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Adam Lambert Daily Update – August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

By JuneauXena and Claudia. Follow us on Twitter @JuneauXena@XenaPW, @GlamFanNation & @AdamLambertBook



Adam reacts to NYC mayoral race…as only he can! LOL!

@adamlambert: What a mess!

@adamlambert: What a mess!

…and weighs in on manufactured pop idol wars






Gale in his younger days.

Gale in his younger days.

Learn more about Gale on his blog. He will be greatly missed.

Liam McEwan dedicates Adam Lambert hour to Gale Chester Whittington

~ A Shining Star in the Adam Lambert Universe ~ 
The original interview with Gale Chester Whittington
by @FoxVegas (Brenda English)
Posted originally on Adam Lambert Fan Club ~ 16.01.13
Many people work for countless hours in the shadows of Adam Lambert’s career. Some of them are the journalists who write articles supporting him and spreading the word about his next concert, his new album and his latest wardrobe purchase.Others are fans who take millions of photos and videos of his performances and maintain meticulously-documented photo albums and video pages on Youtube, SmugMug and Flickr.Still more fans create jewelry and knit scarves and fingerless gloves representing Adam’s current colour palettes for his album of the year.

Some of those people whom I highly respect are the website gurus who create magnificent fan sites for Adam, giving up hours of their personal time each day to make sure these sites have the latest news and photos of him for his fans.

This week, I want to shine a spotlight on one of these stars … Gale Chester Whittington (@GaleChester).
Gale is an accomplished author, poet, gay rights activist and businessman. He founded a fabulous Facebook page, Adam Lambert Fan Club, which is chock full of every photo, article, Youtube video and interview of Adam floating out in the esthers of the Lambert universe. There are currently 36,606 members enjoying his page.

Gale works at all hours to upload and edit every bit of current information that gives support to Adam and provide fans with a touchstone for all things Lambert. He graciously answered a few of my questions, even though they leaned towards the frivolous and fantastical…

Here’s our conversation:BE : How did you begin your support for Adam? What’s your story with him?
GW: Like most people, I first found ADAM LAMBERT on American Idol and was blown away by his talent and drop-dead good looks!BE: Why did you start your website for Adam? What are the reasons you do what you do for him?
GW: I had a blog and, just for fun, I would write about different celebrities and politicians. To promote it I would post links on various Facebook pages. One such site was an unofficial Adam Lambert Fan club ( on Facebook that only had 50 members.
The original administrator was a young girl still in school and had little time to build it up, so when she saw my posts, she liked them enough to turn the site over to me. Three years later we have over 30,000 members. I like FB because I can post in real time and the members see the articles, videos, and photos immediately. My blog ( is still there but I don’t have time to update it because FB has become a 24/7 obsession. I love Adam because he is real and genuine. Not only is he a mega-talent but he does so much for charity and is a major help to young people trying to find their way in a world filled with bullies and ignorant haters. A better role model cannot be found!

BE: What’s the very best thing that has happened to you since you started your website for him?
GW: I have made so many new friends who for the most part are extraordinary, loving people. Sure there are some jealous haters who like to police the internet and tell others what they can and can’t post but they are far and few between. Most are happy to share without restrictions the info, photos and videos they’ve found, and they are indeed the true fans who just want to spread the love of ADAM LAMBERT!

BE: Where do you hope your connection with him will take you…in 5 years, what do you hope you’ll be doing in this area?
GW: I would be happy to continue with what I’m doing: promoting ADAM by uploading & sharing videos and photos for people who wouldn’t otherwise see them.

BE: What’s your favorite colour?
GW: Blue.

BE: Do you have a favorite snack food?
GW: Chocolate Mousse.

BE: A favorite drink or beverage?
GW: Diet Coke.

BE: What is your favorite comfort food?
GW: Vanilla Ice Cream.

BE: What is your most cherished possession?
GW: My memoir about the 1969 Gay Revolution in San Francisco, BEYOND NORMAL: The Birth of Gay Pride (

BE: Do you have a favorite way to relax?
GW: Floating in my pool while basking in the sun

BE: Who is your mentor – who do you look up to, or admire?
GW: Tie between ADAM LAMBERT and Tennessee Williams

BE: What’s in your wallet or your pants pockets right now that you cannot leave home without?
GW: A Comb.

BE: What is the quality you most dislike in others?
GW: Meddling: Know-it-alls who like to tell others what to do (unsolicited)!

BE: What is the quality you most respect in others?
GW: Empathy: The opposite of bigotry.

BE: Which song of Adam’s touches you the most and why?
GW: Outlaws Of Love because it says so much about our homophobic society.

BE: What is the oddest piece of Adam memorabilia that you have?
GW: There is nothing odd about any ADAM LAMBERT mementos!

BE: What would you like to tell Adam if you had a chance to sit down and have a cup of tea with him?
GW: “Thanks for being true to yourself and inspiring others to do the same!”

BE: Where do you wish to see Adam in his career 10 years from now?
GW: I fully expect to see Adam with a dozen Grammys, as he is already a worldwide super star!

BE: Why did you agree to do this Q and A today?
GW: A temporary lapse of good judgment? LOL!

Thank you for everything you do for Adam and his millions of fans, Gale! You’re a prince among men, and we’re blessed to have you in our midst.



@BansheeDancey Nile Rodgers: "And so, Adam Lambert is now my man" It's from Rolling Stone magazine

@BansheeDancey Nile Rodgers: “And so, Adam Lambert is now my man” It’s from Rolling Stone magazine

Socialite Life – Adam Lambert Hits Up Bootsy Bellows After Day Of Shopping (Photos) “Singer Adam Lambert out shopping in West Hollywood, California on August 16, 2013.
Last night, Adam also enjoyed a night out at his favorite LA hot spot, Bootsy Bellows nightclub.”




‏@adamlambert: Thirsty?

‏@adamlambert: Thirsty?



Adam Lambert’s vocal track from Better Than I Know Myself






Nile Rodgers The Stage is Going Up for the Nile Rodgers Dance Party on Monday Aug 19

Nile Rodgers
The Stage is Going Up for the Nile Rodgers Dance Party on Monday Aug 19


@adamlambert: Soho. 3am. Gettin REAL. #pippin@rebeccaaaa: “Acrobats tho.” – Adam Lambert 



See what readers are saying about AURA!

Here’s how to order this treasure NOW!

Exclusive behind-the-scenes story of Adam's photo shoot with FAULT magazine

Exclusive behind-the-scenes story of Adam’s photo shoot with FAULT magazine


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