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Adam Lambert Daily Update – November 13, 2013

November 13, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook





Frontiers LA – Hawaii Marriage Bill Goes to the Governor – “There’s going to be a fundraiser for Freedom to Marry on Sunday, Nov. 17 from 2-5 p.m. attended by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a longtime supporter of marriage equality and a personal friend of Freedom to Marry’s Marc Solomon—whose birthday is today, Tuesday, Nov. 12. Also attending will be singer Adam Lambert, actor/producer Dan Bucatinsky and actress Kelly Hu. Please call for more information and RSVP to Sarah Moeller at or 315-207-4113.”



@LAMBERTLUST: New Adam Lambert pic from upcoming Glee episode

@LAMBERTLUST: New Adam Lambert pic from upcoming Glee episode

Wish You Would – Tomorrow’s Filming – “For NYC they’re doing 5.07. The scene is set at a hipster bar in NYC. It’s a nice piano bar and the extras are instructed to dress very hipster-y. There’s a specific group of hipsters who are booked as “hot guys” and told to dress nice and have their hair done up like they are “every man or woman’s fantasy guy.” The interesting part: The idea of the scene is that it’s Kurt’s fantasy. It is noted specifically that since Kurt is all about the fashion, and this is a nice, hipster piano bar club, they want the extras to come looking very nice. (ETA: Demi, Adam, Naya, Chris, and Lea are all filming for the NYC scenes.)

Leaky News – GLEE: SEE THE EPISODE DESCRIPTION AND STILLS FOR “PUPPET MASTER” (UPDATED) – “Blaine believes he has the best plan to win Nationals, but he doesn’t take the glee club’s criticism too well when the students accuse him of being too controlling. Over in New York, Kurt also runs into control issues when the band disagrees over the venue of their first official gig that Kurt booked. Meanwhile, Sue reveals the story behind her iconic tracksuit and gets in touch with her feminine side in the all-new “Puppet Master” episode of GLEE airing on Thursday, Nov. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-507) (TV-14 D, L)”

Gleekoutbrasil – Song lists for upcoming episodes:


MJs BigBlog – Glee Season 5 Spoilers – “Frenemies” Song Spoilers – Adam Lambert Returns “And good news! We have some song spoilers. Better news. Adam Lambert is returning. EVEN BETTER NEWS. He’s duetting with Chris Colfer on one of the greatest modern glam rock songs of our time, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. I AM GIDDY PEOPLE GIDDY.”

So, if you haven’t been following the latest YouTube viral music phenom, “What Does the Fox Say” is a spoof song by the Scandinavian group Ylvis. Meant as a joke but produced with some high-powered help, it is so ridiculous that people can’t help but watch it over and over. 217 million views and counting. We can’t wait to hear what Adam does with it!

New York Times – Ylvis’s Unlikely Hit Started as a Joke “Over a thumping electronic beat, “The Fox” asks in pleadingly sincere tones why, if there are distinctive sounds associated with the many other animals in creation, is there not one for the fox? (As the lyrics put it: “Ducks say quack, and fish go blub and the seal goes ow ow ow … What does the fox say?”)”

Foxy Adam will have us rolling on the floor, but what we can’t wait to hear is the Kurt-Elliott duet of The Darkness’s kitsch-rock glitter bomb. A Glee-ification of this video with Adam wailing, Demi shredding, everyone in long hair wigs, lamé jumpsuits and headbands … yes please!!



Check out the explosion in his social media follows, etc.!

NextBigSounds 11-11-13

NextBigSounds 11-11-13



@LAMBERTLUST: Adam Lambert featured in Japanese magazine INROCK December 2013

@LAMBERTLUST: Adam Lambert featured in Japanese magazine INROCK December 2013

@clairebritbert: oh hellooooo!!!! Adam in the Metro UK today with a little write up about upcoming Glee episode :))

@clairebritbert: oh hellooooo!!!! Adam in the Metro UK today with a little write up about upcoming Glee episode :)) -Adam Lambert Steals the ‘Glee’ Spotlight on Gaga vs. Katy Perry Episode – “For his over-the-top Glee role, Lambert has said he reused some of his past fashion don’ts. “Think in some ways it’s kind of a parody of some of my past fashion (steps and MISsteps),” he tweeted. He added that Elliot’s look is a “tacky and doesn’t fit well.” But, Lambert tweeted that he thinks there’s something charming about the guy’s look, “I def see myself in this character. In critics eyes I’ve oft missed the mark, but in my own world, I’ve had a great time playing dress up.””

Primary Beats – 18 CRAZY GOOD LOOKS OF ADAM LAMBERT THROUGH THE YEARS (PHOTOS) “He has been blonde, he’s had very long hair, he’s had tons of makeup on his face, crazy outfits and even a goatee. Whether he is performing, or just posing on the Red Carpet, or performing on Glee, Adam Lambert can seriously strike a pose with his outrageous, drop-dead gorgeous looks every single time he is in front of a camera. Check out our favorite 18 crazy good looks of Adam Lambert through the years.



@adamlambert: Photoshoot i did 2 years ago with the amazing Tony Duran  via @sharethis check it!
@adamlambert: By Tony Duran 2011

@adamlambert: By Tony Duran 2011



Lady Gaga Stars Opposite Keenan Thompson In New Saturday Night Live Sketches – Video



Copyright 2013 Duran

Copyright 2013 Duran






@mindchnger: Lol they’re singing in a hipster bar … … Adam’s semi-hipsterish tendencies peeking through again xD



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