2014 (Full Show – multi-cam) – by Pieter Cargill



TorontoTweets MissNisha

Nice shout out to Adam from Justin Bieber’s Musical Director




Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT · Jul 31 Hey. Take a minute and vote Boy George


adamlambert: On The Run Backstage w @tyhunter @terrancespencer @jovancarrington and @jskystyle and his tShirts #TbyGRAYSKYDESIGN

adamlambert: On The Run Backstage w @tyhunter @terrancespencer @jovancarrington and @jskystyle and his tShirts #TbyGRAYSKYDESIGN

@adamlambert:  terrancespencer's photo

@adamlambert: terrancespencer’s photo


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  1. August 3, 2014 12:09 pm

    The new WIKI on Adam has to have been written by a Glambert. Never read anything so complete & positive in every category. BRAVO!
    Having seen Adam in concert 4 times with my husband including The Queen + Adam @ MSG delighted he is really on fire since AI!

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