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Radio Show: Adam Lambert – The Brightest Rock Star of All Times

March 5, 2014

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How does Adam Lambert keep fans squeeing week after week? For the past two weeks, our glittersome hero has been keeping fans transfixed by his increasingly awesome performances on “Glee.” Last night’s episode was the best yet, as far as Adam’s fans were concerned, with four big numbers featuring his magnificence. The only complaint one might have is that the camera kept moving around too much… TONIGHT Nika fills the hour with Adam’s “Glee” songs  and other favorites. To get you warmed up, take another look at this glorious “Gloria.” Here, Rachel and Santana engage in mortal… uh, vocal, combat as they vie for Adam’s approval while Kurt looks on aghast.

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  1. Cherelle permalink
    March 7, 2014 10:15 am

    Hubby isn’t much of a Glee fan, nor am I but last night I was catching him up on every Adam number on Glee (via YouTube) He turned to me after “Gloria” and said, “cute competition, but the girls actually do make decent backup singers for Adam!”

    He also asked how many QUEENBERT concerts we will be attending this summer 🙂

    Ilhsvm ❤

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