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Adam Lambert Week in Review – July 20-28, 2014

July 28, 2014

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Nile Rodgers: Adam Lambert & me in his dressing room before the Queen concert at the Izod Center. They completely smashed it!

Nile Rodgers: Adam Lambert & me in his dressing room before the Queen concert at the Izod Center. They completely smashed it!

Queen and Adam Lambert North American Tour – Tickets on sale at Live NationLive Nation Mobile App or Ticketmaster. – Twitter lists for the North American part of the tour here.

July 22 Boston, Massachusetts at the TD Garden. – Concert start time 7:30pm ET.
July 23 East Rutherford, New Jersey at the IZOD Center. – Concert start time 7:30pm ET.
July 25 Uncasville, Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Arena. – Concert start time 8:00pm ET.
July 26 Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Boardwalk Hall. – Concert start time 8:00pm ET.
July 28 Toronto, Ontario at the Air Canada Centre. – Concert start time 7:30pm ET.




Photo be @ellenspen from Mohegan Sun

From  "He's so sexy it hurts. Adam Lambert struts onstage during a performance with Queen on July 23 in East Rutherford, N.J. "

“He’s so sexy it hurts. Adam Lambert struts onstage during a performance with Queen on July 23 in East Rutherford, N.J. “




Photo by @ImNotSkerd from Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia MD

@adamlambert on Instagram: Late night kick w @thecharlbrown

@adamlambert on Instagram: Late night kick w @thecharlbrown

@LAMBERTLUST  1m Omg UNF!!! 😻 RT @vistadiva: IDK why, but this is fuckin' HOT!

@adamlambert · This is so fowl. So Chicken. Cock. Lol @jakeshears

adamlambert: Backstage w @antonhysen

adamlambert: Backstage w @antonhysen


By Tuke 18, Atlantic City

Mohegan Sun 2, by Ellen Sayers

Mohegan Sun 2, by Ellen Sayers

Mohegan Sun 2, by Ellen Sayers

Mohegan Sun 2, by Ellen Sayers

Mohegan Sun 2, By Ellen Sayers

Mohegan Sun 2, By Ellen Sayers

adamlambert: Riiiide

adamlambert: Riiiide

Great photos from Atlantic City, by Corinne Cavallo

and from Vivienn Kozma – great action shots!


@bellesxxoo: @DrBrianMay @adamlambert AHHHH!

@bellesxxoo: @DrBrianMay @adamlambert AHHHH!




Yahoo Music – Don’t Stop Him Now: Adam Lambert Talks Queen Tour, Next Album Lyndsey Parker as always delivers the goods: “Q. I kind of think your album Trespassing was ahead of its time by a year or so. It had Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams on it, then a year later Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” blew up, and now Nile and Pharrell are everywhere…

A. You know, it’s funny. I think what’s funny about the music business, that I’ve learned kind of the hard way, is that part of it is the music — you have to have good songs, obviously, or else your product isn’t there — but so much of it is about timing and positioning. The business of music is really tricky, and everything has to kind of work in unison, in harmony, to make for a successful release. And that’s just something I’m still learning about. I think with this one coming up, without being able to give away all the details of the business plan, it’s a much different situation: different label, different producers, different people involved, different management. It’s all going to be a different ballgame, so I’m really excited.”

Boston Globe – Adam Lambert earns a temporary spot on Queen throne “It was an intriguing, thoughtfully curated, 2-hour, 10-minute performance. There were plenty of hits sung by Lambert, a fine singer in his own right who clearly shares a kinship to Mercury in terms of theatrical flair but who wisely avoided mimicry of the inimitable legend. His best moments came during the songs that played up his range and stamina. The grand, gospel-tinged pleader “Somebody to Love,” the high drama “Who Wants to Live Forever,” and the sky-scraping wails of “Under Pressure” were particularly well suited to his vocal prowess and performance style.”

Let the Airwaves Flow – The Show Must Go On Great review by a long-time Queen fan! “…My concern was the age difference and, strangely, I was worried about him being too much like Freddie.  I thought he could very easily come off as a Freddie tribute rather than making the songs his own…I know he is tremendously talented, but for people to come see him sing songs that were almost all older than him was kind of amazing.  I should also point out that he did an amazing job with the songs.  He’s not Freddie, but no one is.  He can’t be replaced.  Adam was great, though.  He rode the very, very fine line of giving the songs his own signature without disrespecting the original.  That is not an easy task, and he did it perfectly.” – Adam Lambert – he’s OK, he’s alright “Lambert didn’t try to imitate Mercury – he didn’t need to. The manner in which his athletic range slipped casually throughout “Somebody to Love” (his shrugging take on “I’m OK / I’m alright” was fabulous) seemed as natural as breathing. So, too, was Lambert’s theatrical leap into his upper register during “Who Wants to Live Forever,” an easy somersault.”

96.5 – Queen and Adam Lambert Create Magic  Unabashed fangirling by Lisa Gold!! “Adam struts across the stage in leather and studs, fringe and sparkles, and even a gold leopard print suit topped with a shiny crown.  And he owns it.  His killer vocals are only a part of the whole package.  His charisma, sense of humor, and sexiness radiate through the arena.  Somewhere, Freddie is smiling.”

Washington Post – Adam Lambert leads a cross-generational Queen through the hits at Merriweather “But Lambert showed he could handle the rockier passages in the Queen songbook, and he got the huge crowd jazzed by belting out “Tie Your Mother Down” and “I Want It All.” Lambert ended “Somebody to Love” with the sort of Christina Aguilera-like, multi-octave blitz that helped him catch Simon Cowell’s eye and ears back on “Idol.””

Access – Concert review: Queen + Adam Lambert a thrilling combo “But, much like Mercury was such a riveting presence, it’s impossible not to be captivated by Lambert. Whether he was punctuating “Dust” with salacious pelvic thrusts or presenting his dramatic upper register on “Who Wants to Live Forever,” he enthralled and impressed.”

Press of Atlantic City – Adam Lambert a fitting replacement for Mercury in show at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall “…The singer’s mix of operatic ability, glam persona and pure rock goodness is so unique, so interesting and so enthralling, it’s now hard to imagine anyone else filling the void for the great, late singer. Arriving on stage in a studded leather outfit that was a cross between George Michael and The Village People, Lambert, whose mother was born in Atlantic City, captured the audience’s attention immediately and never lost it. Unlike many bands that lose their frontmen, Queen + Adam Lambert doesn’t seem like a karaoke session as the band goes through the motions to make as much cash as possible. Lambert belongs with Queen, even though he’s 35 years younger than May. And that’s why they will make new music in the future…But it was hard not to be most impressed by Lambert, who commanded the stage without ever forgetting to share it with his bandmates and occasionally reminding people how honored he was to step in Mercury’s giant shoes. Lambert doesn’t only have a great stage presence, but he’s one the best vocalists you will ever hear, nailing the super high notes and going lower when needed, all while Queen delivers complex harmonies. It’s a pretty special thing to hear.”  OH YEAH!!!! – At Queen show in Philadelphia, ‘new guy’ Adam Lambert electrifies crowd (PHOTOS) “The “new guy,” as Adam Lambert was referred to by Queen guitarist Brian May, held his own as the British rock band performed at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Wednesday night.”

The Day – Queen, Lambert do Freddie proud “For two-and-a-half hours, the ensemble officially billed as Queen + Adam Lambert put on a mostly tremendous rock show supported by streamlined effects and a helpful runway leading to a small, intimate stage mid-hall. Lambert’s vocals were nuanced and powerful throughout and replicated Mercury’s operatic range and melodic dynamics insofar as such a thing is possible. He was confident and flamboyant and worked the costume changes in natural homage to Mercury’s legacy, but did so comfortably and within his own persona. Lambert also seemed genuinely moved and honored to be onstage with May and Taylor, and had an absolute blast with the whole thing — particularly when he led a singalong in honor of May’s 67th birthday.”

HyperReality –  Concert Review: On Queen’s New Tour, Adam Lambert Steals the Stage! “The show opened with a duo of songs from their 1974 album Sheer Heart Attack, “Now I’m Here” and “Stone Cold Crazy,” respectively, and within the first new notes of the former, it was clear that Adam Lambert had been rebranded a rock God; his voice crescendoed and pierced through the audience and if there was anybody who might’ve been doubtful of Lambert’s vocal prowess — and ability to do justice to one of the greatest male voices in the history of recorded music — they were quickly turned a believer…Throughout it all, Lambert never missed a beat. Charisma oozed from his pores as he strutted across the stage, sneered like Elvis Presley, air-humped his mic, and sashayed with enough sass for every gay man in a 50-mile radius; it was the first time I’ve seen a stadium full of (mostly) straight older men cheering for a man donning a cheetah print suit in a gold sparkly crown.”

Bloomfield Patch  – Queen With Adam Lambert in Concert – A review strewn with errors but full of praise. “I had a chance to see them  last Wednesday night at the Izod Center in  East Rutherford, N.J. and I must say  to me it was one of the greatest concerts I’ve seen in all my years of seeing concerts which have been in the hundreds since the 60’s and big names too. “

PressParty – Sharon Osbourne: ‘Adam Lambert is the closest thing to a rock star TV talent shows have produced’ “Speaking in the latest issue of Classic Rock magazine, talent judge Osbourne was asked if her show The X Factor will produce a real rock ‘n’ roll star. She replied: “No, never. The closest was Adam Lambert on American Idol. He’s brilliant. But he was great because he knew who he was as an artist before he went on the show.””

Zeal.NYC – Queen + Adam Lambert, Madison Square Garden, July 17, 2014 “Adam channeled Freddie Mercury throughout the show with his commanding stage presence, incredible voice, and flamboyant costumes that included black leather pants and pompadours.”

100.3FM – New York Times Music Critic Calls Queen’s Vocals “Suspiciously Perfect”:

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor are not pleased with New York Times music critic Jon Pareles and his review of their show last week at Madison Square Garden. He writes, “There were some suspiciously perfect (probably canned) backup vocals filling out many choruses.” Taylor, who generally does not like to read reviews, saw this one and tells us, “I thought that was an outrageous thing to say. We work very hard to make the harmonies. There are no canned harmonies in our show. I thought that was a little bit much.” And May agrees, saying, “Screw you mate. I’m flattered that people think the harmonies are that good, but you know, you work on that. That’s part of our work.”



Idolforums Index of Tour Videos – Thank you!!

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall – Full set videos from TALCVids

Stephanie Woodhahahaha Brian checking out Adam’s moves LOLOL. Resistance is futile.

Queen + Adam Lambert Dallas 2014 Full Concert Multi Camera HD – by Mark Bowles

TALC HD – Queen + Adam Lambert – Killer Queen & Somebody to Love – Boardwalk Hall – Atlantic City

Queen’s Greatest Hits II DVD – LOL!




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