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#YesAllWomen love Adam Lambert!

May 26, 2014

By Juneau

For the past 48 hours, I have been fascinated by the #YesAllWomen uprising on Twitter. The homicidal rampage of a 22-year-old man vowing “retribution” against women prompted not just the grief and outrage you would expect, but cheers of support from like-minded misogynists who scuttled out from under the rocks where they normally hide:


Women everywhere instantly recognized that the anger and sense of entitlement (that women “owed” this “true gentleman” sex) were not just the delusions of a sociopath, but are attitudes endemic in society. I am not saying that all or even most men harbor these thoughts, but what Elliott Rodgers expressed in his videos and manifesto are just a slightly more extreme expression of views held by enough men to feed a pervasive fear that all women know. This fear is something we all accept as “common sense.”

Hence was born #YesAllWomen, the hashtag campaign which has generated over one million tweet in its first 24 hours and is still going strong. The 140-character limit imposed a verbal discipline that gave rise to an outpouring of cogent, raw observations about the ways in which women are constrained and blamed, just for being women. Check out this Buzzfeed post for some examples.

While I was drawn into this unfolding virtual demonstration, my thoughts went (naturally) to our Adam and why women, especially “women of a certain age”, love him so… and are unafraid to say it out loud (and on blog after blog, for heaven’s sake!). I propose that this has everything to do with his being gay. Adam Lambert has an abundance of what we desire in a man — beauty, virility, intelligence, playfulness, humor and generosity, laced with enough insecurity, vulnerability and “dorkiness” to make him endearingly human — and, mirabile dictu, he is safe. We know he will never abuse or rape a woman. To be sure, there are misogynistic gay men, but Adam clearly loves women and is comfortable with his feminine side. Adam celebrates that everyone can dance and feel sexy to his voice, without judging.

Speaking for myself, I know that Adam’s being a gay man who appreciates and supports women is why I unhesitatingly handed him my heart!


Further reading: Washington Post: “#YesAllWomen: Elliot Rodger’s misogynistic ravings inspire a powerful response on Twitter.”

And if this isn’t a wake-up call…


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  1. May 27, 2014 10:11 am

    This is so crazy, thanks for bringing it up Juneau. Very interesting, I know examples when men hit woman just because thy drive them nuts and they can not otherwise deal with that.
    This is so true but so “stone age”. Lots of food for thought in this article.

  2. el Kat permalink
    May 27, 2014 1:29 pm

    Juneau, You bring up several interesting and good points. This tragedy has really hit me and I feel a “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment is about to happen.
    Some random thoughts:
    – I was not on twitter this weekend but was aware of the #YesAllWomen move. It is time for a real conversation about cultural changes that are happening. THere is the degrading and subservient treatment of women in the Muslim world exemplified by the most extreme zealotry of the Boko Haram sect with the kidnapping of the girls in Nigeria, and the Talaban, once we leave this 10 year war, as we should, will be right back to their ban on women being educated. It is so deeply offensive.
    -But on the other hand, women are more than 51 percent of medical and Law school in the US, and unemployment rate lower for women than men. We see empowered, confident women every day … but what is happening to men ?
    – The overt sexualization of women now, who rightly so, feel that they should be able to express themselves with the same freedom that man have had. Men do not give up power easily, anywhere. Is this an underlying reason for the surge in gun sales, men are afraid of losing power?
    – The digital world is somehow doing the opposite of what it was supposed to do. Yes, it brings people together in wide social circles, involved, chatty …but cliquey, alienating and destructive to people who are not part of it. We all knew “quiet” people but they were never forced to witness everyday the world they can never be part of and which must make their alienation so much more severe. Why can’t they have all this fun and sex that is everywhere on the internet and TV. How can we identify these people and get them help????
    – THEN THERE ARE THE GUNS!!!! This Mr. Martinez who lost his son may be the person who can finally be the right spokesperson to go against the NRA! His impassioned, intelligent plea was remarkable for its clearness of thought while also being the most heartfelt. As you know, I am friends with a father who lost his 7 yr old daughter at Newtown, and while there was great outcry after that, I think we needed time and another tragedy to finally say ENOUGH!!!
    -Adam Lambert, AHHH, Adam Lambert <3. You are SO RIGHT, So many of us have said so many times that he is the perfect man, and he is, and it was so easy to give him our hearts! Like the relationship I have with my other gay friends, I know they will never be a physical threat to me.

    So much to think about!!

    • May 27, 2014 8:43 pm

      Indeed, this is an incredibly complex topic, and one we all need to grapple with because the repercussions affect all of us. We’re going to talk about it on the radio show tomorrow. Hope you can call in! xxo J

      • el Kat permalink
        May 28, 2014 12:25 am

        I will certainly try, working my butt off this week …

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